How To Duplicate Products On Shopify In 2 Minutes

Shopify duplicate product

Last Updated: February 2024

In today’s guide, we will help you master ‘Shopify duplicate product’ in just 2 minutes!

You know how sometimes you’ve got a product all setup, but you want to put up something similar? It’s a bit of a hassle to type in all those details again, right? 

Well, guess what? Shopify’s got your back with a cool trick called “duplicate product.”

Running an online store means juggling a bunch of tasks. So, saving time wherever you can is like hitting the jackpot. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to import products without spending ages on them? That’s where Shopify swoops in with its nifty “Duplicate” product feature. 

Say goodbye to retyping everything when you want to add a new product with the same info as an existing one. Time to work smarter, not harder!

Benefits of the ‘Shopify duplicate product’ feature

Duplicating products on Shopify isn’t just a convenience—it’s a game-changer that brings a plethora of benefits such as:

  • Time Efficiency:
    Duplicating a product saves time by eliminating the need to manually recreate a product listing. You can duplicate an existing product and make necessary adjustments quickly.
  • Consistency in Format and Descriptions:
    The duplicated product retains the same format, descriptions, and settings as the original, ensuring a consistent presentation across similar products.
  • Maintain Brand Identity:
    Using the same template for duplicated products helps maintain a cohesive brand image, enhancing the overall user experience and fostering customer trust.
  • Streamlined Inventory Management:
    Allows for accurate tracking of inventory counts and separate sales records for each duplicated item. This is particularly beneficial if you have multiple product variations.
  • Enhanced SEO Opportunities:
    Provides an avenue to optimize new listings with different keywords and meta tags. This can improve search engine visibility, driving organic traffic and potentially increasing conversion rates.
  • Reduced Data Entry Errors:
    With duplication, the risk of data entry errors that could occur when manually recreating a listing is minimized.
  • Faster Product Launch:
    It expedites the process of adding similar items to your store. This is especially beneficial during sales events, new product launches, or restocking periods.
  • Flexibility in Offerings:
    It offers flexibility in managing product offerings. You can create duplicates with minor alterations to cater to different customer preferences or requirements.
  • Ease of Price and Detail Updates:
    When details or prices change, duplicating a product and making necessary adjustments ensures that the updated information is consistently applied across similar items.
  • Efficient Product Testing:
    Duplicating a product allows for easy A/B testing by creating duplicates with slight variations to see which performs better in terms of sales, engagement, or other metrics.

In a nutshell, duplicating products on Shopify isn’t just a shortcut – it’s a strategic move that pays dividends in time, consistency, inventory mastery, and SEO prowess. 

Note: Before we take a look at the steps to the ‘Shopify duplicate product’ feature, it is important to know that If you intend to incorporate product options like size or color, it’s advisable not to duplicate the product. Instead, consider adding a variant to the existing product as the preferred approach.

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6 Easy Steps to Duplicate Products on Shopify

We’ve streamlined the process for you, making product duplication a breeze. Follow these simple steps to duplicate products swiftly:

Step 1: Access the Products Section

Begin by logging into your Shopify account, which will lead you to the admin page. Locate the “Products” section and click on it to proceed.

shopify duplicate product

Step 2: Review the Product List

Within the “Products” section, you’ll encounter various options and a comprehensive product list. Take a moment to review your product list and identify the item you wish to duplicate.

Step 3: Select the Product to Duplicate

Once you’ve located the product you intend to copy, click on its name on the product page. For instance, let’s use the example of the “Women Capri Leggings” product.

shopify duplicate product

Step 4: Initiate the Duplication

Below the product name, adjacent to the “View” button, you’ll find a “Duplicate” button. Without hesitation, click on “Duplicate” to kickstart the duplication process.

Step 5: Assign a New Name

A pop-up window will emerge, prompting you to provide a fresh name for the duplicated product. Enter a distinct name, ensuring it differs from the original. This distinction is vital for successful duplication. Proceed to the next step after naming the new product.

Step 6: Confirm Duplication

A dialog box will appear, seeking confirmation for the product duplication. To proceed with the copy, click on the “Duplicate” button. 

Shopify duplicate product

Congratulations, you’ve successfully duplicated a product! The product page will now display the updated name you assigned. Should you revisit the original product information by clicking, it will be readily accessible.

Note: It is strongly advised to pay close attention to the product description. If you come across outdated or insufficient information, consider updating the description to enhance SEO outcomes.

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3 Simple Steps to Duplicate Multiple Products on Shopify

You may come across situations where duplicating multiple products becomes necessary rather than just one. To accomplish this seamlessly, you can follow the simple instructions outlined below. 

Alternatively, you have the option to export your product list and manually update the spreadsheet. This gives you the freedom to modify descriptions, pricing, and titles, and incorporate tags as needed.

Now, before we take a look at the steps, make sure you prioritize the creation of backups for your product catalog. Maintaining copies at alternative locations is a prudent measure, offering added security.

Step 1: Export Products as a CSV

Navigate to the Product section. You’ll find the “Export products” option conveniently situated here. 

shopify duplicate product

Once there, you can designate the products you wish to duplicate. In the “Export as” field, select the desired product format. Following this, a download link will be sent to your email for your convenience.

Step 2: Adjust CSV for Naming and Pricing Conventions

You can opt to modify the names of the duplicate products, facilitating easier identification within their inventory listings. This step also serves as an excellent opportunity for bulk additions if desired.

Step 3: Save and Import Updated Products

Leverage the CSV file to import your updated products into your online inventory. Initiate this process by clicking on the “Choose File” button. Locate the CSV file on your computer, and upon discovery, select the file and finalize by clicking the “Upload file” button.

Shopify duplicate product

This procedure can also be accessed via the Product list. It might be wise to exercise caution against overwriting any existing data.

With these steps accomplished, your duplicate items will seamlessly integrate into your product catalog, bolstering its completeness and reliability. The capability for bulk product duplication empowers you to concurrently edit numerous items within your product page. 

This tool proves invaluable when dealing with substantial data updates, such as prices and quantities, particularly during promotional campaigns or other high-volume modifications.

That concludes the simple process of duplicating products on Shopify. Moreover, if you’re aiming to enhance customer support efficiency and automate workflows for your online store, we recommend exploring the capabilities of Helplama Helpdesk.

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Final Thoughts

In this guide, we’ve walked through the swift process of duplicating products on Shopify. By following a few simple steps, you can save valuable time and maintain consistency in your product listings. 

Furthermore, to enhance your support processes and streamline e-commerce workflows, get Helplama Helpdesk. This comprehensive tool enables you to proficiently manage Shopify workflows, allowing you to dedicate your efforts to business expansion and elevating customer satisfaction.

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