Top 10 Hacks to Grow Amazon Sales and Maximize ROI

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Last Updated: April 2024

Looking to grow Amazon sales and maximize your ROI? Then you are in the right place. 

Here’s a cool fact over 60% of sales on Amazon come from small and medium-sized businesses. That’s a massive opportunity for sellers like you! 

In the past 25 years, Amazon has become a giant in eCommerce, and with 2024 rolling in, it’s the perfect time to supercharge your sales.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to grow, these tips will help you stand out and succeed in the competitive Amazon marketplace. 

Let’s dive in and take your business to new heights!

1. Enhance Listings for Better Search

To grow your Amazon sales, follow these key steps:

1. Adhere to Amazon SEO GuidelinesEnsure compliance with Amazon’s SEO algorithm. Optimize product listings for keyword relevance.
2. Detailed Listing InformationSpecify brand name, product features, material, color, and size for enhanced visibility and appeal.
3. Engaging VisualsInvest in professional photography. Include 2-3 high-quality images from various angles to eliminate ambiguity.
4. Highlight Value PointsUse images to emphasize the value points of your product, motivating potential buyers to make a purchase.
5. Google OptimizationRecognize Google’s influence and optimize listings for both Amazon and Google to broaden your reach.
6. Track and CompareRegularly assess the effectiveness of your product page optimization. Compare efforts with competitors for insight.
7. Leverage On-Page SEO ToolsUtilize on-page SEO tools to analyze crucial metrics, gaining insights and suggestions for enhanced visibility on Google.

2. Expand Marketing for New Opportunities

Whether you’re already doing it or not, try selling your products on different platforms.

Spread the word and sell where your customers hang out, like on apps, social media, or your website. Don’t stick to just Amazon; pick the right places to reach your customers. You can handle each platform separately.

In 2024, some good places to market are

  1. Amazon
  2. Your online store
  3. Ads online
  4. eBay
  5. Etsy
  6. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  7. Partner with blogs or use Affiliate Marketing
grow amazon sales

But be aware, that Amazon is getting stricter on how sellers talk to buyers. So, build your loyal customers through your online store, social media, or blogs.

Try using things like coupons, deals, or free shipping during holidays to attract customers.

Create a plan by looking at what your customers like and how they buy. Know your target audience and use information to grow Amazon sales.

3. Gather Reviews for More Sales

On average, having reviews can boost sales by 18% because people trust them like personal recommendations. Verified reviews are even more trustworthy

But getting customers to leave reviews is tough. You can use programs like Amazon Vine or the Early Reviewer Program to help grow Amazon sales.

Both seller feedback and product reviews play a role in determining your product rankings and, to some extent, impact your Best seller rank (BSR) on Amazon.  Getting helpful feedback can make your product better. 

So, try asking for reviews in an easier way by automating the process. It can make a big difference.

4. Optimize Ads for Maximum Impact

For a genuine boost in your Amazon sales, Sponsored Ads are the go-to strategy. especially considering that Amazon’s average conversion rate falls between 10% and 15%. 

The year 2024 emphasizes Amazon Advertising. It’s time to move beyond just keyword optimization and craft a robust strategy to enhance your visibility on Amazon. 

A savvy seller effectively blends automatic and manual campaigns, employing diverse PPC strategies. When harnessed correctly, Amazon advertising proves instrumental in driving conversions at different stages of the sales funnel.

grow amazon sales

5. Analyze Amazon Customer Metrics

Ensuring customer satisfaction is a critical metric that adds significant value to your business. Amazon places immense importance on customer communication and satisfaction metrics to create positive experiences for its customers. 

Within your Amazon Seller Central account, the Account Health section provides a concise overview of the customer satisfaction metrics that require your attention.

