Freshmarketer Pricing, Features, Reviews [Complete Breakdown]

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Last Updated: April 2024

Explore Freshmarketer, the comprehensive marketing automation platform, and its diverse features. With transparent and affordable Freshmarketer pricing, empower your business with budget-friendly marketing solutions. Elevate your campaigns and customer engagement with Freshmarketer’s powerful tools and cost-effective pricing options.

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What is Freshmarketer?

Freshmarketer is a versatile marketing automation platform that streamlines and enhances marketing efforts. It offers personalized campaigns, advanced analytics, A/B testing, and integrations to optimize performance. With user-friendly tools, organizations can efficiently manage customer engagement and track conversions.

Freshmarketer facilitates data-driven decision-making, empowering companies to achieve outstanding results. Its scalable solutions cater to businesses of all sizes, making it a preferred choice for driving growth and success in marketing endeavors.

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Overview of Freshmarketer Pricing Plans

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Freshmarketer offers four distinct plans: Free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise. The Free plan is cost-free and grants access to essential features. The Growth plan builds upon the Free plan by adding extra features. The Pro plan includes all the features available in the Growth plan and extends functionality. Lastly the Enterprise plan, which includes everything from the Pro plan and additional advanced capabilities.

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A Detailed Breakdown of Freshmarketer Pricing Plans

1. Free

Want to explore Freshmarketer? The ideal plan for you is the Free plan.

With 100 marketing contacts, the Free plan offers contact management, marketing lists, email marketing campaigns, data import & export, and popups.

The Free plan comes with some limitations, including no support for custom fields or webhooks, and no predictive custom reports.

This plan is best suitable for:

For startups that desire a compelling blend of email marketing features and streamlined contact management.

2. Growth

For just $19.32 per month, the Growth plan includes 2000 marketing contacts and extends the Free Plan. It incorporates features like basic segmentation, custom fields, webhooks, predictive contact scoring, and custom reports.

In the Growth Plan, you won’t have access to behavioral segmentation, email personalization, and integration with Whatsapp or Apple Business Chat.

This plan is best suitable for:

Enterprises that require precise measurement, analysis, and comprehension of every customer interaction.

3. Pro

Priced at $152.20 per month, the Pro Plan has 5000 marketing contacts and encompasses all the features available in the Growth Plan. It also includes valuable additions like behavioral segmentation, email personalization, behavioral targeting, and integration with Whatsapp & Apple Business Chat. Additionally, it includes IntelliAssign, for boosting marketing capabilities.

In the Pro Plan, there is no provision for auto-profile enrichment, transactional emails, or field level permissions, and it also lacks a dedicated account manager.

This plan is best suitable for:

Organizations looking for effortless multichannel marketing that prioritizes personalization.

4. Enterprise Plan

At a cost of $304.41 per month with 10000 marketing contacts, it boasts all the features available in the Pro Plan. It has additional features like auto-profile enrichment, transactional emails, field level permissions, a dedicated account manager, and a sales & marketing home dashboard.

In order to have a dedicated IP address, there is an additional cost of $199 per month on the Enterprise plan.

This plan is best suitable for:

Firms seeking governance, customization, and in-depth analytics.

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Freshmarketer Pricing Plans Comparison











Marketing Contacts





Custom Fields: Basic Limits


Custom Fields: Advanced (Formula Fields, Lookup Fields)



Marketing Email Templates





Marketing Email Limits





Subscription Types





Custom Domains for Marketing Email










WhatsApp Campaigns


SMS Campaigns


Shopify Integration

Marketing APIs





Dedicated IP Address





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Key features Missing in Freshmarketer

SMS Marketing

Freshmarketer does not support SMS marketing campaigns.

Advanced ABM (Account-Based Marketing)

For businesses heavily focused on account-based marketing strategies, Freshmarketer does not have all the advanced ABM features that specialized ABM platforms offer.

Landing page builder

Landing page creation is not directly supported within Freshmarketer, prompting users to seek external solutions through third-party tools.

Webinar integration

Freshmarketer does not have built-in webinar integration, requiring users to utilize external tools for webinar hosting.

User Reviews (Rating 4.4/5, 25 reviews)

“Being a Sales & Marketing manager for my region, Freshmarketer is helping us out with our daily email marketing and pushing SMS to our loyalty members. It offers various advanced features that come at an incredible price. Customer support is also remarkable.” Geetika C.

“Good software but too expensive – to do marketing my team used Freshmarketer because it brings together several applications and functionalities.” Karl Rodrigue C.

“Freshmarketer provides various marketing optimization tools, including A/B testing, heatmaps, and funnel analysis.” Verified User in Information Technology and Services

“Several apps and functions in one place, cleans up my routine. Very straightforward, effective for onboarding the histogram and funneling tools are excellent. The expense has been more than offset by the value of the A/B test insights.” Verified User in Apparel & Fashion

“Not much, but the biggest issue is speed. It lags very often but I think that can be attributed to it being based on JS.” Tangeka P.

“You can try it for free! So many tools you can use for free. You can tell they care about user/business requirements and challenges. A UX dream.” Verified Reviewer

“It’s not solving any problems, they promise to provide an omnichannel but no one to guide you on the same.” Pooja S.

“The pricing for this platform is a little high. But, they offer startup offers.” Pradeep K.

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    5. Workflow Automation: Automate repetitive tasks and processes to improve efficiency and reduce manual intervention.
    6. Proactive Notifications: Send automated notifications to keep customers informed about their support status.


Freshmarketer’s competitive pricing, combined with its powerful features like personalized campaigns and advanced analytics, makes it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. Positive reviews from satisfied users further reinforce its effectiveness in optimizing marketing strategies and driving growth. Freshmarketer offers a compelling marketing solution with an exceptional value.

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