10 Fastest Shopify Theme you should know!

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If you’re running a Shopify store, you know the importance of finding the fastest Shopify theme to keep your customers engaged and your conversion rates soaring. 

In this article, we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the 10 fastest Shopify themes that you need to know about. These themes are designed to ensure that your online store not only looks stunning but also delivers a seamless, lightning-quick shopping experience. 

So, let’s dive right in and explore these fast Shopify themes that are set to transform your store’s performance.

1. Booster – The Fastest Shopify Theme

fastest shopify theme

Great for: Upscale businesses

Price: from $249

Average speed score: 91

Booster is the fastest Shopify theme you can get. It’s super quick because it was designed from the ground up for speed, and it outperforms all the other themes we tested in our PageSpeed assessments.

One awesome feature is automatic image optimization. It makes sure your images still look great but are much smaller in file size. 

Plus, Booster is smart about loading only the necessary parts of your website, avoiding the extra stuff that can slow it down. This means your website will load fast.

Key features of the Booster theme

    1. Automatic image optimization.
    2. Big savings by not needing expensive third-party apps.
    3. A mobile-friendly design for a smooth shopping experience on smartphones.

2. Electro – Fast and Powerful Shopify Theme for Electronics and High-tech Stores

fastest shopify theme

Great for: Electronics and high-tech stores

Price: $320

Average speed score: 90

The Electro theme is designed by experts in online store optimization. It’s super fast and works well for electronics and other types of online shops. But the great thing is, it’s flexible and can fit any store’s needs.

One of its best features is its speedy page loading. It got top scores in Google PageSpeed tests on mobile, which is important for user experience and search engine rankings.

Key features of the Electro theme

    1. Very fast-loading pages.
    2. Works great on mobile devices.
    3. Helps customers compare products easily.
    4. Make it simple to add interactive elements to your site.
    5. Offers user-friendly product page navigation.

3. Shoptimized – Fast Shopify Theme for Top Conversions

fastest shopify theme

Great for: Conversion optimization

Price: from $167

Average speed score: 87

The Shoptimized theme, created by conversion expert Bradley Long, is lightning-fast and focused on increasing your sales. Speed is crucial for a great user experience, and this theme aces the PageSpeed tests.

Using extra apps like banners and pop-ups can slow down your site, but with Shoptimized, everything is optimized to work smoothly. So, you get all the great features without sacrificing speed. It’s a seriously fast theme.

Key features of the Shoptimized theme

    1. Boosts conversions with 30+ features.
    2. Works well on mobile devices.
    3. Saves you money by eliminating the need for extra apps.

4. Plak – Fast and Customizable Shopify Theme

fastest shopify theme

Great for: Extensive site customization

Price: from $295

Average speed score: 84

Meet Plak, a super-fast and lightweight Shopify theme. It’s loaded with customization options and SEO tools, so you can focus on climbing the search engine rankings. This theme excels in PageSpeed tests.

Plak offers 7 lazy loading effects and dynamic parallax sections that load as visitors scroll, making your website faster and more user-friendly. 

Plus, the basic version of the theme loads in just 0.4 seconds, providing a fantastic starting point for your Shopify store.

Key features of the Plak theme

    1. Works great on mobile devices.
    2. Pay once for the theme.
    3. Perfect for businesses of all sizes.

5. Shella – Modern, Fast Shopify Theme

fastest shopify theme

Great for: Modern, trendy stores

Price: From $69

Average speed score: 81

Designed by a small, independent team of web creators, Shella is a sleek and lightweight theme tailored for trendy online stores. 

This theme is the sole focus of the dedicated team, receiving their utmost attention and care. They consistently roll out updates that not only keep the theme fresh but also bring additional optimizations and speed enhancements. 

You won’t be stuck with an outdated theme that doesn’t align with the latest Google requirements.

Key features of the Shella theme

    1. Cost savings by avoiding third-party apps and plugins.
    2. Features to boost your conversion rates.
    3. Designed with a focus on user experience and user interface.

6. Dawn – Free and Simple Fast Shopify Theme

fastest shopify theme

Great for: Beginners, small business owners

Price: Free

Average speed score: 71

You probably know Dawn – it’s Shopify’s original theme. It may not be the fanciest, but it’s a good starting point with some built-in speed features that result in a decent PageSpeed score.

