7 Ways Email Automation Can Elevate Your Customer Support

Last Updated: February 2024

You have probably heard: Automation is the future of customer support. If you’re wonder whether or not you should be using automation for your support processes, you’re asking the wrong question. Automation-powered support is already our modern-day manifest destiny. Email-based communication has been prevalent since the onset of the internet in the early 2000s. Despite being one of the oldest digital marketing methods, emails help businesses generate higher leads and conversions. So why not utilize this trusted marketing means and modernize it with new-age technology — Automation?

Email Automation in Customer Support

Email automation has become one of the most functional tools to serve customers consistently while relieving your support teams from excessive workloads. Automation can:
  • Substantially reduce the manual involvement.
  • Reduce the overall support costs.
  • Reduce chances of error and tedious tasks of the process.
  • Assist you in creating personalized campaigns.
  • Help you create demographic-based targets.
  • Track and deliver the mailings right to the intended users.

Standard Types of Automated Email Responses

Some standard scenarios where businesses use automated email responses include:

1. Welcome Emails

A welcome email is a chance to introduce your services to someone who signs up. These emails usually encourage users to interact with the brand and see what they have to offer. Here, you can engage with the customer and highlight services that may interest them.

2. Promotional Emails

Automated promotional emails are a great way to boost brand awareness and drive sales. You can send discounts and sales alerts to your customers based on their browsing history and purchasing habits. For example, Say you are an eCommerce brand in the clothing sector. You can pitch your entire summer wear collection with discount coupons to someone who recently searched for summer dresses on your online store.

3. Cart Abandonment Notifications

Cart abandonment emails are a subtle way to push the consumer toward the final conversion. And they work! Statistics say that:
  • 45% of cart abandonment emails are opened.
  • 21% of all are clicked on.
  • 50% of the users who clicked purchase.
These automated emails can prompt customers who may have forgotten about their cart. You can also pitch some discounts or recommend similar products through these emails. You can be creative here!

7 Ways Email Automation Elevate Customer Support

Automated email responses give businesses an extra ounce to make their engagements efficient. It lets you schedule emails based on pre-defined triggers, target a specific audience, and lead them to a particular action. Let’s look at seven ways how email automation can elevate your customer support:

1. Makes Personalization Hassle-free

Nowadays, customer support depends on personalization to retain customers and raise loyalty. Besides, every brand now collects personal data in their CRMs and would want to use that data to their benefit. Automation comes in handy here. You can directly fetch personal data like name, contact, etc., through automation while sending mass automated email messages. You can even utilize data like birth dates, anniversary dates, etc., to begin an automated stream of special offers or discounts.

2. Provide Consistent Support

Your support reps would potentially waste a lot of time and effort composing emails for every matter. In such a scenario, it would be better to use prewritten email templates and guarantee that customers receive consistent support. You can personalize the email templates and add your brand identity to them.

3. Support Your Workforce

Registering customer requests, raising tickets, answering them, and solving their problems — imagine doing all this manually. Sounds dreadful. Manual processes are time-consuming and can lead to customer disappointment. Automating email responses relieves your customer support reps by doing away the manual and repetitive tasks. This way, support reps can finally focus on complex queries that matter. Say, for instance, you receive 500 support requests each week. Now, with automated email responses, you can reduce your number of replies by one per interaction. That means your support reps will answer 26,000 fewer questions that year. That’s huge!

4. Get Real-time Data

Automated email response customer service helps you assist your customers along with accessing their data alongside. This way, support agents can serve better by observing customers’ previous communication with the brand, purchase history, previous customer complaints, etc.

5. Cost-effective

Investing in email automation can help improve the overall productivity of your existing teams. It brings down your support costs as agents spend most of their time-solving queries that matter, and it can help you with much-needed personalized touch at much lower costs.

6. Gather Feedback Through Emails

If you’ve ever shopped from Amazon, you must have received this email a few days after your order delivery date. These emails look personalized, as if they’ve been curated just for us. But, that’s not the case. Brands wouldn’t want to send manually send feedback emails to all their customers. It’ll take up hours, even days. Instead, you can automate your feedback process and set triggers for sending the same.

7. Automated Email Scheduling

Email scheduling can benefit businesses massively. It enables you to reach your target audience at the time when they’ll be available the most. For instance, you can send birthday greetings, etc., at midnight rather than sending them during the day. Email scheduling also helps when your target audience lives in a different time zone.

Email Automation is Here to Stay

Stakeholders across multiple industries acknowledge the pivotal role of automated response emails in customer support. According to a survey, 73% of stakeholders believe that customer relationships have improved due to automation, and 76% agreed that automation benefits their workforce. Adopt email response automation today and save costs and time by improving your support team’s productivity and overall brand value.

Helplama For Email Automation

Helplama is a cloud-based helpdesk solution that helps businesses turn customer service into a marketing pipeline. It can help you automate email responses and personalize the support experience for your customers. You can also outsource the hassle and let customer service experts at Helplama take care of your support needs.

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