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16 free chatbot templates

Last Updated: July 2024

In today’s digital age, chatbots are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers. Did you know that 67% of consumers worldwide had an interaction with a chatbot over the past year? That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 16 free chatbot templates to streamline your customer service and enhance user experience.

What is a Chatbot Template?

So, let’s first understand what a chatbot template really is. A chatbot template is like a ready-to-go plan for creating a chatbot for your use. It’s like a map for how your bot talks. These templates do already have set patterns and example conversations for dealing with different types of chats. You just need to make some changes to the chatflow for getting started.

Imagine what a customer service chatbot requires. It should have hellos, common questions, order status checks, and help requests. With these templates, you can set up a customer service chatbot fast to handle customer questions. A chatbot template is simultaneously simple and magic. 

List of 16 Free Chatbot Templates:

Here are some common and popular free chatbot templates, those can make your customer interaction process smoother. Let’s get started.

Sr. No.

Chatbot Templates

Best For

Use Case


Welcome Message Bot

Greeting visitors

Welcomes users and provides initial engagement.


Lead Generation Bot

Generating leads

Collects contact information from potential customers.



Providing quick answers

Offers instant responses to commonly asked questions.


Customer Support Bot

Assisting with inquiries

Handles customer queries and provides support.


Appointment Scheduling Bot

Scheduling appointments

Helps users book appointments based on availability


Order Tracking Bot

Tracking order status

Provides updates on the status of orders placed by customers.


Feedback Collection Bot

Gathering customer feedback

Collects feedback from customers to improve services.


Product recommendation Bot

Suggesting products

Recommends products based on customer preferences and history.


Survey Bot

Conducting surveys

Administers surveys to gather insights from customers.


Event Registration Bot

Registering attendees

Facilitates registration and manages attendee information


Onboarding Bot

Guiding new users

Assists new users in getting started with a product or service.


Payment Reminder Bot

Sending payment reminders

Sends reminders to customers about upcoming payments.



Gathering Net Promoter Score

Collects feedback to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty


Shipping Information Bot

Providing shipping details

Offers information on shipping status and tracking.


E-commerce Bot

Assisting with purchases

Helps users find products and completes purchases.


Customer Win-Back Bot

Reengaging past customers

Engages with previous customers to encourage repeat business.

1. Welcome message chatbot template

Welcome Message chatbot template

Having a welcome message chatbot template is a must have for all types of businesses. It really grabs the attention of visitors right when they come to your website or platform. This makes them feel valued and appreciated from the get-go. You know “A small good morning makes a day”. Plus, it’s always up and runs 24/7, so it can greet users even outside of regular business hours.

2. Lead generation chatbot template

Lead Generation chatbot template

Approximately 55% of businesses report that chatbots help them generate high-quality leads to boost sales.What else can be awesome than a lead generation chatbot template! It automates the whole initial contact and qualification process with potential customers. It saves a ton of time and resources by gathering contact info and assessing leads based on a preset criteria made by you. Your sales team can then focus on the most promising prospects, to increase the conversion rate.

3. FAQ chatbot template

And let’s not forget about the FAQ chatbot template! It’s like having all the answers right at your fingertips. Now customers won’t need to call you, mail you or browse the internet here and there to get an answer to their query. Just ask the bot and get the answer quickly and easily. This little guy also takes care of all those repetitive questions, so your support team doesn’t have to deal with them. They can concentrate on tackling more complicated customer issues instead.

4. Customer support chatbot template

Customer Support Chatbot Template

62% of customers like to talk to a chatbot rather than waiting for 15 minutes to get a reply from a human agent. Need help with customer support? Say hello to chatbot templates! This template is available 24/7 to make sure your customer’s questions never go unanswered. No more waiting around for assistance – these templates speed up the process, making customers happy and giving your support team a break.

5. Appointment scheduling chatbot template

Do you need to schedule appointments daily? An Appointment Scheduling chatbot is what you need! It makes booking easy, convenient and organized for your customers. No more manual scheduling headaches plus now appointments can be made anytime, day or night.

6. Order tracking chatbot template

Order Tracking Chatbot Template

Running an online store can get hectic. That’s why the order tracking chatbot steps in, to release some burden from your soldiers. Keep your customers updated about their orders without stressing your support staff. This handy tool gives instant updates on shipments, so customers always know where their package is. Save time.

7. Feedback collection chatbot template

Feedback collection chatbot template is a fantastic tool that collects feedback directly from your customers without any manual question answer process. This chatbot gathers feedback from your customers easily, so you always stay informed about how happy your customers are and where you need to make improvements. 