Dawn takes care of important things like minimizing CSS and JS, using lazy loading, and efficient CSS. Since Shopify made it and keeps it up to date, you can expect great speed improvements. 

Dawn websites often do well in SEO. So, sometimes, it’s wise to stick with a fast and reliable choice like Dawn.

Key features of the Dawn theme

    1. Simple and clean design.
    2. Great for showcasing products with lots of media.
    3. Offers advanced customization options.

7. Ride – Trending, Free Shopify Theme

fastest shopify theme

Great for: Bold, dynamic stores

Price: Free

Average speed score: 80

Ride is the hottest free Shopify theme right now, with a solid 80/100 performance score. It’s perfect for starting your online business without spending a lot.

The Ride has a bold design that’s great for brands wanting to stand out with dynamic images. It’s simple but offers flexible layouts and advanced customization.

Key features of the Ride theme

    1. Advanced customization options.
    2. Features to boost marketing and conversions.
    3. A bold and eye-catching design.

8. Turbo – Great for High-volume Shopify Stores


Great for: High-volume, high-inventory shops

Price: from $400

Average speed score: 70

The Turbo theme, created by Out of The Sandbox, is all about speed. It comes with eight different designs and customization tools. While the demo didn’t shine in speed tests, real-world performance is excellent, and you can make it even better with some tweaks.

You have the freedom to fully customize the CSS and choose from various menu layouts to optimize the theme to your liking.

Key features of the Turbo theme

    1. Faster loading with smart page preloading.
    2. Unique product layouts for a distinctive look.
    3. Total control over CSS for design customization.

9. Fastor – Well-rounded Shopify Theme


Great for: Small business owners

Price: $56

Average speed score: Yes

If you’re looking for a top-quality theme, Fastor from the well-known RoarTheme team has got you covered. It’s built for speed and delivers excellent real-world performance.

Fastor is based on Bootstrap 4, which means your pages load super quickly. It also takes care of image loading by default, ensuring a smooth browsing experience for you. Plus, the team keeps improving and optimizing the theme.

Key features of the Fastor theme

    1. It works seamlessly on your mobile device.
    2. You can save money because you won’t need extra apps.
    3. You have access to over 95 pre-designed styles for easy customization.

10. Flex – The Most Customizable Shopify Theme


Great for: Freelancers and site designers

Price: from $495

Average speed score: 63

Out of The Sandbox has a knack for naming, and the Flex theme is no exception. But what makes it stand out is that it gives freelancers and designers the freedom to create custom websites without worrying about speed.

With Flex, you can use flexible layouts and edit CSS as much as you want, ensuring your site is both unique and super fast. It also comes with 13 pre-made styles to help kickstart your design.

Key features of the Flex theme

    1. Most customizable sections for a personal touch.
    2. Flexible layouts and custom CSS options.
    3. 13 pre-designed demo stores to inspire your design.

What Makes a Shopify Theme Fast?

What distinguishes a speedy Shopify theme from a sluggish one? Here are the strategies Shopify themes employ to ensure your store loads swiftly:

  1. Streamlined Code: The concept is straightforward – less code means faster loading. The swiftest Shopify themes strive to reduce the volume of code needed to render your site.
  2. Efficient CSS: This involves cleaner and inline CSS, meaning the visitor’s browser only has to download a single file instead of two, thus accelerating loading speeds.
  3. No External Libraries: Many themes still depend on the outdated jQuery JavaScript library, notorious for slowing down load times. Fast Shopify themes avoid external libraries entirely, minimizing load times.
  4. Shopify 2.0 Theme Architecture: Following Shopify’s introduction of Online Store 2.0, older theme architectures (known as Vintage themes) no longer receive updates except for security patches. 

In essence, staying up to date with industry standards is crucial to maintaining your store’s optimal performance.

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Choosing the fastest Shopify theme is a crucial step in your e-commerce journey. As we’ve seen in this article, the key to a successful theme is speed, which is essential for keeping customers happy and boosting sales.

We’ve explored a variety of themes, each with unique features to suit different businesses. Whether you prefer flexibility, blazing speed, user-friendliness, or budget-friendliness, there’s a theme with those key qualities.

With the right theme, you’ll be well-prepared to thrive in the competitive world of e-commerce and achieve success.



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