Are you an eCommerce store struggling to provide the best eCommerce support services?

Nowadays, you can find your customer everywhere – on websites, search engines, phones, messaging platforms, emails, social media sites, etc.

First, as an eCommerce store, you need to make your presence felt on all these channels. You need to have all your eyes 24/7 on all these available digital channels called customer touchpoints to collect your customer experience data. Most importantly, ensure quality customer services and interactions over all of these touchpoints.

Here, we give you the Top 7 eCommerce Support Services you should look at in 2022!

    1. E-commerce Support Helpdesk
    2. Customer Engagement
    3. Greater Customer Experience, CX
    4. Live Support Services
    5. User Search Experience, UX
    6. Cart Abandonment
    7. Omni-Channel Support

E-commerce Support Helpdesk

An efficient eCommerce Helpdesk is the best solution to many of your customer dissatisfaction grievances. Since your eCommerce store has multiple channels and customers may reach out to you from any of these channels of their choice, all your customer support tickets are purely scattered!

Customers with complaints are increasingly using email, live chat, and social media—43%. – The WSJ.

helplama helpdesk

The Helpdesk collects all these scattered customer tickets and organizes them in one single window which is very useful for your agents to learn the whole customer ticket history in one go and deliver efficient and prompt customer service support.

Not only that, “Some 55% of complainants who reached out on social media and didn’t get a response, meanwhile, said they expected the company to follow up with them on these channels.” – The WSJ. So the Helpdesk solves this customer issue as well by responding to your customers on their similar channel of approach, and on time.

Thus the Helpdesk helps your eCommerce store resulting in an increase in customer satisfaction rates, customer retention rates, customer loyalty rates, and ROI.

Customer Engagement

Displaying product reviews on your eCommerce website will build brand trust in your customers and influences them to make the purchase impulsively, thus increasing your conversion rate and customer retention rate.

Research shows that “97% of participants said customer reviews factor into their buying decisions. And 92% of consumers hesitate to make a purchase when there are no customer reviews.”

Product review chart

Customers’ buying decisions are greatly influenced by multiple factors credited in the reviews like the quality of the product, ease of use, durability, composition, price worthy, etc. The number of reviews too has a major impact on customers’ buying decisions of a product.

You can acquire these product reviews in the following ways,

  1. Asking your existing customers to leave a review after their purchase along with some UGC in the form of photos or videos and awarding them some offer incentives cheering them to come back to you for future shopping.
  2. You can approach influencers to share their voice for your products on all the social media channels thereby generating greater sales traffic

You can even approach any expert Helpdesk to do this whole customer engagement through the reviews process using their AI-powered automated tools, thereby you can achieve the desired ROI results in lesser time.

Greater Customer Experience, CX

33% of Americans say they would consider switching companies after having dealt with poor customer service. – AmericanExpress

  • Greater the customer experience, higher the customer retention rate and loyalty ratio.
  • You can improve your customer experience by mapping customer feedback with the customer journey.
  • Understand your customers’ pain points and address them as fast as possible to increase your Fast Response Rate.
  • Try to never miss out on any of your customer service tickets and resolve them promptly to maintain a decent Call Resolve Time.
  • Be attentive to your customers’ interactions on all touchpoints and tend to maintain the best quality of customer service on all the channels.
  • Try to be proactive on social media platforms by encouraging quality customer engagement.

Overall, as an eCommerce store, it is important for you to retain happy customers to build your brand loyalty, lower your acquisition costs and multiply word-of-mouth marketing results.

Live Support Services

Customers these days expect instant help services from eCommerce sites at the time of their online shopping. They may have a number of personalized questions related to the product that they are looking to buy. They may not find the answers to all their questions in the given description and might want to check with an expert at that time.

helplama helpdesk Live Chat Support

For millennials, who are increasingly wielding a dominant purchasing power, chat is the preferred support channel. – Kinsta.

Live Chat services give you an instant edge over your non-chat-enabled competitors, as you are readily available to support your customer. Customers are more than happy to get instant answers from the store experts and execute the sale almost immediately. Hence faster the conversion rate, the stronger the loyalty rate, and the longer the customer retention rate.

Try now to see the amazing results.

User Search Experience, UX

Your eCommerce store site should be optimized to provide a faster and smoother shopping experience on any device like a laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.

A total of 57% of customers will abandon your site if they have to wait 3 seconds or longer for a page to load. – Google

Your website search should also be optimized for speed and accurate results, otherwise you will lose potential customers. Identify the most commonly used key filters like customer ratings, fast shipping, returns, etc..and optimize your site search accordingly.

60% of customers will leave your site if they can’t find what they were looking for in the first place. –

You may miss out on a lot of conversion rates if your pages take longer to load on any device, especially on a mobile device or the customer cant find his choice of product in the listing.

Only 2.17 Percent of E-Commerce Visits Convert Into Purchases –

Cart Abandonment

The Average Cart Abandonment Rate Across All Industries is 69.57 Percent!

If you are not surprised, which means you are quite experiencing it every day. Well, there are lot many known and unknown reasons for it. Let us discuss a few here.

  • Successful cart purchase solely depends on how the customer’s buying behavior is at the time of online shopping.
  • Increased mobile shoppers – According to ReadyCloud, 44% of internet retail minutes were spent on a smartphone. Yet Higher Abandonment Rate of 85.65 Percent! Mostly because of site speed is too low and customers are frustrated.
  • Sending cart abandonment reminders to those unaccomplished customers might trigger their buying decisions
  • If your Checkout page contains too many questions and asks for too much information or asks the customers to create an account, etc. then your cart is sure to be abandoned. The checkout page should be optimized for a minimal gathering of information and a  quicker billing process.
  • Your eCommerce site should be optimal at any given point of time, free from bugs, or technical glitches, as any of these reasons would exit your potential customer from completing that purchase.
  • Lack of payment options – research thoroughly on multiple payment modes that customers might prefer the most like credit cards or net banking or payment wallets, etc. and include as many as possible in your checkout process.

Omni-Channel Support

You like any other eCommerce business these days must be selling on multiple channels like your website, mobile application, brick-and-mortar store, social media platforms, other eCommerce marketplaces, etc.

“85% of customers start a purchase on one device and finish it on another” (Google)

It is most important now than ever for you to concentrate more on all these channels as your customers may approach you from any of these channels at any point of their shopping journey with your brand.

Hence, optimizing your omnichannel support to meet and treat your customers then and there on the very same channel becomes very crucial. Your customers will not like to be left unattended if they prefer to choose a different channel of approach every time. So you need to gear up your fast response time using an omnichannel support system.

“It’s particularly important for your company to target multi-channel shoppers, as they spend three times more than single-channel shoppers”.

If this system sounds confusing and scary to handle alone, you can always take help from the centralized helpdesk tools and see the ball get rolling.

Great eCommerce Support Service is the Key to Success!

Here we have summed up a few key indispensable parts of eCommerce support criteria that are sure to boost your eCommerce site’s sales traffic by keeping your customers fully satisfied.

Understanding what all your eCommerce store requires to provide the Best eCommerce Support, addressing these key points, and acting on making the right changes to your support system, will keep you on the right track to rocket success in this $Trillion Dollar marketplace.