How to Handle Online Exchanges on Your Shopify Store

Last Updated: December 2023

Online shopping has increased over the past couple of years. The stark shift in lifestyle post the pandemic and easy availability of products in e-commerce stores are factors that boost this trend. According to Statista, between October and December 2021, retail e-commerce sales in the US were valued at $219 billion, which was a 1.7% jump from the previous quarter. With such increased customer traffic, the probability of exchanges also increases. This, in turn, has led to a boom in e-commerce brands thriving on Shopify. What makes a big difference is the promptness of Shopify exchange. The more seamless the product exchange experience, the better the chances of a repeating customer and a favorable review. Also Read: 30 Must-know Video Marketing Statistics, Trends, and Facts

How To Streamline Shopify Exchange Experience

In many instances, a customer might wish to return an item rather than opt for an exchange. Thus, it is crucial to not only know about Shopify storefront exchange but also how to handle returns on Shopify. You, as a Shopify store owner, can choose from the many Shopify returns apps to improve the user experience. Following are some of the apps that you can use for the same:

1. Shopify POS

  • Free Shopify POS Lite (Included with all Shopify Plans)
  •  $89 per month per location (Shopify POS Pro Plan)
Shopify POS is aimed at enabling you to sell products anywhere. Shopify syncs with this app and tracks orders, inventory, and more, including the retail locations of your store. You can explore their official FAQ section, which highlights the steps regarding how to exchange an item in Shopify POS. This is, however, aimed at business owners with a retail outlet. Thus Shopify POS involves having a dedicated admin to handle the exchanges for you.

2. Returnly

  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • $29/month (Basic Shopify Plan)
  • $59/month (Shopify Plan)
  • $149/month (Advanced Shopify Plan)
Returnly is a Shopify returns app that automates the entire exchange process. Thus, if you are running a purely online venture, Returnly can help you track orders and process refunds. It has a portal for customers to place exchange or return requests and shoots out timely notifications about the return status as well.

3. Rich Returns

  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • $9/month (Standard Plan)
  • $29/month (Pro)
  • $99/month (Premium)
  • $199/month (Plus)
Rich Returns is a fully automated returns app with a centralized dashboard for RMA return requests, product returns, product exchanges, and more. It also has multi-language support that helps break the language barrier between you and the customers. You can also fetch detailed reports like what were the most common reasons for the return and so on. Thus, if you find yourself clueless regarding how to do an exchange on Shopify, then you can resort to Rich Returns for an automated solution for handling Shopify returns and exchanges. Also Read: Top 10 Gorgias Competitors & Alternatives in 2022!

4. Return Prime

  • Free Plan (Offers 5 requests every month)
  • $9.99/month (Offers 30 requests per month & $0.49 per additional request)
  • $49.99/month (Offers 180 requests per month & $0.49 per additional request)
  • $99.99/month (Offers 450 requests per month & $0.49 per additional request)
Return Prime is yet another option for streamlining your exchange system. It allows you to connect your logistic account and send return labels instantly to your customers. Return Prime can be integrated with most of the major logistics partners as well. You can also send return labels and refund customers instantly via Gift card, discount code, or to their cards with the help of Return Prime.

5. AfterShip Returns Center

  • Free Plan (Upto 3 returns per month)
  • $9/month (Essential)
  • $29/month (Growth)
  • $99/month (Pro)
AfterShip Returns Center is a great option for having a robust product exchange system. You can set automation rules in this app that will auto-update the return status of orders based on these rules. With this app, you also get the ability to customize your branded returns center with your brand logo, URL, and returns policy. You can thus not only ensure a hassle-free experience for your customer but can create brand awareness with the above feature to add your brand logo in every notification and e-mail communication. To simplify product exchange, Shopify does have many options. It is, however, best to have a dedicated customer support system by your side. Also Read: How to Calculate the Real Cost of Customer Support

Helplama – Customer Support at its Best

If you are looking for a hands-on approach to handling customer support, then Helplama is for you. With Helplama, you can have a team of professionals on board with live chat answering services, email answering, and phone answering that will add depth to your core value proposition for the customer. Helplama professionals are always assigned based on thorough examination and will only be onboarded if they manage to check all the boxes of prerequisites and your expectations. The candidate desiring to get onboard with you would first have to go through your entire product catalog, policies, and past live customer chat sessions and pass through a simulated chat session based on your brand’s product line. Feel free to explore the Helplama website and check out the blog section for more information about e-commerce dos and don’ts.


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