Gorgias Vs Helplama Helpdesk Comparison: Which Is Best for You

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Gorgias vs Helplama Helpdesk

Last Updated: May 2024

Gorgias vs Helplama Helpdesk: If you’re looking for the right customer service solution for your company, choosing between these two platforms can be difficult. Well, we’ve made the decision a whole lot easier for you.

In this guide, let us compare two of the most popular customer service solutions available in the market and see which one is better for your business: Gorgias or Helplama Helpdesk.

We’ll compare them overall while also focusing on their specific features to determine which one is a better fit for your company.

What is Gorgias?

Gorgias is a live chat/helpdesk platform that allows you to provide consistent customer service across multiple channels. It has numerous automation features for tracking the customer journey across all touchpoints.

We discovered that setting up Gorgias is a simple and quick process. What’s more, your agents will not have to switch between tools with all the third party integrations available. 

Gorgias’ paid plans begin at $60 per month. They also provide a 7-day free trial period.

What is Helplama Helpdesk?

The Helplama helpdesk is an all-in-one customer support system that aims to empower your support team while also improving the customer experience. It is a low-cost platform that combines customer inquiries from various channels such as email, chat, phone, and social media apps into a single system.

Helplama Helpdesk is designed to be easy to navigate/use and includes a variety of automation features to help streamline workflows.

Helplama’s paid plans begin at $99 per month/ 3 users. They also provide a 15-day free trial period.

Gorgias vs Helplama Helpdesk: A Quick Comparison

Here’s a quick rundown of the platforms:



Helplama Helpdesk

Pricing Starts At $60 /month/ 300 tickets $99 /month/ 3 users
Features Email, Chat, SMS, Social, WhatsApp, Self-service Email, Chat, SMS, Social, WhatsApp, Self-service
  Ticketing System Ticketing System
  Third-party Integrations Third-party Integrations
  Knowledge Base Knowledge Base
  Chatbots Agent Training Automation
  Unlimited Users Unlimited Tickets
  Customer Intents Automated Order Tracking
    Automated Returns Center
Free trial 7-day free trial 15-day free trial

Gorgias vs Helplama Helpdesk: Livechat Features

Live chat allows your agents to carry out real-time and asynchronous conversations with prospects and customers across various channels.



Helplama Helpdesk

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Tickets

Social Media Channels

Web Widget

Livechat Customization

Chat notifications


  • Social Media Channels

Connect your social media account pages with the helpdesk to send and receive messages with your contacts directly. You can use this feature to import social media direct messages, tweets, post comments, account mentions, etc.

  • Web Widget

Embed a live chat widget on your website to provide customers with access to your help centre and the agents in your support channels.

  • Livechat Customization

Allows you to customize the chat widget’s design, appearance, and default messaging options to provide a consistent chat experience for your customers across platforms while also matching the look and tone of your brand.

  • Customized Chat notifications

Notifications provide a way for your agents to get alerted when a message comes in. You can also customize notifications by specific channel, ensuring that your agents never miss a message from an important channel.

  • Chatbots

The helpdesks allow you to deploy custom chatbots. With conversational assistants, you can collect relevant customer information, increase agent productivity, and streamline the support experience. 

Gorgias vs Helplama Helpdesk: Customer Support Features

Features Gorgias Helplama Helpdesk
Multi-Channel Communication
Ticketing System
Self-service Portal
Knowledge Base
Automated Order Tracking
Customer Intents
Automated Returns Center
Sentiment Detection
Agent Training Automation
3rd Party Integration Options
  • Multi-Channel Communication

Combine customer interactions from multiple sources using a centralized platform, without losing time switching between tools. Your agents can reply to emails, answer customer calls and chat with customers right within the helpdesk.

  • Ticketing System

An integrated system to engage customers through different channels and quickly convert them into tickets. 

  • Self-service Portal

Set up a self-service portal where your customers can check their order status, tracking number, and shipping information, as well as create tickets to report order issues.

  • Knowledge Base

Create in-depth knowledge base articles on customer self-service. This can include technical support documentation, step-by-step instructions, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

  • Automated Order Tracking

The helpdesk automatically detects delays and issues with your customers’ orders and assists you in proactively resolving the situation.

  • Customer Intents

Automatically detect, and route bot conversations based on customer input. With this feature, you can now create automated workflows to handle specific customer intents. 

  • Automated Returns Center

Allow your customers to automatically select the items they want to return or exchange and place an exchange order based on your policies.

