How To Provide Your Customers With eCommerce Order Tracking

Looking for ways to provide your customers with eCommerce order tracking information? Learn about it here in this article. We will discuss in detail,

What Is eCommerce Order Tracking?

As an eCommerce business owner, you are well aware of the fact that your customers will be eagerly waiting to receive their orders in hand.

A survey conducted on online shoppers shows 41% of them expect thorough visibility of the product until they receive the delivery.

This is where eCommerce order tracking comes into play. To meet not just those 41% of the customers but all, you need to enable the customer order tracker process in your business model.

Automation in eCommerce Order Tracking

Manually assigning agents and letting them assist your customers’ calls and queries is a bygone era now. The invention of automation tools and software has changed the face of customer support by leaps and bounds.

Even though you are a startup or a small business, it is quintessential to include the necessary technology in your workflows. This will help you greatly in eradicating the herculean task of answering repetitive queries and save you plenty of time.

Integrate an auto order tracking system that can automatically monitor and notify your customers of their order status live. Let your agents handle other complex customer support issues.

Let us now see the benefits of applying order tracking systems in your business.

Benefits Of eCommerce Order Tracking

  • By providing the ability to view the order status to your customers, you are building a greater level of trust in your brand. This is essential to retain your first-time customers and invite more leads strengthening your brand loyalty.
  • As we discussed in the previous para, endorse an automated customer order tracker and cut down your manual time put into such menial repetitive tasks.
  • This also opens an additional window of self-tracking of orders by your customers.
  • You are enhancing your customers’ shopping experience with your brand by giving them a transparent order shipment process.
  • Since you allow your customers to see the order tracking status at any time, they will refrain from contacting your support center. Thus you are adding more value to your agents’ time which reflects in increased productivity.
  • 7% of the returns are reasoned as due to late delivery. You can bring down this return rate for your eCommerce store with effective real-time order tracking in place.
Now you would have understood why you need to update your customers with order tracking information. Moving on to read about how to add it to your business.

Integrate eCommerce Order Tracking Methods

  • We all know that customer support is the backbone of every eCommerce business’ success. Yet, attending to repeated queries on order tracking will eat up most of your productive time. Be it on calls, emails, chats, etc.
  • This process of self-setup may seem convenient in the initial stages of your eCommerce business. But as you grow in size and numbers, you will face complex situations managing only using the in-house manual order tracking system.
  • We suggest you completely avoid the idea of manually assisting your customers with order tracking updates. And add an automated order tracking system instead of that, which is also economical for your growing business.
  • Choose a suitable eCommerce helpdesk tool or order management software to include in your business model. Install it and configure it with your order department and fulfillment partner to synchronize the shipping updates.
  • Optimize your eCommerce order tracking page to be compatible with multiple devices as 45% of today’s digital customers expect your store site content to be consistent across devices.
  • Monitor the returns performance regularly to hold complete control over returns and make necessary amendments.

Meet Helplama Helpdesk, The Best Order Management Software

helplama helpdesk

  • As the name says, Helplama Helpdesk is a perfect eCommerce customer support helpdesk software.
  • It is loaded with various eCommerce automation tools for order management, customer ticket management, returns/exchanges, order notifications, and more.
  • This is the only helpdesk to provide you with an in-built self-returns portal where customers can initiate returns/exchanges themselves.
  • With Helplama, you can allow them to easily download a return label in just one click.
  • The software automatically detects any kind of order shipment delay and notifies you to take necessary actions and assist your customers proactively.
  • There is a marketing automation tool within Helplama that collects and promotes customer reviews on leading social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.
  • Integrates seamlessly with all your channels – Shopify store, social platforms, phone, email, and live chat to stimulate enhanced omnichannel support.
  • Provides a pre-designed customizable chatbot widget that connects with your knowledge base, and help center to enable faster responses to customer queries.
  • Not only your customers but also enhance your support team through automated agent training and slack, a team collaboration tool to provide collective support.
  • Helplama’s Analytics dashboard gives you comprehensive performance reports in real time. This is very helpful to you to do the required regulations promptly.

To Conclude

A full read of this article gives you a complete picture of how to provide your customers with eCommerce order tracking efficiently. Eliminate the anxiety of product delivery from your customers’ minds. Give them the power to leverage order information using the necessary automation tools.

Now, if you are wondering where to find the best order tracking tool for your business, check out more about Helplama Helpdesk here. This will surely make the whole order-tracking process easy for you.

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