How to Set Up Your Gladly Integration In 2024

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Last Updated: July 2024

Get ready to make your customer interactions smoother in 2024 with Gladly Integrations

Wondering what that is? It’s a tool that helps you set up and add a chat box to your website. 

Here’s the cool part: when customers start chatting and share their email, a link appears under their name. Why does this matter? Well, it makes it super easy for you to check their returns in ReturnLogic. 

Excited to give your customers a top-notch experience? Let’s learn how!

Overview of Gladly Integration with ReturnLogic

By utilizing the integration between Gladly and ReturnLogic, you enable a direct connection between your shoppers and the customer support team, ensuring real-time responses to their queries. 

Additionally, Gladly facilitates seamless access for your customer support team to retrieve information related to shoppers’ returns, directly within ReturnLogic.

Gladly Integrations: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Login and Find Settings

    1. Log in to Gladly.
    2. Go to settings.
gladly integrations

Step 2: Navigate to App Developer Tools

    1. On the left-hand side, locate “App Developer Tools.
    2. Click on “Apps.”
    3. Select “Add App” at the top right.
gladly integrations

Step 3: Choose a Custom App

    1. Opt for the “Custom” option
gladly integrations

Step 4: Name and URL Configuration

    1. Name your app as “ReturnLogic Connector.”
    2. Copy and paste the URL: “
gladly integrations

Step 5: Attribute Configuration

    1. Under both “Search Query Attributes” and “Search Results Attributes,” input “email” and “Email.”

Step 6: Email Settings

    1. Checkmark both custom email options.
    2. If not selected, enable actions.
    3. Save your app.

How to Embed the Sidekick Chatbox

Step 1: Access Gladly Settings

    1. Go to your settings in Gladly.

Step 2: Navigate to Sidekick

    1. On the left side, locate and click on “Channels.”
    2. Choose “Sidekick.”

Step 3: Embed Sidekick

    1. Click the three dots and select “Embed.”

Step 4: Copy and Paste First Load Sidekick

    1. Copy the first load, Sidekick.
    2. Paste it under HTML in the Customize>Return Center tab.

Step 5: Copy and Paste Initialize Sidekick

    1. Copy the initialized Sidekick.
    2. Paste it under Javascript in Customize>Return Center tab.

Step 6: Save and Publish

    1. Save your changes.
    2. Publish in ReturnLogic.

What Does the Gladly Integration Do?

1. Seamless Shopper Interaction

Enables shoppers to initiate conversations using a chatbox within the customer return center.

2. Effortless Access for Customer Service 

Provides your customer service team with easy access to the shopper’s return information in ReturnLogic.

3. Improved Response Times and Organization

Reduces response times for initial questions and enhances overall organization for your customer support team.

Note: A hyperlink will appear under the customer after they provide their email address.

How Does Help You In E-commerce Returns Management? is the perfect solution tailor-made for eCommerce that streamlines customer support, order management, and returns for your business.

This software comes packed with convenient features to ensure top-notch customer service.

Key Features

    • Live Chat Assistance: Engage with customers in real-time and provide helpful articles during conversations.
    • Self-Service Portal: Empower customers to handle tasks like address changes, order checks, and initiating returns.
    • All-in-One Support: Manage customer queries through email, phone, SMS, WhatsApp, and social media, all from a single platform.
    • Effortless Return Management: Smoothly handle all aspects of your return processes.
    • Comprehensive Customer History: Gain a consolidated view of customer interactions and journeys, simplifying activity tracking.
    • Automated Order Monitoring: Receive timely alerts about order delays or delivery issues, enabling proactive action.
    • Insights and Reports: Access detailed reports on customer behavior, agent performance, common issues, and business data, covering sales, refunds, delays, and customer satisfaction.


In a nutshell, the Gladly Integration in 2024 is a game-changer for customer service. With the Sidekick chat box and seamless access to ReturnLogic, it simplifies conversations and boosts efficiency. 

Faster responses, smoother teamwork, and a deeper understanding of customers are just a setup away. Try Gladly Integration now for hassle-free and elevated customer satisfaction!



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