Guru Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]

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Guru Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best

Last Updated: July 2024

Are you thinking of employing Guru for your business? If yes, you should learn about the Guru pricing details

Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, choosing the right pricing plan can improve your business while the wrong one can break it. Another important reason is that it involves your money.

Therefore, make an informed decision by reviewing the pricing information from this page.

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What is Guru?

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Guru is a popular cloud-based knowledge management platform designed for organizations. In fact, it is like a virtual library for your team. 

It helps you to keep all the important information in a centralized location. So, you don’t have to go searching for it every time you need it.

Also, Guru makes it easier for your teams to share information and work together. Further, it works well with other tools you are probably using. For example, Slack, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Teams.

Now that you know what Guru does, let us give you an overview of its pricing.

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Overview of Pricing

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Guru offers diverse pricing to meet the needs of different companies. Overall, it contains 3 pricing plans, namely Starter, Builder, and Enterprise. 

Here one is a free plan, one is a paid plan and the remaining one is a customized plan. And, you can pay for these plans either annually or monthly.

Guru also provides a free trial of 14 days and allows you to request a personalized demo. Hence, you can test out the platform and see which plan best fits your team.

This concludes the overview of the prices in Guru. Now, let’s get into a detailed review of the pricing plans.

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Complete Breakdown of Guru Pricing Plans

  1. Starter
  2. Builder
  3. Enterprise


1) Starter

You can use the Starter plan without paying any money. In short, it is a free plan. Thus, it includes all the following basic features.


Features Included


Core Features

  • Browser extension – Add Guru to your Chrome browser as an extension. So, you may access the information without leaving your browser tab.
  • Google Auth – Using Google Authenticator, give your team secure access to Guru.
  • AI-driven search – When you search for something, an AI algorithm actively helps you to find exactly what you need.
  • Commenting – Update your Cards with commenting and collaborate with your teammates in Guru.
  • Public Cards – Share your knowledge with individuals who have no access to your Guru instance. For example, your company, partners, and prospects.
  • Scheduled content verification – Ensures that your content is accurate, trusted, and up-to-date.
  • Migration tool – Import the information from multiple sources into one place easily.
  • Messaging integration – You will get 2 messaging integrations in this plan.
    1. Slack – Bring Guru Cards right into your Slack channel. By using Slack actions, you can create, search, and answer questions with those Cards.
    2. Microsoft Teams – Without leaving your Teams chat, you can search and share information, receive announcements, and even reply to comments in Guru.
  • Email integration – Comes with Microsoft Outlook. Here you can gather all your team’s collective knowledge into your Outlook inbox.


Management and Organization

  • Drafts – Draft your content before publishing it live. Also, edit and publish drafts of your knowledge privately to make sure everything is good before making it live.
  • Card manager – Perform bulk actions to maintain a clean environment in Guru.


Knowledge Finds You

  • Related Cards – Based on prior user behavior, it recommends Cards. Hence, there is no need to separately search for information.
  • Knowledge clipper – Let your users create knowledge from any page. And also, search your knowledge base in Guru with just 2-clicks.
  • Q & A – Ask your internal experts any questions and save their answers as content.



  • Single sign-on (SAML) – Manage your employee access by securing single sign-on.


Guru Product Support

  • Uptime & customer support level – Standard 



  • Pricing – Only a team of 3 users can use Guru for free. Once you exceed 3 users, it charges $6/month per user, if billed monthly, and $5/month per user, if billed annually. For example, for 4 users, you are charged $20/month in annual billing.
  • Customization – No custom branding feature.


Starter Plan is Good For:

For small teams with 3 or fewer users who want to capture information and organize a wiki, the Starter plan is the best fit.

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2) Builder

Builder charges $12/month per user when billed monthly and $10/month per user when billed annually. Next, you will find all the features available in the Starter plan along with the following ones in Builder.


Features Included


Core Features

  • Custom branding – Customize your Guru’s portal and team UI to match your brand’s theme. 


Management and Organization

  • Duplicate connection detection – Flag duplicates on Cards. Plus, sync your Guru knowledge to organize and keep your information up-to-date.
  • Mark your favorites – Allow your users to bookmark their favorite Cards and categorize them so they can find them quickly.
  • Smart tag suggestions – Based on your Card content, it suggests tags. This helps you to organize your knowledge and retrieve it faster.
  • Advanced content sharing – Lets you share collections of information with users and control who has access to it using advanced permission settings.
  • Embed Guru Cards – Easily keep your learning management system (LMS) updated with the latest information. So, your teams have access to everything they need to effectively apply their training to work.
  • API access – With API, build exceptional customer knowledge experiences.
  • Analytics – Provides insights into how your knowledge is used and helps you understand its impact on your team’s success.


