Top 6 Free Instagram Influencer Tools to use in 2023!

Last Updated: December 2023

Instagram, being one of the most used social media platforms today is widely used for pro marketing purposes by brands. And we know that being an Instagram Influencer is not an easy job.

You need to always be on the hunt for new prospects in the market and be updated on the tools and techniques. You need to be always on your toes to create and share something new and exciting to increase your reach.

Hence, we are presenting you with the top 6 Free Instagram Influencer tools to make your work easy. We have hand-picked each tool to assist you at every stage of your Influencer marketing journey like creating Instagram content, scheduling the posts, insights and analytics, reposting, etc. Please read below to know more.




Canva is a graphic design platform that is quite popular among creators of various social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram.

You can easily create eye-catching Instagram posts, stories, reels, Ads, etc using the existing 500K+ templates.

The user interface is very simple and easy to use with the drag & drop feature. So you don’t need any expertise in designing to create impressive posts.

Canva hosts an inbuilt media library of striking stock images, videos, animations, music, and videos to create audience-attracting posts.

It also allows you to work in teams, if you have any, by just sharing the links with the members.

You will be surprised to know that you can access all these on Canva for FREE! But if you ever choose to upgrade to Canva Pro, you can unlock all the other exciting features of the platform.


Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is the most effective in-built analytics tool of Instagram. This tool gives you all the required metrics data that are vital to improving your every marketing campaign.

Use your Instagram insights to learn more about overall trends across your followers and your content’s performance with your audience.

You can also view insights for specific posts, stories, videos, reels, and live videos that you’ve created to see how each one performed.

Get detailed inputs of accounts reached, accounts engaged, content interactions, followers demographics, ads performances, etc.

The insight shows you all the data for the selected preset or custom time frame within the past 90 days.

Instagram Insights is absolutely a free tool and only available for business or creator accounts. You can access Instagram Insights from your profile page.


Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping
Source: Instagram

Instagram Shops are immersive full-screen storefronts that enable businesses to build their brand story and drive product discovery – all in a native shopping experience.

It is a customizable storefront that lets people shop directly on business profiles. However, this feature is not just for merchants. As an influencer, you can also create and market your products using this tool.

You can create effortless in-app shopping experiences by adding the checkout feature. This gives your followers the option to buy instantly, driving your sales with a click.

You can create Shopping tags from your products catalog and add these to your posts. This will direct your customers to your shop page to buy the product.

Shopping partner permissions enable you and your brand to work together, seamlessly.

The in-app shopping checkout tool is as of now available only for United States business accounts.

If you are already integrated with Shopify, then you can access this Instagram shopping marketing tool for Free. You can create your Instagram shop by creating it on commerce manager from the below link or directly from the Instagram app.


Combin – free Instagram scheduler

Combin is a fully free tool for scheduling Instagram posts and stories for automated publishing. This tool is available for desktops too.

It is an Instagram marketing tool used to create beautiful Instagram content and schedule the posts for publishing by auto mode.

You can time the posts for later publishing or upload them instantly. It auto-publishes all the scheduled posts by itself, without bombarding you with reminders.

This tool allows you to schedule the posts for any number of days, weeks, or even months ahead. So you can simply plan your post schedule and forget it. You can save this time for any other business-essential tasks.

Lets you tag relevant locations to attract your targeted audiences from those specific areas. Use hashtags and tag other accounts in the post captions to grab attention and drive more engagement.

Option to choose to schedule either a single post or bulk stories publishing at a time with a single click.

Also, you can link your Instagram Bio with this tool. This tool is accessible in 7 international languages. And all this for free.


Repost for Instagram

Though Instagram is a multi-utility app with fully sufficient features, it still lacks a major function as ‘Repost’ that lets you post again the existing Instagram post, feed, or a story.

As an Influencer, you may need to repeat posts, repost any of your followers’ shared content, etc. You need a third-party tool to do this action. A tool like ‘Repost’ comes in handy during such situations.

Repost is a web app that is absolutely optimized for mobile browsers and which is never down for any updates or bugs. It is a free tool that helps you repost any number of Instagram post links.

It is very simple to use. You will have to copy the link of the Instagram post that is to be shared, download the media to your device and post it on Instagram. You may also copy the caption field to your clipboard and add it to your Instagram post.

If you don’t want to see ads or repost watermarks, you may need to upgrade to the Pro version which is available for just $4.99 a month or half the price of the annual subscription.


Display Purposes is the best free platform to search for the top trending #hashtags for effective marketing on Instagram. We all know the importance of keywords or #hashtags in improving the ad campaigns’ performance.

This tool effectively filters out the spammed or banned hashtags and shows you only the relevant ones that are trending on social media platforms. You can simply use them and drive more traffic to your posts.

This platform has a map tool where it displays geographically trending tags in your local or any other city or state or country.

You can also set the number of hashtags that you want to view from 0 to unlimited under the Auto setting. There is also a manual setting that displays the whole list of hashtags and you need to choose them manually.



By using the above-listed free tools for Influencer, you can create and manage effective Instagram Influencer marketing campaigns and scale up your social following to maximize your monetization opportunities.


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