Freshdesk Pricing: Know Its Pricing Plans, Billing, and More

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support service software. It is aimed at streamlining customer support services like emails, calls, chats, and social media channels. A prompt customer support is the need of the hour as even a slight delay in response can lead to lingering effects on your brand. Therefore, it helps immensely to automate the otherwise mundane tasks of replying to customer queries, managing social media communication, and more.

Once you determine the need for a customer support system, the next hurdle is finalizing a pricing plan that suits your budget. Like most customer service software, Freshdesk too has multiple pricing plans. This article will serve as a guide for navigating all the available Freshdesk plans.

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Freshdesk Pricing Plans: What’s Best For You?


The multiple pricing plans have their ups and downs. We thought it imperative to enlist them all and analyze their usability by comparing the Freshdesk costs.

Freshdesk plans are devised on the basis of agents. It implies that there is a per plan cost and per agent cost that will add to your expenditure. So, do consider this aspect when budgeting to procure a customer support system like Freshdesk.

Following are the Freshdesk prices to choose from:

1. Free

Price: Free (up to 10 Agents) 

The free plan is the most basic plan you can avail of when selecting Freshdesk. This plan enables minimal functional features, including Email and social ticketing, ticketing dispatch, a consolidated knowledge base, ticket analysis report, and a provision to select data center location. With a basic plan, you don’t get custom tickets or features like visibility in terms of tracking the reports like team performance and ticket lifecycle analysis.

2. Growth

Price: $15/month/agent (if billed annually)

$18/month/agent (if billed monthly)

The growth plan includes all the features of the basic plan. Apart from those, it enables automated follow-ups and escalation, collision detection, custom email server, timesheet summary report, and helpdesk report. Although the plan is $15, you do need to remember at all times that this is per agent pricing. The price will increase when calculated after considering the number of agents you opt for. This plan lacks chat support, a ticket template, and omnichannel features.

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3. Pro

Price: $49/month/agent (if billed annualy)

$59/month/agent (if billed monthly)

The Pro Freshdesk plan is aimed to provide a better overview and healthy options for metrics. Yet again, the $35 cost increases proportionally along with the number of agents employed.

The features inclusive in this plan are round-robin routing that assigns multiple tickets to multiple agents simultaneously for better turnaround time. Custom roles can be set to agents for finer control of tasks. This Freshdesk plan lacks the skill-based routing of tickets. It implies that the ability to assign multiple tickets is superficial at best since the agents’ domain of expertise may vary.

4. Enterprise

Price: $79/month/agent (if billed annually)

$95/month/agent (if billed monthly)

This is the penultimate pricing plan that Freshdesk has to offer. The stand-out feature of this plan is the sandbox ability. This allows you to create custom test environments for your use cases. You can also stay updated with the helpdesk changes as this plan helps you avail yourself of an ‘Audit log.’

This plan includes Freddy AI, which further helps in various ways like suggesting articles for customer issues and fields for tickets like group type and priority. The glaring drawback of the enterprise plan is the stark shortage of social media integration and WhatsApp support.

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5. Omnichannel Plans

Freshdesk cost is further categorized into the following Omnichannel plans:

  • Growth Omnichannel:

This plan is priced at $29 per month per agent.

The additional features include a chatbot builder and analytics, omnichannel dashboard, time tracking, ticket, conversation, and call reports.

  • Pro Omnichannel: 

This plan is priced at $59 per month per agent.

Some advanced features include CSAT survey and report, Whatsapp Business, Apple Business Chat, Omnichannel Customer Timeline, Omnichannel Knowledge Base, advanced call management, and agent availability report.

  • Enterprise Omnichannel: 

Priced at $99 per month, it includes social signals (auto muting the spam tweets), user authentication, service-level monitoring, IP Range restriction, Voicebot, abandoned call metrics, auto-triage, and more.

Although offering a ton of additional features, this categorization creates a lot of complications and adds to the overall cost of procurement. The omnichannel features seem sliced and packaged into pricier plans. At face value, the price difference appears nominal but gets compounded at the time of execution.

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