Helpshift Pricing: Which plan is best for you?

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Last Updated: July 2024

Helpshift is a great customer service tool that integrates messaging, automation, bots, and AI, to deliver personalized and scalable customer support to your in-app and web customers.

So it’s great if you have decided to use Helpshift for customer service.

But… Which Helpshift pricing plan should you subscribe to?

In this post, we are going to break down the Helpshift pricing plans and will help you choose the best plan for your business.

The contents of this post are as follows:

An Overview of Helpshift Pricing Structure

Helpshift has a lifetime-free Feedback+ plan that allows you to collect in-app feedback from customers and create unlimited FAQs.

For in-app and web messaging, you need to opt for Helpshift paid plans:

  1. Starter: $150/month
  2. Growth: Customized
  3. Enterprise: Customized

Helpshift offers a ticket/issue-based pricing where you pay as per the no. of issues created. All the paid plans include 250 issues per month. After that, an additional $0.45 is charged per ticket/issue.

So. let’s find out what all these Helpshift plans offer and which plan is the best for you!

A Detailed Breakdown of Helpshift Pricing Plans

1. Feedback+ Plan

Helpshift Feedback+ Plan

The only lifetime free plan offered by Helpshift that can help you with feedback collection and FAQs.

Features Offered:

  • Real-time in-app feedback: Up to 250 feedback submissions per month (maximum)
  • Mobile bug and crashing reporting: You get notified if your mobile app crashes
  • Unlimited FAQs: You can create unlimited FAQs
  • Mobile help center: You get to create a self-service help center for your mobile app users
  • Standard support

Limitations of Feedback+ Plan:

  • No in-app or web messaging features
  • Feedback submissions limit can not be increased

Feedback+ Plan is Good for:

This plan is good if you are just starting out with a mobile app and you don’t have many users. Or you can’t afford a paid customer support suite for now.

This plan is not good for you in any way if you have a decent customer base that looks for you to answer them or resolve their issues.

2. Starter Plan


As the name suggests, the starter plan is the base plan of Helpshift’s customer support suite. It provides all the basic in-app and web messaging customer support features as follows.

Features Offered:

  • Web and mobile in-app messaging: Integrated in-app and web chat for real-time customer support
  • Email support: Allows you to manage and reply to customer emails
  • Custom bots: You can create two customizable chatbots in this plan. Helpshift bot can speak up to 180+ languages.
  • Number of tickets/issues: 250 tickets/month, +$0.45
  • Help center 2.0: You can create a web and mobile in-app self-service help center
  • In-app SDK: A Software Development Kit (named SDK X) which can be integrated with many OS
  • Integrations: Allows many integrations including Dropbox Business, Salesforce Service Cloud, Google Calendar, Quickbooks Online Advanced, etc.
  • Unlimited agent seats
  • Analytics and Reporting: Analytics and Power BI Reporting to provide a multi-perspective view into the datasets, with the visuals representing different findings and insights
  • Unlimited FAQs
  • QuickSearch Bot – A chatbot that responds to your customers’ first message by suggesting three relevant FAQs to help them find answers quickly from the knowledge base
  • API calls: 60 API calls per minute
  • Agent Desktop: A help desk software that provides a unified view of customer support tickets
  • New issue Automation: It allows you to customize automatic responses, assign issues to specific agents, add tags, and auto-resolve, immediately upon issue creation and based on various user profiles you specify.
  • Free trial: A 30-day free trial including 250 free tickets.

Limitations of Starter Plan:

  • Only 2 customizable bots
  • No 24/7 support and customer success manager
  • No skill-based routing
  • No analytics to track real-time operations
  • No SLA Management

The Starter Plan is Good for:

If you comprise a mobile app with a decent number of users and your customer support tickets range between 10-100 tickets per day, you can go for this plan.

But if you deal with hundreds of tickets every day, you will need the advanced automation and reporting features that come with the growth and enterprise plans.

