Gorgias Pricing: Which Plan Is Best for You?

Last Updated: February 2024

Gorgias is a complaint management and customer service platform for customer engagement, report generation, and analytics. Gorgias API allows tracking analytics and customer communication through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. In this article we will delve into Gorgias pricing, an essential aspect to consider as you explore its valuable features and capabilities.

Customer support is an integral part of your business and streamlining it with the help of tools is equally important. Gorgias app assists businesses in reducing turnaround time in customer response.

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Gorgias Pricing Plans


Like any other customer support tool, Gorgias comes in different pricing plans. At times, it is too overwhelming to reach a decision as to which plan will suit your needs best. This led us to provide a brief overview of every pricing plan and its pros and cons vis a vis your business needs.

The pricing plans are primarily based on the number of tickets and features. Gorgias also provides automation that enables instant resolution with self-service at an additional price. One thing to note is that with every pricing plan, if you wish to go with annual billing, then you get 2 months free.

Following are the Gorgias pricing plans to choose from:

1. Basic

Price: $50/month 

The basic plan, as the name suggests, is a combination of minimum features required for a functioning customer support system. This plan is ideal for business owners looking to test the waters regarding an automated customer support system. It includes 300 tickets per month. You can also opt for 100 extra tickets at an added cost of $40, and the automation add-on for $25.

You get the provision of onboarding unlimited users with all their pricing plans. Although, this plan may be redundant in case you are a Magneto user since the basic plan only caters to Shopify and BigCommerce integrations.

2. Pro

Price: $300/month

If you have made up your mind about resorting to a tool to handle your customer responses and get analytical insights, then pro is ideal for you. The pro pricing plan gives you 2000 tickets per month. You get all the functionalities of the basic plan too. If you wish to avail 100 extra tickets, the pro plan will set you back $36 more.

Where the basic plan comes with only Shopify and BigCommerce integrations, the pro plan enables Magneto as well. Also, you get revenue statistics that are not included in the basic plan.

One of the glaring drawbacks of this plan is the high price point of $300 while you don’t get many other added features or functionalities apart from the number of tickets and integrations. Also, the automation service takes out an additional $150. Though, this plan is your entry point if you are a Magneto user.

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3. Advanced

Price: $750

The advanced plan comes with an increased volume of 5000 tickets per month. You can get 100 more tickets at $36 with this plan too. As far as the features are concerned, the only upgrade comes in areas like added Twitter integration, a dedicated success manager, and full onboarding assistance.

The automation charges for the advanced plan are $375. Overall, the features remain similar to the pro plan despite the hefty asking price, but if your business requires that many tickets, this plan deems to be the option.

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4. Enterprise 

Price: Custom

The enterprise plan is best suited for big brands and businesses that deal in large ticket volumes. In such a scenario, every second is precious, and a delayed response can really hurt the brand’s reputation. Therefore, this plan provides custom services to cater to the needs of such businesses.

The pricing depends on the ticket size you desire. Based on a discussion with the executives at Gorgias, you can decide upon a monthly ticket size and get started with the enterprise plan. The stand-out advantage of this plan is that you get total control over your Gorgias API and the provision to customize the features as per your needs. While all other plans allow up to 150 integrations, the Enterprise plan extends this limit to 400. Another added advantage is the scope of scalability as per your fluctuating business needs and frequency of customer interactions.

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It ultimately depends on individual business needs. Since Gorgias has no limit on the number of users, the number of tickets is by default a deciding factor, but apart from that, analyze your integration and service requirements to make the right choice.

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