8. Product recommendation chatbot template

Product recommendation chatbot template is like having a personal shopping assistant who knows exactly what each of your individual customers likes and items that match their style and preferences. This chatbot makes shopping easy by giving your customers targeted recommendations.

9. Survey chatbot template

A survey chatbot template really helps in collecting important info through surveys quickly. You can learn what the market wants, what your demographic customers like, how happy they are with your products, and where things need updating easily.

10. Event registration chatbot template

Event registration chatbot template is a savior for businesses that are into event organizing. By handling registration tasks automatically, this chatbot saves time and energy for event planners.

11. Onboarding chatbot template

This template helps new users get all the directions of your services in an easy and clear way. It walks the new users through each step of your website or app, and makes sure they get to know about the main features quickly.

12. Payment reminder chatbot template

Payment Reminder Chatbot Template

Payment reminder chatbot sends payment reminders to customers automatically, making sure they don’t miss any. No need to chase after overdue payments manually. With this template, you can make sure that you always have a running cash flow, without any extra effort.

13. NPS chatbot template

NPS chatbot is all about automating the Net Promoter Score survey process. By doing that, you can make sure that you’re always tracking customer satisfaction and their loyalty towards your brand. And the data provided by this chatbot helps you find out the reason behind why customers are coming back to you again and again or why some of them are changing their preferences. 

14. Shipping Information chatbot template

Moving on to the Shipping Information chatbot template. This is a very handy chatbot because it helps keep customers up to date on their shipments in real time. This chatbot template can actually cut down the number of customer inquiries.

15. Ecommerce chatbot template

It’s a must have chatbot template if you are running an ecommerce business. Having an ecommerce chatbot template can make your customers happy by giving them quick answers, helping them pick out products, and making the buying process easier.

16. Customer win-back chatbot template

Customer win-back chatbot sends messages or notifications to your old customers to remind them about your products or services. reaching out to past customers can be like finding a treasure chest for your sales sometimes. Plus, it requires way less effort to bring back an old customer than to get a new one.

Why should you use a Chatbot Template

Using a chatbot template can be highly beneficial for businesses for several reasons:

  • Time Efficiency: Templates provide a ready-made structure that saves time in development. Instead of building a chatbot from scratch, businesses can customize a template to their specific needs quickly.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Templates often come at a lower cost compared to custom-built solutions because they leverage pre-existing frameworks and designs.
  • Ease of Implementation: Templates are designed to be user-friendly, even for those without extensive technical knowledge. This simplifies the deployment process.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Many templates are based on best practices and industry standards, ensuring that the chatbot design has been tested and refined.
  • Customizability: While templates offer a standardized starting point, they are usually customizable to fit the unique requirements of different businesses. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor the chatbot’s functionality, personality, and integrations.
  • Support and Updates: Depending on the provider, templates often come with support and updates, ensuring that the chatbot remains functional and up-to-date with technological advancements.

90% of customer queries are being resolved by chatbots:

90% of customer queries resolved by chatbbot

As per Shopify 90% of customer queries are being resolved by chatbot within 10 messages or fewer, showcasing their effectiveness in handling a wide range of issues. Using a chatbot will definitely increase the level of satisfaction of customers for businesses of any domain and it also reduces the workload from the soldiers of human support staff.

How to use Chatbot Templates?

Do you want to create a chatbot for your business using a template? Let me walk you through the process. The process may be different for different available platforms. Here, I have described a common step by step guide that you should follow.

  1. Choosing a platform: The first and most important task for creating a chatbot from a template is choosing the right platform. It’s important for the smooth and fast integration as well as for future support and services.
  2. Selecting a template: Most platforms offer lots of templates for different things (like customer support or FAQs). Find one that suits your needs perfectly.
  3. Loading the template: Depending on the platform, you might need to download a file or pick a template from their gallery. It’s easy, just follow the instructions provided on the platform.
  4. Tweak and adapt: Templates are made to be played with. Change up the exemplary stock responses, customize the conversation flow as per your requirements, and link it to your system. The best part, you can do it all visually.
  5. Test your bot: Before letting your bot available for the public, it should pass a test by you. Try out different questions and make sure it answers right every time.
  6. Launch the bot: Once your bot is on point, release it out into the world! Share it on Facebook Messenger, Slack, or even lay it on your website.
  7. Keep watching its performance:  Watch how your bot is doing using all the analytics tools available on the platform. Make updates based on feedback and what you need for your business.

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Thinking about adding a chatbot to your business plan? Check out the different templates available. Pick one that fits your goals! Whether you’re a new start-up trying to get organized or a big company wanting top-notch customer service, chatbot templates are the way to go. They’ll amp up user experience and help your business grow!

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