  • Sentiment Detection

Use this feature to detect how your customers are feeling automatically. You can set up rules based on emotions to automatically allocate your resources to provide the extra attention that is required without the extra work.

  • Agent Training Automation

An Easy-to-use training module will train and test your team members based on your previous chats/tickets.

  • Integration Options

This enables you to integrate the helpdesk into your website as well as a wide range of third-party pages and apps.

Gorgias vs Helplama Helpdesk: Marketing Features

Features Gorgias Helplama Helpdesk
Omnichannel marketing 
Marketing Automation
Product Details/Management 
In-Chat Video Calls
  • Omnichannel Marketing

From a single platform, you can manage and respond to messages from all communication channels, including email, chat, social and online ad comments, and the web widget.

  • Marketing Automation

Automate the collection of Google reviews, Trustpilot reviews, and user-generated videos for marketing purposes.

  • Campaigns

This feature allows you to be proactive in contacting customers by initiating live chat conversations with site visitors, providing product advice based on their cart content, and guiding them through the checkout process.

  • Product Details/Management 

Provides your agents with the tools they need to easily recommend products from your eCommerce store and manage orders without ever leaving the helpdesk.

  • In-Chat Video Calls

While chatting with potential customers, your agents can also initiate an instant video call. This enables live guidance, informational sessions, personalized shopping experiences, etc.

Gorgias vs Helplama Helpdesk: Pricing

Gorgias Pricing Structure

The platform currently offers four different pricing plans: Basic, Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise.

  • The Basic plan is Gorgias’s entry-level pricing plan. The Basic plan costs $60 per month/ 300 tickets.
  • The Pro plan costs $360 per month/ 2000 tickets. This plan includes all of the Basic plan features.
  • The Advanced plan costs $900 per month/ 5000 tickets. This plan includes all of the Basic and Pro plan features.
  • The Enterprise plan is completely custom and depends on the ticket size you desire.

These pricing plans differ primarily in terms of the number of tickets and features included. Gorgias’ plans all include essential features such as live chat, social media, SMS and voice channels, ticketing, etc. If you need less than 300 tickets per month, the basic plan might be adequate for handling most of your customer support needs.

Want to know more about the detailed pricing breakdown of Gorgias? Then, go through our post on Gorgias Pricing: Which Plan Is Best for You?

Helplama Helpdesk Pricing Structure

The platform currently offers three different pricing plans: Standard, Pro and Enterprise. All the pricing plans come with a 15-day free trial.

  • The Standard plan is Helplama’s entry-level pricing plan. This plan costs $99 per month.
  • The Pro plan costs $199 per month. This plan includes all of the Standard plan features
  • The Enterprise plan costs $399 per month. This plan includes all of the Standard and Pro plan features.

All pricing plans include a 3 seat minimum and unlimited tickets. An additional amount of $29/m will be charged for each extra user.

Even the Standard plan includes essential features like live chat, social media, SMS and voice channels, email support, knowledge base, etc. These features are adequate for handling the majority of your customer support needs if you are a small customer support team that is just getting started. 

Helplama also provides features such as an Automated Returns Center, Marketing Automation, Agent Training Automation, etc.

Helplama Helpdesk vs Gorgias: Is There a Clear Winner?

As you can see, there is no obvious answer to this question. 

Both these platforms hold up on their own, and the decision between the two is entirely dependent on your company’s needs. 

To summarize this comparison, here are a few points:

  • Helplama Helpdesk is clearly the budget friendly solution to opt for. It’s great for cross-functional ecommerce teams to have visibility into the entire customer communication system. If you are looking for a scalable solution focused on customer engagement, Helplama Helpdesk is the way to go. 
  • When comparing the pricing plans of Helplama and Gorgias, one thing is clear: Helplama wins in terms of clarity and features offered. A quick glance at Gorgias’s pricing page can tell you that their pricing plans can be pretty expensive. Even with the unlimited users across all of their pricing plans, this platform may not be within your budget or meet your support needs.

Both platforms are well-designed helpdesk systems that offer a wide range of additional integrations and features to help your team better navigate its communication strategy.

Bottom Line:

So, Helplama vs Gorgias. With the above factors compared, which tool do you think is the right one for your company?

We hope this guide cleared up some questions and made it easier to choose a platform. 

If you want to make it easier for customers to contact your service team while also empowering your support reps to provide the best service possible, the Helplama Helpdesk could be the platform for you. It is a multi-channel customer service help desk designed for small businesses and enterprise teams. The platform is designed to be cost-effective, easy to set up, and most agents can get started on Helplama with little to no training.

So, what are you waiting for?

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