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Last Updated: May 2024

Customer loyalty is often closely related to how quickly and consistently a company responds to their customer’s needs. In fact, 96% of consumers say customer service plays a key role in their choice and loyalty to a brand. That’s not a small number. 

So, you’re looking for the right helpdesk software that can make a world of difference to your customer experience.

Happy Fox is definitely a great help desk to help your team track, categorize, manage, and resolve all these issues in one place. The platform also provides numerous customization options and can be tailored to specific business needs.

However, is Happyfox the best help desk for your business?

In this post, we will do an in depth Happyfox review to help you make the right decision. 

Happyfox Pros and Cons



  • Easy to use and clean interfaces all around
  • Smart Rules – Easily create triggers that run based on a variety of criteria
  • Easy multi-step ticket management
  • Your customers can access a portal to submit tickets, keep track of progress, and react to your support team’s updates or information
  • Happyfox is on the higher end of pricing in relation to other solutions
  • Social media connections limited to Facebook and Twitter

Happy Fox Pricing and Features

Pricing and Plans (Rating ⭐4/5, 1 review)
Pricing and Plans

Happyfox provides eight different paid packages based on either agent-based pricing or unlimited agents.  They also offer a 14-day free trial with full access to all features.

Here are the different plans for the agent-based pricing model : 

  • Mighty- $ 39 Per agent/mo (Omnichannel Ticket Creation, SLA Management, Knowledge Base, etc)
  • Fantastic- $ 59 Per agent/mo (Everything in Mighty, Multi-brand Helpdesk, SLA Breach Notification, 24/7 Email Support)
  • Enterprise- $ 79 Per agent/mo (Everything in Fantastic, Proactive Agent Collision, Task Management, 24/7 Email/Chat Support)
  • Enterprise Plus- $ 99 Per agent/mo (Everything in Enterprise, Agent Scripting 24/7, Email/Chat/Phone Support, Customer Success Manager)

Please note that the pricing mentioned above is based on monthly plans. The pricing will go down when you move onto longer annual contracts.

Different plans for unlimited agents:

  • Starter- $ 1,499 / month (10 Custom Fields, 10,000 Tickets / year)
  • Growth- $ 1,999 / month (20 Custom Fields, 20,000 Tickets / year)
  • Scale – $ 2,999 / month (100 Custom Fields, 100,000 Tickets / year)
  • Scale Plus- $ 4,999 / month (20 Custom Fields, 250,000 Tickets / year)

All these plans come with SSL security, unlimited agents, smart rules, knowledge base, multilingual support, rich text formatting in tickets and iOS & Android apps.

Check out the pricing here-

I recommend HappyFox to anyone who needs a great helpdesk at an affordable pricing scheme. It is recommended for small/medium size business, and companies who don’t want to spend too much time on user training.

⭐4/5 Administrator- Small-Business

Compared to most other helpdesks, HappyFox is definitely on the more expensive side. If you’re looking for a free plan, it’s better to go in another direction, since HappyFox doesn’t offer a free plan. If you’re looking for the absolute lowest price, your options are limited to Saufter, Freshdesk or Zohodesk. Overall, as far as this range of help desks goes, HappyFox sits comfortably at the higher end of the spectrum.

Interface and Customization (Ratings ⭐4.64/5, 17 reviews)
Interface and Customization

The user interface is one of the platform’s most notable features. It is simple and appealing, making it easy to navigate this platform. What’s the best part? All incoming tickets are automatically classified as customer support, sales, marketing, or billing. This allows your team to easily manage customer conversations across multiple channels.

It is a different software from the others that has worked and provided important solutions. I like why it allows the system to be attached to both my computer and mobile devices, its interface is attractive and optimal, in this way we can make notifications of any device attentive They are constant so it makes us be more attentive to the system.

⭐4/5 Alicia G

The platform can also be completely customized. First and foremost, you can easily personalize the platform to match the look and feel of your brand. This can be accomplished by uploading your logo to the Support Center and your Staff portal. Give your brand a name and a personalized description beneath it.

