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fivestars pricing

Last Updated: April 2024

Looking to unlock the power of customer loyalty and engagement with FiveStars pricing, features, and reviews?

Search no more! This guide is designed to be your comprehensive resource for FiveStars pricing, features, and reviews – a detailed analysis customized just for you. 

Examine the variety of pricing options, uncover impressive features, and delve into authentic user reviews to make a well-informed choice. Let’s embark on this journey together and elevate your business strategies with FiveStars.

What is FiveStars?

Are you searching for an enhanced method to connect with your clientele? Look no further than FiveStars, an automated loyalty platform designed to double customer return rates through text, email, and mobile app marketing resources. 

Included is a complimentary customer touch screen to simplify customer registration. Through AutoPilot and Unlimited Promotions, maintain a prominent presence by effortlessly extending suitable offers to your patrons at precisely the opportune moments. 

It offers a range of features and tools that enable businesses to create personalized marketing campaigns, reward loyal customers, and gain insights into customer behavior and preferences. 

Moreover, by utilizing FiveStars, you can enhance customer retention, drive repeat purchases, and ultimately boost their overall growth and success.

fivestars pricing

A Detailed Breakdown of FivesStars Pricing Plans

1. Essentials Plan

The Essentials Plan is best suited for small businesses or those just starting a customer loyalty program

Furthermore, if you’re looking to start building a customer database and want to encourage more return visits with a simple, easy-to-use loyalty program, the Essentials Plan would be a good fit.


  • Customer Touchscreen: This feature allows customers to interact with the FiveStars system directly, making it easier for them to sign up for the loyalty program and check their rewards.
  • Customer Database: It helps businesses collect and manage customer information, which can be used to understand customer behavior and preferences.
  • 8 AutoPilot Campaigns: These are automated marketing campaigns that help businesses reach out to their customers regularly. However, the Essentials plan limits you to 8 campaigns.
  • 1 Promotion per Month: Businesses can run promotions to attract customers, but with the Essentials plan, they are limited to one promotion per month.


  • Limited AutoPilot Campaigns: The Essentials plan only allows for 8 AutoPilot campaigns. If you want to run more campaigns, you would need to upgrade to the Pro plan.
  • Limited Promotions: With the Essentials plan, businesses can only run one promotion per month. For unlimited promotions, the Pro plan would be a better fit.
    fivestars pricing

2. Pro

The Pro Plan, on the other hand, is ideal for businesses that are looking to grow faster and win new customers

Moreover, if you want to run unlimited promotions and leverage features like Text-to-Join and Acquisition to attract new customers, the Pro Plan would be more suitable.


  • Customer Touchscreen: Like the Essentials plan, the Pro plan also includes a customer touchscreen.
  • Customer Database: The Pro plan also offers a customer database feature.
  • 8 AutoPilot Campaigns: The Pro plan includes 8 AutoPilot campaigns as well.
  • Unlimited Promotions: Unlike the Essentials plan, the Pro plan allows businesses to run unlimited promotions.
  • Text-to-Join: This feature allows customers to join the loyalty program by sending a text message. This can help increase the number of sign-ups.
  • Acquisition: This feature helps businesses attract new customers.


  • Cost: The Pro plan offers more features than the Essentials plan, but it also comes at a higher cost. Businesses would need to evaluate if the additional features justify the increased cost.

3. FiveStars Pay

In addition to these plans, Fivestars also offers a feature called Fivestars Pay. This feature integrates Fivestars with point-of-sale systems and makes the program easy, automatic, and three times more powerful. 

It combines payments, loyalty, and marketing automation. With Fivestars Pay, you can expect to:

  • Supercharge your customer database: With an integrated payments and rewards program, businesses have seen triple the number of signups in their databases.
  • Automate the payment and reward processes: Fivestars Pay brings your payments and loyalty marketing systems (payments, sign-ups, rewards, and tips) under one roof.
  • Get peace of mind with one transparent processing rate: Fivestars Pay keeps it simple by matching your existing rate with no hidden fees.

Note: FiveStars has opted not to disclose its prices openly. To access the pricing details for each plan, you will need to complete the sign-up process.

Key Features With Reviews

  • Segmenting Your Customer Base: Organize customers into distinct “loyalty categories” and deploy messages triggered by events like store visits, customer birthdays, and specific purchases.
  • Welcoming New Customers: Once a fresh customer enrolls in your FiveStar loyalty program, the app initiates sending them exclusive offers, enticing them to revisit within a designated timeframe.
  • Boosting Business Expansion: Periodically, FiveStar dispatches specialized offers to return customers, ensuring their consistent patronage.
  • Nurturing At-Risk Relationships: FiveStar plays a pivotal role in engaging customers at risk of disengagement, executing precisely targeted campaigns to rekindle their interest before it’s too late.
  • Reviving Dormant Relationships: For customers who haven’t engaged with your store for an extended period, FiveStar employs alluring offers to rekindle their connection.

User Reviews:

“I love that I can run a promotion day off and bring people in on a slow day. If it’s raining or slow for some other reason, I send a “flash sale” text message out, and it truly saves the day.”

⭐5/5, Kim D

“The software to maintain a direct connection with customers”

⭐4.5/5, Alfred C.

“We needed an all-in-one marketing platform and found this, and all problems were solved. It is very helpful with promotions and increasing our business by using it.”

⭐4.5/5, Jim B.

Key Features Missing In FiveStars

Several key features could be considered missing from FiveStars that could potentially enhance its functionality and offer a more comprehensive customer engagement experience. Some of these features might include:

  1. Multi-Channel Integration: It could work even better if it could talk to more places, like social media and messaging apps. This would help businesses talk to customers where they’re comfortable.
  2. Advanced Analytics: While FiveStars already shows how customers act, adding advanced insights could show trends and more about who those customers are. This can help businesses make smarter decisions.
  3. Customization and Branding: Businesses would love more options to make the program feel like their own. Adding logos and messages would make customers feel right at home.
  4. Segmentation Automation: If FiveStars could automatically send messages based on what customers are doing or buying, it could be even more personal and useful.
  5. E-commerce Integration: If it could also work with online stores, customers would get loyalty perks whether they shop in-store or online, making it a smoother experience for everyone.

User Reviews:

“Very few POS integrations, so it’s hard to reward much of anything except visits. Also, your customer base is shared with your competitors.”

⭐3/5, Verified User

I don’t like that it’s very limited to places you can go

⭐4/5 Verified User

“The app under-delivered on its promises. It was meant to be an integrated product. It partially integrated with the initial POS and did not integrate at all with the new one.”

⭐1/5 George X


We’ve explored FiveStars Pricing, Features, and Reviews, revealing a dynamic platform set to revolutionize customer loyalty strategies.

In a world where customer retention and engagement drive success, FiveStars holds the potential to be your ultimate ally. 

Utilize this platform for lasting customer loyalty and robust growth.

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