3. Growth Plan

Growth Starter Plan

This Helpshift customized plan offers better team management and automation features. It comprises all the features of the starter plan. Have a look at what else the Growth plan offers:

Features offered:

  • Unlimited customizable bots: You can create an unlimited number of custom blots
  • Queue management: A system to manage customer support tickets in waiting
  • Skill-based routing: Tickets/Issues can be routed to agents depending on the skill level required to handle the issue at hand
  • Real-time operations dashboard: You can track the performance of operations in the real-time
  • Team management roles: You can create different team roles with controlled access.
  • Better Support: 24/7 support and a dedicated customer success manager
  • API calls: 300 API calls per minute
  • Automated agent workload balancing
  • SLA management
  • FAQ scheduling
  • Analytics APIs

Limitations of Growth Plan:

  • No trial for this plan
  • No Feedback Bots
  • No intent-based classification
  • No intent-based routing

Growth Plan is Good for:

If you comprise a team for customer service and receive hundreds of tickets/issues every day, you should go for the Helpshift’s growth plan because you will need team management, automation, and real-time reporting features it provides.

4. Enterprise Plan

Helpshift Enterprise Plan

This is the topmost plan that Helpshift offers for enterprises that comprise high-volume mobile apps and need a tool for quick resolution and response. This plan comprises all the features that stater and growth plans offer. Have a look at what extra it offers:

Features Offered:

  • Feedback Bots: Custom bots that encourage users to provide feedback within the app.
    • Intent-based classification (Smart Intents): Get a deep understanding of top issue categories a support team receives based on historical issue data, allowing them to take a data-driven approach to create effective FAQs, bots, and routing rules, and more.
    • Intent-based routing: Issue routing based on customer intent
    • API calls: 1500 API calls per minute
    • FAQ announcements
  • Project-based pricing

Limitations of Enterprise Plan:

  • No trial for this plan
  • No analytics or reporting upgrade in this plan

Enterprise Plan is Good for:

This plan is good if you have a large mobile app user base and deal with thousands of customer support tickets/issues daily as you’re getting 1500 API calls per minute and intent-based routing as well. Besides intent-based routing and increased API calls per minute, there is no significant difference between growth and enterprise plan.

Helpshift Plans Comparison at a Glance

Now, you know what different Helpshift plans offer and what they do not.

Still, for a quick comparison, here is a table consisting of features that each Helpshift support suite plan offers:

Why is Saufter a better alternative to Helpshift?

If a mobile app is your main channel of customer interaction, Helpshift is a good option. But if that is not the case, Helpshift is not worth it if you are going with it just for web chat and email support options.

There are many great Helpshift alternatives including  Saufter that offer much more features including webchat and email at affordable pricing options.

Saufter is a complete help desk solution that can be integrated with many support channels, unlike Helpshift.

Here are some of the key reasons why Saufter is a better Helpshift alternative:

  • Affordable pricing: Saufter offers custom pricing
  • Unlimited tickets: You get unlimited tickets with each plan.
  • Free Trial for all plans: Unlike Helpshift, Saufter allows you to try their enterprise plan as well for free! No credit card is required.
  • A lot of integrations: It allows a wide variety of integrations including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Slack. Moreover, it provides integration with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and Bigcommerce.
  • Omnichannel support tool: Unlike Helpshift, Saufter allows you to integrate various support channels including email, live chat, social media, and voice as well.
  • Proactive customer support: It automatically detects delays and issues with your customers’ orders, allowing you proactively resolve the upcoming issues and wow your customers.
  • Automated Agent Training: It is perhaps the only Help desk that offers agent training automation. The easy-to-use training module trains and tests your team based on your ticket/chat history. The software then scores them on their responses and allows you to track their performance.
  • Hire Skilled Agents: As Saufter is also one of the best customer service outsourcing providers based in the USA, you can hire agents on an hourly basis.
  • Marketing Automation: It identifies happy customers and can automate the collection of Google reviews, Trustpilot reviews, and user-generated content that you can use for your brand’s marketing.


In a nutshell, you have seen the different Helpshift pricing plans. So if you want to integrate customer support into your mobile app, definitely go for Helpshift.

Otherwise, you should look for a Help desk software that offers omnichannel support at affordable user-based pricing.

Still confused? Check out Saufter. Unlike Helpshift, it’s an omnichannel customer service helpdesk with a wide range of customer support management and automation features.

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