Easyship Pricing, Features, Reviews [Complete Breakdown]

easyship pricing

Last Updated: December 2023

Are you curious about Easyship pricing and eager to uncover the intricate details of this shipping solution? Look no further! In this comprehensive breakdown, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Easyship pricing, features, and reviews, leaving no stone unturned.

But before we embark on this voyage, here’s a staggering fact: According to Statista, global e-commerce sales are projected to reach a whopping $8.1 trillion by 2026.

With such monumental growth, choosing the right shipping partner, like Easyship, is more crucial than ever. Let’s navigate through the pricing, features, and reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Table of contents:

What is Easyship?

You’ll find Easyship to be a top e-commerce shipping platform, simplifying your logistics with its user-friendly interface. It grants you access to a broad courier network, cutting costs and boosting transparency, which is crucial for your e-commerce success.

easyship pricing
Source: easyship.com

Notably, it has been recognized by International Business Awards, Capterra, G2, and more, showcasing its excellence in the field. With real-time rates and delivery estimates, Easyship enhances your customer satisfaction and builds trust. The platform’s innovative features make it an indispensable tool for e-commerce businesses like yours, worldwide.

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Overview of Easyship Pricing Plans

Let’s dive into an overview of Easyship’s pricing plans. They offer flexibility to suit any budget, and you can start with a 14-day free trial without needing to provide your credit card details.

Easyship provides four plans, including a free one, Plus, Premier, and Scale. If you opt for annual billing, you can save 20%.

easyship pricing
Source: easyship.com

With all plans, you can access discounted shipping rates, which can go as high as 91%. It’s worth noting that Easyship is trusted by 100K sellers to power their businesses.

Next, we’ll delve into a detailed breakdown of Easyship pricing plans, helping you find the perfect fit for your needs.

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A Detailed Breakdown of Easyship Pricing Plans

  1. Free
  2. Plus
  3. Premier
  4. Scale

1. Free

Pricing – Nil

The Free plan in Easyship doesn’t cost you anything and offers shipping discounts of up to 91%. You can have one team member and handle up to 50 shipments per month with this plan.


    • E-commerce Integrations: Enjoy unlimited integration options for your online store.
    • Crowdfunding Integrations: Seamlessly connect with crowdfunding platforms, with unlimited possibilities.
    • Global Fulfillment Network: Access a worldwide network for efficient order fulfillment.
    • Analytics: Gain valuable insights with robust analytics tools.
    • API Access: Customize and expand your shipping solutions with API access.
    • Return Labels: Simplify returns for customers with easy-to-use return labels.
    • Mobile App Access: Manage your shipments on the go with mobile app access.
    • Email Support: Get prompt assistance with responsive email support.


    • Link Your Own Courier Accounts: In the Free plan, you won’t be able to link your own courier accounts for shipping.
    • No Onboarding Session: This plan doesn’t include an onboarding session for personalized setup.
    • No Rates at Checkout: You won’t have the option to display shipping rates at checkout with the Free plan.
    • No Label Customization: Customizing shipping labels is not available in the Free plan.
    • No Chat/Phone Support: Unfortunately, you won’t have access to chat or phone support in this plan.

User Reviews

I have saved a lot of money and time using this online platform, and, as an added bonus, the service is free for me.” – Jordan S, small business.

credit card details that it’s cannot be removed. After a month or 2, this company may change your free subscription account to Plus subscription which will incur additional charges S$31.03 per month without” – Gary P.

This Plan is Best for:

The Free plan is suitable for individuals or small businesses with basic shipping needs and a limited budget.

2. Plus

Pricing – $23/month (billed annually)

Plus plan includes all the features of the Free plan, along with the ability to process 500 shipments per month and have 3 team members.


    • Link Your Own Courier Accounts: With the Plus plan, you can connect your own courier accounts for more shipping options.
    • Rates at Checkout: Display shipping rates at checkout to streamline the customer experience.
    • Onboarding Session: Get a personalized onboarding session to set up your shipping solution effectively.
    • Shipping Rules: Create and customize shipping rules to fit your specific needs.
    • Branded Tracking Experience: Provide customers with a branded tracking experience for added professionalism.
    • Auto Order Sync: Easily synchronize your orders for efficient processing.
    • Email and Chat Support: Access responsive email and chat support for quick assistance.


    • Display Import Tax & Duty at Checkout: The Free plan does not include the option to display import tax and duty charges at checkout.
    • Label Customization: Customizing shipping labels is not available with the Free plan.
    • Pre-Generated Return Labels: This plan doesn’t offer pre-generated return labels.
    • No Phone Support/Customer Success Manager: The Free plan does not provide access to phone support or a dedicated customer success manager.

User Review

The modern and easy to use program integrates with our shopfront, with a few clicks we have shipping labels at our designated shipping rules.” – Andrew W, small business.

