eCommerce Customer Relationship Management: How CRM software can help you level up!

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Last Updated: May 2024

You probably have heard of Customer Relationship Management in e-commerce already. Most of the companies assume it’s important.

In fact, 65% of companies use a CRM system according to Salesforce.

That’s because using a CRM system/software simplifies the process of customer interaction and other customer relationship management tasks. 

So it is a no-brainer that you should be using CRM software for your e-commerce business.

In this post, we will walk you through:

What is E-commerce Customer Relationship Management?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the blend of practices, strategies, and software that organizations use to oversee and monitor customer journeys and experiences all throughout. 

The objective of eCommerce CRM is to further develop customer support connections, aid customer retention, and drive deal development.

But managing customer relations is not as easy as it sounds. CRM requires integration of customer information across various platforms which can include the organization’s website, phone, live chat, regular postal mail, promoting materials, social media, etc. 

For effective CRM, your customer support team would require definite data on customers’ very own data, buy history, purchasing inclinations, and other concerns.

This is where a good CRM software can assist you with having and implementing a proper strategy for customer interaction and engagement, and assists you with additionally deciding potential sale opportunities and promotions needed. 

For eCommerce where things are growing exceptionally quickly, CRM software is a goldmine. It assists any business owner with getting sorted out all the data connected with customer engagement. Here are some key objectives of a CRM tool:

  • Further develop customer retention, which is more cost-effective than customer acquisition.
  • Figure out what your customers need so you can settle on more beneficial business choices (like stock decisions).
  • Foster better ways to deal with advertising, deals, and customer support.
  • Store information related to customers (preferred contact method, account information, etc.)

Have a look at how e-commerce CRM software can benefit your business:

Advantages of eCommerce CRM Softwares

1. Collecting user data

Manual collection of data becomes a hassle as soon as you have a few buyers. Even hiring someone to do that for you would be less cost-effective. This is the place where CRM software turns out to be hugely valuable.

A CRM software like Saufter can help you with automatic data capture at customer interaction points.

This makes it easy for you to store and access customer data on time to provide customer with a great customer service experience.

2. Re-engaging customers

Re-engaging with your existing customers is the key to customer retention.

To understand the importance of re-engaging and customer retention, look at the below stats by Business Insider and Adobe:

  • Returning customers convert sales 82.5 more often than new visitors.
  • They account for almost 60% of total revenues for the top 25% of eCommerce companies.
  • Revenues from customers who’ve already made a purchase average nearly $5.25 per visit.

CRM software can help you automate replies and follow-ups so your customers.

Moreover, most CRM systems offer easy social media integration, allowing you to engage with customers on multiple social platforms through one software.

3. Automated emails

Email interaction is a thing you should not ignore. In the US, for every 1$ you spend on email marketing, you get an ROI of $44.

Manually drafting emails can result in you being disorganized and leaving your customer emails unanswered, resulting in your customer being annoyed and frustrated.

CRM software can help you be systematic along with reducing the workload of your team. Most of the CRM software even offer personalized automated emails, leaving a good impression on your customers.

Automated email programs within e-commerce CRM software can be modified to make significant, customized emails that are naturally produced and sent when required. 

For instance, assuming a client checks out a specific item, your program can consequently send them deals and limited-time emails around that item. 

Similarly, eCommerce email-promoting robotization can be utilized to help clients to remember deserted cart items, welcome new clients and email endorsers, and give out confirmation emails.

4. Customer support

Most companies compete merely on the basis of the customer experience they provide –  a whopping 89%. Not only this, a majority of companies – 80% believe that they do provide excellent customer experience.

The truth is, only 8% of the customers actually agree to their service being good.

This means, companies clearly need to level up CRM in their eCommerce if they want to keep their foot in the market.

Customer support is what sets your brand apart from your competitors. By incorporating eCommerce customer service software, you greatly enhance your customer support in areas where it was lacking before.

CRM helps you level up customer support in ways that are but are not limited to:

  • Provides a better way and more efficient way to track customer interaction.
  • Helps you keep a track of leads and ticket allocations.
  • Schedules follow-up calls and emails.

Also, check out this guide to understand why your customer support team needs CRM software.

5. Analytics and planning

Analytics play a huge role in strategic planning and management. 

CRM gives numerous insightful reports and useful customer success analytics. This analytics helps to comprehend the company’s motive and give a more profound investigation of market patterns. 

Deals history, customer data is helpful for making precise market reports and deal predictions.

Analytics dashboard in CRM systems can provide you with various auto-generated metrics, helping you analyze your performance along with reducing the workload of collecting data and measuring these scores.

6. Social media integration

Today Social media engages an essential part of the globe. The number of social media users is increasing at a fast pace each day.

A report suggests that there were around 4.55 billion social media users in October 2021, likening to 57.6 percent of the total population of the world:

This makes social media the primary channel for customer relationship management in eCommerce

That’s why most of the CRM software offer integration with popular social media platforms so you can easily interact with your target audience over multiple social platforms using a single software.

This integration can also help you deliver the fast response times that customers desire.

In fact, while most businesses take 5 hours to revert to social media inquiries, 39% of clients anticipate a reaction in an hour or less.

Wrapping it all up

All that is left presently is assembling a CRM system that works. Take a note of your goals, decide the strategies, determine the data you might need, and afterward select the right program for it. Finally, integrate all of it into an eCommerce CRM software that works for your business.

Compiling a useful eCommerce customer relationship management system takes effort and hard work. Be that as it may, assuming you do it admirably, it will pay off colossally in terms of your business development.

If you still feel overwhelmed, you can always delegate your customer interaction to Helplama’s specialized professionals starting from $399/month.

As another option, you can also equip your customer service team with Saufter. It can take a workload off of their shoulder with automated workflows, live chat features, etc. Furthermore, they also offer customized pricing plans starting from $99/month.

So, what are you waiting for?

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