Guide to Creating a Shopify Customer Account Page

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Last Updated: April 2024

A customer account page lets your customers get details like order history, shipment tracking information, product delivery date, and many more personal details. All these details allow you to create a transparent relationship with your customers. 

Although, if you are planning to create a customer account on your Shopify store, we have done the legwork for you and created a guide on how to do that. 

Contents in this post are as follows:

Best Practices of a Customer Account Page

A customer account page is beneficial for repeat customers. You can provide the following information to them through a customer account page: 

Order History

This feature of the customer account page allows your customers to view their previous orders and get a context of what they have ordered in the past. It also allows your customers to check if the product is still under warranty.

Repeat Orders

As it contains order history, your customers can again book the exact same item and order it. This type of service can be beneficial for stores that provide daily services like grocery stores, food delivery stores, pharmacy stores, and many more. 

Manage Subscriptions

If your store provides subscription services then it allows your customers to know when they subscribed to your store and when the plan gets expired. This allows you to retain subscribers and get gain more revenue. Some of the other features that you can provide under this topic are:

  • Add/Remove subscription. 
  • Change the frequency of the plan.
  • Change the previous payment method.
  • Cancel subscription with retention flows.

Return & Exchange

The customer account page allows customers to send a request for a product return/exchange without the help of any third-party apps. After a return request, it even allows your customers to know the expected refund date or the expected product receiving date if they have applied to return a product. 

Customer Details

This section of the customer account page showcases all the information of the customer. It even allows them to make some changes to it like:

  • Change the phone number.
  • Change email address.
  • Change profile picture.
  • Reset password.
  • Change delivery address.

Customer Support/FAQs

You can list a customer support number/email and FAQs on the customer account page so that it’s easier for your customers to solve their queries. They can even select a previously ordered item and report an issue regarding it. 

Steps to Improve Customer Login in Shopify

As per a report, 78% of customers forget their passwords and then go for a reset. Thus you should provide an easy and secure way for your customers to log in. An easy login can even convert your guest login into a certified customer. Other than the normal password log in you can use these two methods:

  • Sending a login link to the customers’ email addresses or their mobile numbers in the form of SMSs. 
  • Rolling out OTPs (one-time passcodes) through SMSs. 

The latter technique is a bit quicker and more secure as compared to the first method. 

Steps to Enable Customer Accounts on Shopify Store

To enable a customer account on your Shopify store follow these steps:

Step 1

Log in to your Shopify store account and navigate to Settings>Checkout.

Step 2

Now go to the customer account section and choose any one of the following from the list:

  • Accounts are disabled: With this option, you would allow only guest checkouts and the customer account gets disabled. 
  • Accounts are optional: This option allows your customers to decide if they want to create an account or check out as a guest. 
  • Accounts are required: Customers will have to create an account if they want to buy a product and guest checkouts are disabled. 

Step 3

After you decide on the account setting click on Save. Now your customer account page is ready. 

Shopify Customer Account Page Apps

These are some of the Shopify customer account apps that you can use to provide more features to your customers:

Customer Accounts Hub(5/5⭐, 27 Reviews)


This app allows you to create a fully customizable page that can match your Shopify store theme and provide a branded experience to your customers. It even allows you to provide a loyalty program to your customers. 


  • Comes with a smart reorder button.
  • You can add pages, custom links, and integrations to your menu. 
  • Provides multilingual support in 5 languages. 
  • Provides reports like most ordered products and recently viewed products.


  • Free: 14 days 
  • 0-100 customers: $5/Month
  • 101-5k customers: $9/Month
  • 5k-20k customers: $19/Month
  • 20K+ customers: $29/Month

Flits: Customer Account Page(4.9/5⭐, 554 Reviews)

Flits allow your customers to add items to their wishlists so that they can buy them later on. It even allows your customers to log in to your store using Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon. 


  • Provides advanced filters for order history search.
  • Allows you to put a “Contact Us” button on the order history page. 
  • Provides custom layout.


  • Free: 30 days
  • Basic: $4.99/Month
  • Business: $19.99/Month
  • Enterprise: $29.99/Month

Customer Account Concierge(5/5⭐, 85 Reviews)

With the help of this app, you can provide information like order history, wishlist products, address book, and many more to your customers. It can be integrated with 24 different apps like Return Prime, After Ship, SendOwl, and many more. 


  • Provides social logins: Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many more. 
  • Has multi-language support and customizable texts. 
  • Allows you to add a custom page of your choice to the menu. 


  • Free: 14 days
  • Basic: $5/Month
  • Pro: $15/Month
  • Premium: $25/Month

Note: You need to pay extra for plugins like reorder button, wishlist, social login, etc. 


Now, in the end, we hope that through this article we were able to guide you well on the customer account page for your Shopify store. There is a built-in option available on the Shopify app which you can use and create a customer account page.

We have also listed some apps that can help you create an engaging customer account portal on your Shopify store. 

Moreover, if you are looking for software that provides complete e-commerce solutions, then you should try Saufter. Its AI bot can automate your customer support and can provide services like order management, return management, live chat, etc. 

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