This Plan is Best for:

Suitable for growing businesses that require more shipping options, team members, and enhanced customer support.

3. Premier

Pricing – $55/month (billed annually)

Premier plan extends all the features of the Plus plan, offering 2,500 shipments per month and accommodating up to 5 team members.


    • Link Your Own Courier Accounts: Connect your own courier accounts for a wider range of shipping options.
    • Display Import Tax & Duty at Checkout: Show import tax and duty charges at checkout for transparent pricing.
    • Label Customization: Customize shipping labels to match your branding and requirements.
    • Pre-Generated Return Labels: Easily generate return labels for smoother returns.
    • Multi-Box Shipments: Efficiently handle multi-box shipments for added convenience.
    • Pick List: Generate pick lists to streamline order fulfillment.
    • Email, Chat, & Phone Support: Enjoy comprehensive support with email, chat, and phone options.


    • No Customer Success Manager: There isn’t a dedicated customer success manager in the Premier plan.

User Review

By implementing Easyship, I was able to ensure that my international customers were able to see their custom charges prior to completing their purchase.” – Marie M, small business.

This Plan is Best for:

Caters to established businesses seeking extensive shipping capabilities, including customizable options, and who are comfortable without a dedicated customer success manager.

4. Scale

Pricing – $79/month (billed annually)

When you opt for the Scale plan, you’ll have access to all the features in their entirety, allowing you to handle 5,000 shipments each month and include up to 8 team members.


    • Customer Success Manager: You’ll have the benefit of a dedicated customer success manager, providing personalized support and guidance.

User Review

I liked that we had a customer success manager assigned to us who makes sure all of our needs are taken care of and the system is setup properly.” – J Bret D, small business.

This Plan is Best for:

Larger businesses requiring extensive shipping capabilities, personalized support, and the capacity to include up to 8 team members will find the Scale plan ideal.

Easyship Pricing Plans Comparison Table

Here’s a detailed Easyship pricing plans comparison table for your easy reference:

Team Members1358
Customer Success ManagerNoNoNoYes
Rates at CheckoutNoYesYesYes
Label CustomizationNoLimitedYesYes
Display Import Tax & DutyNoNoLimitedYes
Pre-generated Return LabelsNoNoNoYes
Multi-box ShipmentsNoNoYesYes
Pick ListNoNoYesYes
API AccessNoLimitedYesYes
Branded TrackingNoNoYesYes
Email SupportYesYesYesYes
Chat SupportNoYesYesYes
Phone SupportNoNoNoYes

This table offers a detailed comparison of Easyship’s pricing plans based on various features and capabilities. It’s time to delve into the flip side of Easyship, that is, missing features of the tool that might be essential to meet your shipment needs.

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Key Features Missing in Easyship

  1. Advanced Analytics: Easyship lacks advanced data analytics and business intelligence tools for in-depth insights into shipping and logistics data.
  2. Inventory Management: The platform doesn’t offer advanced inventory management tools, limiting your ability to efficiently track and manage product stock.
  3. Multi-Channel Selling: Easyship does not provide integrated multi-channel selling capabilities, making it challenging to sell across various online platforms seamlessly.
  4. Print on Demand: Easyship does not support print-on-demand services, which can be crucial for businesses involved in customized product printing and fulfillment.

Remember that while these features may be missing in Easyship, the platform still offers a range of valuable shipping and logistics solutions for many businesses.

Now, let’s pivot our focus to delve into how Helplama Helpdesk takes proactive steps to deliver exceptional customer support.

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Helplama Helpdesk for Proactive Customer Support

Helplama Helpdesk, your all-in-one customer support solution, takes the lead in proactively tracking order shipping delays.


Seamlessly integrating with email, live chat, Shopify, and more, it empowers you to provide top-notch support.

Plus, claim 6 months of free credits today to supercharge your customer service efforts.

Key Features

    1. Automated Shipping Delay Tracking: Helplama Helpdesk tracks shipping delays automatically for proactive issue resolution.
    2. Simplified Returns and Exchanges: It streamlines the return and exchange process, adhering to your policies and enabling easy exchange order placement.
    3. Efficient Task Automation: Set up task automation to reduce manual workload and improve efficiency.
    4. Multi-Channel Support: Connect with customers on various channels, such as email, live chat, phone, social media, SMS, and self-service options.

And more. Check it out all by clicking on the below links.

Unlocking Savings and Efficiency: Your Easyship Pricing Journey

In conclusion, Easyship offers valuable shipping solutions, but it’s essential to consider its limitations.

To elevate your customer support further, we recommend exploring Helplama Helpdesk. With its 15-day free trial, it complements your shipping endeavors by empowering proactive customer service and efficient task management.

Give it a try and supercharge your business today!

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