Want to it more personalized? With custom CSS design, you can change the font colors, styles, and structure to match the look of your company’s website. 

I enjoy the simplicity of HappyFox. The user interface is very easy to comprehend and learn, coupled with helpful statistics and features Happy Fox is a very fluid system to use. The ability to add multiple tags, canned responses, and notes within a ticket thread makes it a bonus to use with coworkers.

⭐4/5  User in Sports

Happy Fox allows you to create custom roles for your support staff in addition to branding. Your team can also create email templates for all customer activities such as ticket creation, staff response, ticket resolution, and so on.

Ticket Management (Ratings ⭐4.68/5, 29 reviews)
Ticket Management

HappyFox includes an omnichannel ticketing system that allows you to combine channels such as email, phone, live chat widgets, social media, SMS, in-app chat, and chatbots.

You can also view all customer data in a single shared inbox interface, allowing your team to address support tickets with the proper context. Once you’ve entered a ticket into the system, HappyFox Workflows handles the routing. The best part is that HappyFox includes a simple point-and-click interface for creating multi-step workflows and approval chains.

Getting set up with HappyFox and their friendly sales and support staff was a breeze. They we’re very transparent with the capabilities of their platform and provided an exceptional demo of features prior to signing up. Post registration, the Happy Fox ticketing system has been a turned our chaotic email based support system, into a fluid ticketing system. Additionally, the advanced customization features of the Knowledge Base and multi-branding options allows us to match our “Support Center’ with our brands seamlessly.

⭐4.5/5 John M

Another important feature of the platform is an AI-based assistant that can answer questions without contacting an agent. The AssistAI can help your team answer common FAQs that take up too much of their time, such as password resets.

If a customer is dissatisfied with an answer, the system will suggest opening a support ticket, which will be routed to the appropriate agent. User feedback is used to improve AI responses by determining whether a proposed solution was helpful or not.

We are able to support staff from across the globe quickly and efficiently with our online ticketing system. Use of the knowledge base has made the process easier with staff being able to access articles to help solve their problems or answer questions.

⭐5/5  Nichole M

And yes, you can also use the platform’s mobile app for iOS and Android to directly view and act on tickets.

Reporting and Dashboard (Ratings ⭐ 4.85/5, 20 reviews)
Reporting and Dashboard

The platform includes the HappyFox Business Intelligence tool, which adds the capacity for more in-depth analysis of data from the help desk system. This tool, in our opinion, is well made, simple to use, and even lets you drill deeper into your ticket properties. 

Here are some use cases: 

  • Organize incoming tickets by source channel
  • Create agent activity reports for specific monitoring
  • Analyze the ticket inflow to find trends over a period of time
  • Boost your overall operations with performance aggregates over time

Previous to HappyFox, our teams were pretty much job siloed and reporting on project status was at a minimum. We had some teams tracking on paper and others on spreadsheets. Happy Fox gave us a much better insight into each and every ticket, team and project easily.

Having the history of every closed ticket at our fingertips impowered our team in a way we didn’t expect when moving to HappyFox. It has become a great source of reference.

Being able to show real time status and statistics that we had no way of doing before created quick buy in from management.

⭐3.5/5 Sandy B

Check out some of the helpdesk reports: 

  • Inflow Report – Assign agents to the right channels to handle ticket volume. Report on ticket inflow by Channels and Categories. 
  • Agent Activity Report- Identify top performers and agents who need more training. Quantify ticket participation, closures, replies, and more. 
  • Satisfaction Survey Report- Identify your happy and unhappy customers.  View CSAT scores by agents to measure their performance. 
  • Performance Report- Check the trend of tickets across time. View distribution of tickets across Status, Priority, Category, and Assignee. 
  • SLA Report- Compare the performance of different SLAs.  Monitor SLA breaches and their target achievement. 
  • Custom Fields Report- Gather insights from your Ticket Classifications and Contact Segregation.
  • Smart Rules Report- Compare and optimize the execution of different Smart Rules. Monitor Smart Rules and their execution behavior. Analyze time-saved through workflow automation. 
  • Distribution Report- Monitor agent performance and identify areas of improvement. Measure First Call Resolution by Teams to optimize for different types of support issues.

