For any business, be it a brick and mortar or a digital store, designing plays a crucial role to establishing the brand identity. Especially for online businesses, it is paramount to have a pleasing website/app look to attract customers.

Though it plays an important role in your business development, you need not necessarily onboard a full-time designer into your company. Instead there are many design agencies that you can hire for the job and for the moment.

If you are looking for one such creative designing agency, read this article to find out the 12 Best graphic design companies that help all business sizes.


  1. Digital Silk
  2. Starfish
  3. Smartsites
  4. Clay
  5. Evestar
  6. WANDR
  7. Neuron
  8. DesignInDC
  9. OMIT Studios
  10. Pentagram
  11. Urban Insight
  12. The Bureau Of Small Projects


Digital Silk (Overall Rating 5/5 ⭐)

Digital Silk design agency


Digital Silk is a full-service digital agency that partners with brands of all sizes to grow their brands online. The agency offers a wide range of design services that is combined with marketing and technology. It has won many awards and is featured on Fox News, Bloomberg, CNN, Adweek, etc. They are spread across 13 states of the USA.

Year Started: 2017

Services Offered: Digital Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Web Design & Development, and eCommerce Web Design & Development.

Clients: P&G, Sony, NFL, Xerox, HP, NYU, Knopp Biosciences, doforms, newater, and more.

Customer Success Stories:

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Starfish (Overall Rating 5/5 ⭐)

Starfish design agency


Founded in NewYork, Starfish is a NYC branding agency providing all of the services that marketing consultants, advertising agencies, and branding agencies deliver under one roof. They understand your brand and help define your brand experience and improve your overall brand strategy.

Year Started: 2002

Services Offered: Brand Identity & Design, Brand Advertising, Brand Story, Website Design, Digital Marketing, and Brand Strategy.

Clients: AST, Panasonic, Dunkin Donuts, AVIS, Guardian, Pepsi, Samsung, Atlas Air, and more.

Customer Success Stories:

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SmartSites (Overall Rating 5/5 ⭐)

SmartSites Design agency


SmartSites is one of the top rated and award winning website designing and digital marketing agencies in New Jersey having successfully launched 700+ websites since their inception. They specialize in creating speed optimized websites that are compatible on any device.

Year Started: 2011

Services Offered: Website Design, PPC Advertising, and Organic SEO.

Clients: AGA parts, Legends Caterers, Next Move, Sentinel Consulting, Ciceley’s Tables, and more.

Customer Success Stories:

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Clay (Overall Rating 5/5 ⭐)

Clay Design Agency


Clay is a full service branding firm providing UI/UX design, Web design, and Branding services in San Francisco that aims at elevating brands through strategy, visual identity,and award winning websites.

Year Started: 2016

Services Offered: UI/UX design, Websites & Mobile Apps, Visual Design, 2D & 3D Graphics, Brand Identity, and other development works.

Clients: Facebook, Google, Slack, Sony, Uber, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Huawei, Western Digital, T Mobile, vm ware, Samsung, and more.

Customer Success Stories:

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Evestar (Overall Rating 5/5 ⭐)

Evestar design agency


Evestar has been recognized as a leading eCommerce agency with a well versatile team helping growing brands in Apparel & Fashion, Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, Supplements, and Consumer Tech & Electronics industries.

Year Started: 2018

Services Offered: Brand Book, Ad Creatives, Web Designing, Social Media Advertising, and eCommerce Development.

Clients: Nood, UMAI, Noiri, Luxedo, Surf Style, Werk Dancewear, Wellgenix, Smarty Pear, and more.

Customer Success Stories:

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WANDR (Overall Rating 5/5 ⭐)

Wandr design agency


The team at WANDR is an award winning product design experts helping SaaS companies increase their user retention and reduce churn-rate through innovative product strategy and UX design expertise.

Year Started: 2016

Services Offered: Brand Design, UI/UX design, and User Onboarding.

Clients: GEICO, Samsung, WWF, PWC, Synchrony, US Airforce, tenable, MODFI, BuildBox, and more.

Customer Success Stories:

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Neuron (Overall Rating 5/5 ⭐)

neuron design agency


Neuron is a San Francisco based UX/UI design agency that creates best-in-class digital experiences to help businesses increase productivity, sales, and intelligence. Recognized by Clutch as a Top Creative and Design Agency in 2022.

Year Started: 2016

Services Offered: UX/UI design, Product Strategy, Prototypes, and Design Systems.

Clients: Workstep, Ford Models, Sony, Vivint, intuit, Flo, Hootsuite, LinkedIn, and more.

Customer Success Stories:

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DesignInDC (Overall Rating 5/5 ⭐)

DesigninDC design agency


DesignInDC started as a small design boutique company in 2016 with a vision of growing business’ brands using an array of mediums, techniques, and technologies. They work with brands right from their evolving stage, design and development, post-launch analysis, to the ongoing improvements.

Year Started: 2016

Services Offered: Web Work, Illustration Design, Graphic Design, and Photography.

Clients: Wingo’s, Mazique, Amr El-Bayoumi, Ventana Productions, Berkeley Dental, and more.

Customer Success Stories:

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OMIT Studios (Overall Rating 5/5 ⭐)

Omit Studios design agency


OMIT Studios, as in the name, defines to exclude the excess and communicate only the most important details of the brands. They design projects driven by purpose, everything from visual identity to brand strategy with unique teams. Recognized as a top-rated agency by Designrush, the Manifest, and Upcity.

Year Started: 2018

Services Offered: Social Media Graphics, Print Design, Website Design & Development, Animation, Merchandise Design, Packaging Design, and Branding Services.

Clients: The Betsy, HM Homes, Weldwork, Taquiza, PKWY, The Roost, and more.

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Pentagram (Overall Rating 4.5/5 ⭐)

Pentagram Design Agency


Pentagram is the world’s largest multidisciplinary, independently owned design studio in New York with 23 partners who are practicing designers working collaboratively. Their work encompasses graphics, brand identity, brand strategy, advertising, website design & development and more.

Year Started: 1972

Services Offered: Brand Identity, Signage & Environmental Graphics, Book Design, Digital Design, Exhibition Design, Industrial/Product Design, and Packaging.

Clients: 92NY, Incroci, HM Bradley, American Express, Galvan, NYC votes, 1882 ltd, Chimes, theSkimm, Dally, and more.

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Urban Insight (Overall Rating 5/5 ⭐)

Urban Insight Design Agency


Urban Insight is a Los Angeles based digital agency with over 500 successful launches. They design and develop innovative websites using Drupal and WordPress. The company also offers one free month of operations support after the project launches. The team excels in Higher Education, Urban Planning, Cultural Arts and Legal Aid Services.

Year Started: 2000

Services Offered: UI/UX design, Technical design, Brand Identity, Creative development, Digital Strategy, Implementation services.

Clients: The Broad, KENNEDY WILSON, Tech in Motion, Lacma, California Arts Council, and more.

Customer Success Stories:

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The Bureau Of Small Projects (Overall Rating 5/5 ⭐)

SmallProjectsBureau design agency


The aim of the Small Projects Bureau is to repurpose the sophisticated marketing tools used by Fortune 500 & big brands to small businesses, startups, and non-profits to be successful.

Year Started: 2014

Services Offered: Web Development, Content Creation, Branding, Marketing, and Videos.

Clients: Wholeberry, Monolith, Covet & Mane, Happy Monkey Skincare, Shop Ware, and more.

Customer Success Stories:

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Final Words

Designing needs differ for every business. Hence we recommend you to first analyze your requirements, plan a budget, and finalize on the best suitable design agency from the list above.

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