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Last Updated: April 2024

With digitalization, managing customer services has become quite easy, provided you choose the right help desk solutions. Nowadays, every customer service activity can be handled online, be it resolving a complaint, answering queries, or all sorts of customer communication. Help Scout and Groove HQ are the two most popular apps businesses use to manage customer service. But which help desk solution is better for you? Find out in this article where we  compare both apps.

What is Groove HQ and Help Scout?

Groove HQ is a simple and scalable customer happiness platform that is most suitable for small businesses to provide customer support and solve customer issues efficiently. It comes with lucrative features like providing reports and metrics, private notes, folders, app integrations, open API, and a free 30-day trial.

It was founded by Alex Turnbull in 2011, who was being held back by poor support processes while growing his small business. This led him to build Groove HQ to help small businesses like his to avail the best customer support processes.

Help Scout is an email-based customer-centric support platform suitable for small businesses, high-growth start-ups, and nonprofits. It comes with features like shared inboxes, knowledge base, in-app messaging, and much more.

It was founded in 2011 by Nick Francis, Jared McDaniel, and Denny Swindle with the name of Brightwurks and was renamed Help Scout in 2015. It is a global remote company and was voted ‘Best ROI’ by customers on G2.

Help Scout Vs Groove: Overall Comparison

For your quick review, we have compared the features and pricing of Groove HQ and HelpScout.

Groove is an easy-to-use, intuitive customer support software that implements email integration and provides options such as reporting tools and knowledge management. It enables automation of tasks, personalization of messages and replies, reporting of inbox and knowledge base reports, and integration with most popular platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Jira Software, and GitHub.

On the other hand, Help Scout is a simple help desk mainly focused on email. It is a popular choice among small businesses and SaaS start-ups, and offers a knowledge base, customization, mobile apps, customer support, and more. It enables automatic email ticket creation, automated response, ticket collaboration, customization, easily searchable articles, and more.

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Help Scout Vs Groove: Pros and Cons 

Both Groove HQ and Help Scout have pros and cons that are invisible to customers. We have covered a few of them for you:

Pros and Cons of Groove HQ

Find out below some of the pros and cons of Groove HQ.


  1. The knowledge base is great to create FAQs.
  2. The response time is pretty quick and prompt.
  3. Creates tickets when someone emails in and is very good at organizing email tickets.


  1. It is web-based and the lack of a mobile app makes it difficult to address tickets.
  2. Contains bugs and delays replies from the support team.
  3. Auto-refresh needs improvement as sometimes multiple people work on the same ticket without knowing it.

Pros and Cons of Help Scout

Find out below some of the pros and cons of Help Scout.


  1. Powerful workflow allows users to segment tickets into buckets to increase velocity in responding to similar items.
  2. Easy to use interface. Navigation and training new members takes less time.
  3. Quick response from the support team.


  1. The knowledge base is difficult to edit. The HTML editor is of unreliable quality.
  2. The tagging system requires a lot of effort and takes time to strategize and set up.
  3. Primarily focused on email, so tracking chats and calls aren’t that helpful.

Help Scout Vs. Groove HQ – Pricing 

Find out the price comparison between Help Scout and Groove HQ

Groove’s pricing is pretty simple and starts at as low as $12 per user per month. However, its Pro plan is the most popular and provides value for larger teams. It provides 25 mailboxes, teams, priority support, API access, live chat, knowledge base, web widget, and Salesforce, Hubspot, and Jira integrations.

Help Scout’s pricing starts at a bit higher range of $20 per user per month. However, its Pro plan costs $ 65 per user per month, provides the most advanced features, and is best for large teams. It provides 25 mailboxes, 10 docs sites, 50 light users, tiered discounts, enterprise security, HIPAA compliance, API rate limit increase, concierge onboarding service, and a dedicated account manager.

Check Groove HQ Pricing Page

Check Help Scout Pricing Page


If you want basic help desk software to merely handle emails, then Help Scout is a good option. And while Help Scout is suitable for growing businesses, Groove’s typical customer base is freelancers, and small and mid-size businesses. Developers who look for easy set-up go for Groove, while the ones who prefer ‘email-based help desk’ choose Help Scout.

Now, with the above description about the features and pricing, it is up to you to decide which one best suits your business needs.



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