12 Key Benefits of Help Desk Software & Ticketing Systems

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Did you know there has been a 16% rise in average ticket volume since the pandemic? Managing your customer support requests and solving their queries as quickly as possible is essential. 

Helpdesk Software helps you to manage customer tickets resulting in a good customer experience. However, the helpdesk also assists your employees by allotting tickets to them and ensuring that all the tickets are equally distributed. 

If you are in a dilemma on whether to integrate with a helpdesk or not, then this post will help you gain confidence and remove your jam.

Here are 12 key benefits of the helpdesk & ticketing system.

Improve Business Operations

A helpdesk software helps you manage your tickets in a single database from which you can read and understand the significant problems your customers face. If it’s a bug then you can fix it.

This also helps in getting feedback, you would know the areas to improve. 

Scale Customer Experience

Scale customer experience through helpdesk

The main aim of a helpdesk is to scale your customer experience. Customers want a resolution to their queries instantly with zero errors. Thus a helpdesk allows you to transfer tickets to your agents and resolve the query quickly.

Knowledge Base Development

Knowledge base management through helpdesk

A knowledge base is an ultimate source for your customer’s self-service. It gives swift resolutions which scale up your customer experience. Creating a knowledge base reduces ticket generation, as it solves the pity issues of your customers with the help of articles, videos, FAQs, and many more.

You can even create a knowledge base for your employees which solves their queries and make recruiting quick and easy. 

Ticket Management

This helpdesk feature allows you to send tickets of a particular topic to the desired agents. For eg Tickets related to IT, the field will be sent to agents which have great knowledge of it and how to solve it whereas if there is a shipment tracking issue then some other agent will be handling that request.

Tickets Prioritization

Though you should treat all customers equally, there is no harm in solving queries of your high-paying customers on a priority basis. With the help of this feature, you can solve tickets of your VIP customers on a priority basis. This helps in building a long-term relationship between your VIP customers and your brand.

It even allows you to drop comments on the urgency of a task.

No Lost Tickets

The helpdesk ensures that no ticket is lost as it helps you track them. All the new tickets are assigned to your agents and the one unsolved is reflected on the dashboard. You can even create notifications for tickets left unattended for a longer period. This ensures that all the tickets are solved leaving no ticket behind. 

Agent Ticket Assignment 

A beneficial feature of the helpdesk, it allows your best agents to handle high-priority tickets. This allows you to equally distribute tickets among your agents making sure that no one works harder than the other creating a happy work environment.

Omnichannel Ticket Collection

To grow as a business it’s important to have an omnichannel approach. Through it, you can reach a maximum no of clients and advertise your product well. 

Keeping an omnichannel approach you would face customer queries on all the channels, be it social media, E-mails, and many more. The helpdesk allows you to gather all the tickets on one platform making it easier for your employees to solve. 

Managing Contacts

Helpdesk software collects and stores all the tickets with the customer name and details in its library.  This can be used for future reference and even create a FAQ for your knowledge base. You can even give discounts or offers to those customers that have faced a lot of issues ensuring that they purchase from you again. 

Reports and Analytics

Reports and analytics allow you to dive deep into your customer support team’s performance. There are several reports such as Ticket satisfaction, time taken to solve a ticket, Ticket count, and many more that help you to gain knowledge of how effective your agents are and what could be done to maximize ticket resolution. 

Bot Service

Helpdesk bot service

Ai-powered bot service allows you to instantly attend to your customers and help them in the best way possible. If the customer query is common and can be solved through knowledge base articles then the bot automatically recommends it and if it’s unique then the bot transfers it to your agents. 

Share Surveys With Customers

Surveys are a great way to know what your customers think of your operations. Once an issue is resolved the helpdesk automatically sends a survey to the customer asking important questions like How helpful was our agent?,  How professional was our agent?, Are you happy with the resolution?, and many more.

This can be used to check your agent’s performance and communication skills.


Now that organizations are becoming more customer-centric it’s important to have a Customer support system. Helpdesk allows you to quickly resolve customer queries resulting in a happy customer.

Hopefully, through this post, we were able to solve your confusion regarding the helpdesk.

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Not only this, but it can also help you to build your knowledge base from scratch, hire and train customer support representatives, automate your customer support, and many more.

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