Are you someone who is planning to subscribe to Front, but is confused about Front App’s pricing scheme? Well, then this post will be the final stop for your answers!

Front App provides business solutions through its help desk, workflow management, shared inbox, email management, and team management services. But, are all these features provided in all of its plans? Definitely not!

In this post, we will be walking you through Front’s pricing plans and the features included in each, as given below:

A Quick Overview Of Front App’s Pricing Structure

Front App does not provide a free version or free trial. Rather, this platform provides a pricing structure that is categorized into three tiers as follows:

The Front pricing plans are as follows:

  • Starter Plan – $19/user/month
  • Prime Plan – $49/user/month
  • Scale Plan – $99/user/month

For all plans, the billing is done annually. Each plan has its own features. However, the functionalities of each plan add up from the base plan onwards.

Detailed Breakdown Of Front App’s Pricing Plans

1) Starter Plan

Features Offered:

  • Number Of Agents – The total number of users is capped at 10 in this plan.
  • Multi-channel Messaging – Lets you manage and respond to all messaging channels like email, SMS, Facebook, etc in one place.
  • Live Chat – Helps you to set custom chats on your website and interact with your customers in real-time and improve customer engagement.
  • Team Collaboration – Without leaving the Front App, your team can collaborate and comment directly on customer messages, write email drafts together, or assign work.
  • Calendar Integration – Easily integrates with the calendar so that you can easily schedule appointments, meetings, and follow-ups.
  • Basic Automation – Comes with basic automation for assigning and escalating messages among your team.
  • Integrations –  Integrates well with Slack, Dropbox, Shopify, Jira, and many more.
  • Security and Compliance – Even though this is the base plan of Front, this platform makes sure that there are no loose ends on the safety and privacy of your data.
  • Onboarding solutions and account management can be included as add-ons by paying an extra cost.

How Much Does It Actually Cost For Starter Plan?

This plan is priced at $19/agent/month. Additionally, it is also mentioned that a minimum of 2 users and a maximum of 10 users are essential for subscribing to the Starter plan.

So, the pricing range will be between $38 to $190 per month depending upon the number of agents you add.

When it comes to annual billing, the range will be $456 to $2280 yearly.


Limitations Of The Starter Plan:

  • A minimum of 2 agents is required to subscribe to this plan.
  • Cannot handle custom channels with the Front API.
  • Only basic templated rules can be set for automation workflows.
  • Customer support is available through email.
  • Does not provide Zapier integration.
  • The API call limits are capped at 50 per minute.

The Starter Plan Of Front App Is Good For:

Front App’s Starter plan is good for you if you are a small business owner handling a small team for customer service. Additionally, this plan also offers tools for communication within your team, which are not provided in the base plan of many platforms.

2) Prime Plan

Features Offered:

  • All features of the Starter plan are included.
  • Number Of Agents – To subscribe to this plan, you need a minimum of 5 users. There is no limit on the maximum number of users.
  • CRM Integration – To make your agent’s communication easy and to collectively work on customer issues, this plan integrates CRM tools such as Hubspot and Salesforce.
  • Analytics –  Provides you with customized reports, so you can get real-time data on current trends and make data-driven decisions for increasing profit margin.
  • Advanced Workflows – Lets you set custom rules, assignment and time-based rules, tagging rules, and SLA rules and thereby effectively handle your workflows.
  • An account manager and onboarding assistance are available as an add-on.

How Much Does It Actually Cost For Prime Plan?

When it comes to the Growth plan, the Front App only has a limit on the number of minimum users. You need to have at least 5 users to subscribe to this plan and can add any number of agents you wish.

The pricing is set as $49/agent/month. So, you will have to afford a minimum of $245 per month.

Since the billing is done annually, the minimum cost would amount to $2940 per year. 


Limitations Of The Prime Plan

  • Cannot set smart rules according to conversational context.
  • Does not provide you with wholesome analytics from multiple teams.
  • Customer support is available only through email.
  • The API call limit is capped at 100 per minute.
  • Does not allow you to have custom views of inboxes, tags, and teammates.

The Prime Plan Of Front App Is Good For:

This plan is ideal for your customer support team to handle all communication channels, including voice. Additionally, It also offers Salesforce and Zapier integration, which is not provided by the Starter plan. Focusing on equal distribution of workload among your agents, it also includes a round-robin pattern of assigning tasks.

3) Scale Plan

Features Offered:

  • All functionalities of the Prime plan are covered.
  • Number of agents – A minimum of 10 users is essential to start this plan.
  • Smart Rules – Through this feature, you can set team-based contact settings, integrated team rules, and rules to set workflows as per the conversation patterns.
  • User and Team Management – Lets you manage your teams’ shifts, activity reports, and assign custom roles and permissions so that you get complete administrative control over your teams along with ensuring accountability.
  • Onboarding and Solution Design – Provides you with an account manager to assist you in onboarding. They also assist you in focusing on underlying opportunities in the current process, designing workflows, and recommending best practices to achieve your objectives
  • Change Management – A dedicated account manager will assist the leadership to improve the skills of your teams through process creation, communication coaching, and team training.

How Much Does It Actually Cost For Scale Plan?

For Scale Plan, it is essential to have a minimum of 10 users. For each user, you will have to pay $99/agent/month.

So, you can expect a minimum expenditure of $990 per month and it will go up as the number of users increase. Since the billing is done annually, on subscribing to this plan, you will have to pay $11880 per year.


Limitations of The Scale Plan:

  • The API call limit is capped at 200 per minute.
  • Some users report that when an email is assigned to another person, it shows as co-tagged and not as a single assignment for that person.

The Scale Plan Of Front App Is Good For:

This plan is good for you if you are focusing on providing highly personalized customer service by analyzing your current conversations. If you are looking for full-time assistance in making decisions, through the account management feature, you can go for this plan.



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Front App’s Pricing Plans Comparison In A Nutshell

Until now, you have gone through the detailed breakdown of each of the Front app’s pricing plans. If you want a concise form of the details, we have discussed so far, have a look at the following illustration:

Confused with various pricing plans?
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Why Helplama Helpdesk Is Better Than Front?

When we suggest Helplama Helpdesk is better than Front, we have strong reasons to back us up.

The first thing is the price itself.

Even though Front’s basic plan comes at $19/agent/month, when we compare the features, Helplama offers more reliable features, keeping in mind the needs of small businesses too. Moreover, Helplama’s pricing structure is fixed and customized at the same time. 

To get a better understanding of Helplama’s pricing scheme, have a look at the following illustration:

Here are some reasons why Helplama Helpdesk is a favorite tool for e-commerce stores and online businesses.

  • It is a perfect ticketing system for your customer service team since unlimited tickets can be resolved on all its plans
  • Lets you engage with your customers in real-time using the live chat feature.
  • It offers native SMS and phone call integration.
  • The e-commerce store owners love this CRM tool due to its native integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.
  • This is the only help desk that focuses on turning your customer service into a new marketing pipeline. It automatically identifies happy customers and messages them to collect reviews.
  • Helplama offers AI-suggested responses based on previous tickets handled and thereby significantly reduces handle time.
  • Offers assistance in hiring the best agents for your brand.
  • Helplama also helps you in order and returns management.

Bottom Line:

When it comes to choosing between Helplama Helpdesk and Front, the final decision is in your hands.

Before opting for one, always have a clear idea about your customer service needs. Depending on your business model, it may vary. 

If you want to enhance the productivity of your customer service team, equip them with Helplama Helpdesk. From order management to automated workflows, we will assist your team and reduce their workload. We also offer customized pricing plans.

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