Knowledge Finds You

  • Announcements – Using workflows, notify your team of important existing or new knowledge they need to read. And also, after they do it, you can certify them.
  • Automated in-context knowledge – With the knowledge triggers, your teams can map information to specific fields on any webpage. This helps to seamlessly deliver the right knowledge at the right time.
  • Suggested subject matter experts – Guru proactively suggests experts from your team for the verification of new and updated knowledge.



  • User provisioning and de-provisioning (SCIM) – Integrates with various SCIM providers so your teams can automate user provisioning and groups across multiple applications.
  • Permission management – Guru’s advanced permissions structure gives you control over who can view, edit and access your knowledge. You can alert specific groups to updates and perform bulk actions related to users.


Guru Product Support

  • Education and implementation services – To get the most value out of your investment in Guru, they are offering education and implementation services. 



  • Education and implementation services – Note that you need to pay money to access these services. For more information, you need to contact their support team.
  • Customer success manager – Doesn’t offer a designated customer success manager in this plan.


Builder Plan is Good For:

The Builder plan is perfect for growing organizations that want to collaborate and share their knowledge effectively.

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3) Enterprise

Pricing for the Enterprise plan is not fixed as it is a customizable plan. So, you need to contact Guru’s sales team from their pricing page to create a personalized plan for your team and/or organization. When it comes to features, it includes all the below tools and the Builder plan ones.


Features Included


Management and Organization

  • Ticket linking – Link Card usage to a support ticket. Thus, when you view the ticket, it displays all the knowledge used on that particular ticket for easy review.


Knowledge Finds You

  • Smart content suggestions – Provides relevant content suggestions even when you are working in popular apps such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and Gmail.


Guru Product Support

  • Customer support level – Premier
  • Uptime – Guarantees 99.99% uptime. So your team can seamlessly access your company’s knowledge at all times, whether they are in a live chat with customers or have late-night queries on PTO. 
  • Customer success manager – Assigns a dedicated customer success manager for your team or organization.


Enterprise Plan is Good For:

Larger organizations that need tailored solutions should subscribe to the Enterprise plan.

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Get Guru Pricing Plans Comparison At a Glance

MonthlyFree (up to 3 users)$12/user/monthContact sales team
Core Features
Browser extension
Google Auth
AI-driven search
Public Cards
Scheduled content verification
Migration tool
Messaging integrationSlack & Microsoft Teams
Email integrationMicrosoft Outlook
Custom branding
Management & Organization
Card manager
Duplicate connection detection
Mark your favorites
Smart tag suggestions
Advanced content sharing
Embed Guru Cards
API access
Ticket linking
Knowledge Finds You
Related Cards
Knowledge clipper
Q & A
Automated in-context knowledge
Suggested subject matter experts
Smart content suggestions
Single sign-on (SAML)
User provisioning and de-provisioning (SCIM)
Permission management
Guru Product Support
Customer support levelStandardStandardPremier
UptimeStandardStandard99.99% uptime
Education and implementation services
Customer success manager


Key Features Missing in Guru

You would already know that Guru is a knowledge management software and has all the basic features that help you with it. But there are certain key features not available in Guru. Some of them are mentioned below.


1) Real-Time Monitoring

Guru definitely offers analytics but there is no real-time monitoring system. That means you cannot see real-time data such as how many users are using your Guru interface at a particular time, what they are looking for, etc.


2) Media and File Sharing

Refers to the ability to share any documents or files and media online such as images and videos with your teammates.

In Guru, everything is done through Cards. So, if you want to share an image or any file, you should upload it to a Card and then share it with your teammates. There is no interface to share them directly without using Cards.

3) Team Management

Team management feature assists you in collaborating, communicating, and handling a group of people. Plus, this feature helps you with task assignments as well.

Even though you can collaborate with the Commenting feature in Guru, you cannot schedule meetings (neither audio nor video), chat with your teammates, assign tasks, and so on without the help of 3rd party integrations.

In short, there are no team management features in Guru.


4) Limited Customizations

Customization is the ability to modify the user interface to make it look better and match your brand’s colors and themes.

However, the customizations in Guru are very limited. You can clearly see that in these user reviews.

I wish there was more customization on the branding side along with customization on fonts/colors. Small things but will make a huge difference as they work to bring these features.” – Kendall S.

“I wish it allowed more customization on the fonts” – Nadia P.

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Which Pricing Plan is Best?

As you can see Guru covers all types of pricing plans, i.e. free, paid, and customizable. But if you ask which pricing plan is best fit for your business, we cannot answer it. Because it depends on the needs and budget of your business. 

However, by reviewing the complete breakdown of Guru pricing plans and their comparison table, you can make an informed decision and become a true “price guru”.

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