Before happyfox, we used outlook and sticky notes. Super old school. With the implementation of HappyFox we have a record of every support experience- whether it is a phone call or email. We also using the reporting and export function to fufill our quality directives and direct customer complaints and feature inprovements to the applicable product owners and quality team. The most important thing it does is give hard data on how busy we are, the performance of my team, and makes it much easier to convince management that we need more time. We now have KPIs and real, raw, objective data for reporting. It makes my job much easier, and our customers and distributors love it.

⭐4.5/5 Carl P

Live Chat (Ratings ⭐ 4.64/5, 14 reviews)
Live Chat

Despite the increased demand for businesses to provide support via social media, live chat remains the preferred support channel for organizations to interact with customers. Happy Fox Chat is a robust live chat software that can be integrated with your helpdesk to enable this.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

  • Real-Time Chat Translation- Detect and translate customer conversations automatically.
  • The platform is also mobile-friendly. Customers can easily switch between interacting with support agents and completing tasks on your website.
  • Live typing preview-The Live Typing Preview feature allows you to see what the customer is typing before they hit the send button.
  • Intelligent Chat Routing and Queuing- By distributing support load evenly across your team, the platform allows you to handle high chat volumes and reduce customer wait times.

The ease of use and the ability to pre-chat with customers. This helps to really enable us as a company to be able to work quickly and effectively with the clients to get them the needs that they so desperately need from our business to do a good job for them and provide the conversation points that they need to make an educated purchase for our products.

 ⭐3/5 Executive Sponsor in Hospitality

With HappyFox Chat, we’re able to connect with customers all over the world. Since we’re an Israeli company, it’s sometimes difficult for us to connect with customers in the Arab World. HappyFoxChat allows us better to connect directly with customers anywhere – whether they’re from Afghanistan or Indonesia.

⭐5/5 Lillian C

Integrating with HappyFox Chat has to be one of the best out-of-the-box integrations available. Once your team starts using both the helpdesk and chat you’ll realize how well they work seamlessly together. This has the potential to be a game changer due to how well everything becomes more organized and efficient.

Marketing Features (No reviews)

The Community Forums are an important feature that can assist your marketing team. This allows your marketing team to post topics, generate discussions, and gather insight from all teams, allowing for free flow of communication and encouraging internal collaboration. In addition to automatically assigning tickets, your marketing team can also automate email responses.

Another important marketing workflow covered by the helpdesk is gathering customer feedback and incorporating it into the company’s growth. The platform allows you to collect feedback from all customers into a centralized location which you can then process and evaluate.

So, while Happyfox can handle basic marketing tasks like email outreach, it is unlikely to meet most marketing needs. If you’re looking for advanced marketing automation features, unfortunately, Happyfox is not the platform for you.  We recommend looking into customer interaction/automated marketing software such as Saufter.

Bottom Line

Happyfox is clearly a great choice to opt for, especially considering the platform’s wide array of features, making it an excellent choice for most businesses. However, the expensive pricing plans and the fact that most of its extended features require an upgrade to the highest pricing tiers cannot be overlooked. 

We hope this article compared to other Happyfox reviews cleared up some questions and made it easier to make a decision. 

Also, if you’re just getting started with helpdesk systems and want to make it easier for your support reps to provide the best service possible, Saufter could be the platform for you. It is a multi-channel customer service help desk designed for small businesses and enterprise teams. The platform is designed to be cost-effective, easy to set up, and most agents can get started on Saufter with little to no training.

So, what are you waiting for?

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