MetricWhat it MeasuresAmazon’s Suggestion
Order Defect Rate (ODR)Customer complaints, refunds, and issues with your productKeep it low to maintain good Amazon account health.
Pre-fulfillment Cancellation RateOrders canceled before shipment confirmationAim to keep it below 2.5% for better performance.
Policy ViolationsBreaking Amazon rules in listing or sellingThe green tick means all is well; the red cross means check now.
Late Shipment RatePercentage of orders sent out lateAim to keep it under 5% for timely deliveries.
Buyer-Seller Contact Response Time (CRT)How quickly you respond to customer messages within 24 hoursEnsure prompt responses for a positive customer experience.

6. Manage Inventory Efficiently

Always emphasized is the significance of keeping your inventory well-stocked for an enhanced Amazon ranking. Warehouse and inventory management have become increasingly crucial. 

In the U.S., warehouse numbers increased by 6.8% over the past 5 years (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). 

Managing these tasks manually is time-consuming and prone to errors. To streamline processes, it’s essential to automate using suitable inventory management software

Effective inventory management software can undoubtedly enhance overall operations and inventory efficiency.

7. Follow Amazon’s Rules Strictly

A big problem for Amazon sellers is getting their accounts suspended. To avoid this, make sure you know and follow Amazon’s rules and policies

That’s the key to keeping your account healthy and avoiding suspensions.

8. Stay Competitive, Win the Buy Box

The Buy Box is a crucial factor for boosting sales on Amazon. Missing out on it means missing out on a significant number of potential sales. 

Let’s break down what the Buy Box is and why it matters:

What is the Buy Box?

    1. It’s the section on the right side of a product listing with the prominent “Add to Cart” button.
    2. The seller who “owns” the Buy Box gets the orders when customers click on this button.
    3. Other sellers for the same product are listed below under the “Other Sellers on Amazon” section.

Why Does the Buy Box Matter?

    1. A massive 82% of Amazon sales come from the Buy Box.
    2. If you’re competing with other sellers, securing the Buy Box is the best way to increase your sales.
grow amazon sales

Factors that Determine Buy Box Ownership

    • Fulfillment method: FBA products have an advantage.
    • Price: Amazon favors lower prices, including shipping.
    • Price consistency: Avoid big price swings to retain the Buy Box.
    • Account health: Seller feedback, order defect rate, and other metrics matter.
    • Number of products in stock: Having more stock increases your chances.

What to Check and Fix

    1. Evaluate if these factors apply to you.
    2. Check your fulfillment method, pricing strategy, price consistency, account health, and stock levels.
    3. Ending up in the “Other Sellers on Amazon” section is as detrimental as being on page 9 of search results.

9. Use FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)

Using Amazon’s FBA isn’t just about storing and shipping, it’s a great way to sell more!

It’s all because of Amazon Prime. When your product has that Prime badge, shoppers trust it more. That badge takes away some of the worries people have when deciding to buy.

And the best part about Amazon Prime? It’s the fast shipping. A survey found that a huge 79.8% of people in the US shop on Amazon because of “fast, free shipping.”

When we shop online, we want things quickly, and we don’t want to pay extra for shipping. That’s where Amazon Prime, thanks to FBA, really shines and helps you sell more.

10. Use Amazon’s Brand-Building Tools

Amazon provides sellers with robust tools to grow Amazon sales.

Brand Registry Enrollment

    1. To access these tools, start by enrolling in the Brand Registry.
    2. This step makes you eligible for various features aimed at improving the customer shopping experience and converting more browsers into buyers.

A+ Content (Enhanced Brand Content)

    1. Upon enrollment, you can enhance your product listings with A+ Content.
    2. This feature is a game-changer, setting you apart from competitors who may not utilize A+ Content.
grow amazon sales

Additional Tools

The Impact

    1. These tools collectively contribute to increased visibility and brand recognition.
    2. The result is a substantial boost in sales on the Amazon platform. 


In conclusion, focusing on these aspects is paramount not only to increase your sales on Amazon but also to achieve customer satisfaction. 

For small and medium businesses, leveraging technology is crucial to grow Amazon sales, especially in the fast-paced e-commerce industry.

Looking for enhanced customer support? Give a try. 

It smartens up customer service, providing valuable insights. Elevate your support, cultivate enduring relationships, and witness your business flourish. 

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