Best eCommerce Rating and Reviews Software

Last Updated: February 2024

With the advent of a digitally crafted marketplace and social media, consumers now are more educated and only invest in a product or service that they can trust. This vital need for trust translates into a demand for businesses to have complete transparency — to help shape consumer opinion of the product or service.

More than 90% of consumers prefer reading reviews before making their purchase. Reviews are undeniably a great source of instilling trust and using a software to generate reviews can offer a range of benefits, such as:

  • Constant rating and review generation at ease
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Easy administration of feedbacks
  • Provides access to smarts insights
  • Helps track progress and improve

Let’s take a closer look at some of the leading eCommerce product review software that you can consider for your business:

5 Product Review Software You Should Know About

Investing in an eCommerce rating and review software can ease the process of generating ratings, replying to reviews, and monitoring your progress. Therefore, below are the top 5 tools you should consider for your business:

1. Trust Pilot

This product review software is a popular choice amongst medium to large-sized businesses. It helps turn raw customer feedback into credible reviews, which can potentially turn your casual website visitors  into customers.

In addition to sending review invitations, TrustPilot sends the received reviews to search engines such as Google or Bing — helping you also SEO optimize your platform for better ranking. Furthermore, the platform offers easy and customizable management of your referrals and online reviews by creating widgets out of your best ones.

2. Yotpo 

This rating and review software is an AI-enabled solution for generating a strong base of reviews, gaining more traction, and improving conversions for businesses and eCommerce platforms. Its in-mail technology sends triggering emails to collect as much feedback as possible for your platform.

Additionally, it helps businesses generate more traffic by creating Facebook ads for reviews, and enabling customers to share their reviews on social media. Taking a step further, it monitors analytics to improve performance and reduce return rates. Furthermore, its customizable displays can easily be tailored to your needs.

3. Bazaarvoice

Widely known for connecting over 11,000 popular brands with  customers, Bazaarvoice is a powerful tool for collecting and managing reviews, and for displaying them as credible proof for your product or service.

Generating over 50 million reviews, and more than 6 million reviewer community members, it focuses on building customer trust, responding to queries and amplifying the content. The platform also allows customers to post visual content such as images and videos to increase conversions. Additionally, the tool is easy to integrate into many eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify.

4. Reevoo

This state-of-the-art reporting suite provides businesses with authentic reviews and ratings from customers willing to share their opinion. It increases the likelihood of conversions by displaying product reviews on specific pages on the website.

In addition, It helps your business to really focus on analyzing your customers’ sentiments towards your brand. It collects such information via Q & A forums, recommendations by other users, website feedback, social media mentions, etc. Additionally, it can be easily integrated with Google for ensuring maximum visibility of reviews.

5. KiyOh 

Kiyoh is another reliable, cost-effective ratings and reviews software that helps businesses send personalized review invites to customers. It also lets you set alerts every time you receive any reviews.

This product review software automates the entire process with the free Lightspeed App. Furthermore, it also helps in driving sales as all the reviews generated via KiyOh can be shown automatically in Google Adwords.

Last Words 

Any business that aims to grow needs a strong strategy to generate and manage reviews consistently. Another facet of the strategy requires getting positive reviews — all of which is linked to providing a great customer experience.

A positive experience is created when your customers feel happy and post your customer service across multiple interactions. However, handling it all can be overwhelming. Outsourcing customer support is therefore  your best bet to save you time, money, and energy you need to focus on other aspects of growing your business.

Helplama is a leading customer support outsourcing service that offers a 360-degree assistance to eCommerce sites to help them support their customers. It is exactly like having a partner on demand that’s affordable as well as responsive to your changing needs. To know more, contact us today at


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