Document360 vs Confluence Comparison Which One Is The Best for You

Last Updated: February 2024

Document360 vs Confluence

In this digital world, you can get the required information anytime anywhere from the internet. The result is people are getting used to doing things by themselves. 

Therefore, for eCommerce or any other online business, it became a necessity to provide self-service functions to its customers.

Among the self-service features, a knowledge base is the most basic one.

Document360 and Confluence are the two best knowledge management software that offers the tools required to build and launch your knowledge base.

In order to know which one is most suitable for your organization, take a look at the Document360 Vs Confluence comparison.

Document360 Vs Confluence Feature Comparison

KnowledgeBase (Final Winner: Document360) Rating ⭐5/5

Documentation (Winner: Document360)

Write articles related to your products and services so that buyers can learn more about your brand and clear their doubts (if any).

  • Document360 – Create, edit, and get a preview of an article before publishing. Delete, hide, move, and post multiple articles with few clicks. It also autosaves the content.
  • Confluence – All the basic functions are available like editing, creating, deleting, moving, hiding, and copying pages. In order to make your knowledge base public, you need to change permission settings to Global Permissions.

Winner: Document360

Feedback (Winner: Both)

Gathering feedback helps in understanding your customer’s point of view.

  • Document360 – Through Feedback Manager, you can track consumer responses to articles and categories displayed on your knowledge base. Using Disqus, you can disable or enable comments.
  • Confluence – With Jira Service Management, you can collect user feedback. It also allows team members to collaborate with each other by allowing them to comment on pages and project plans.

Winner: Both

Templates (Winner: Confluence)

Templates are models, patterns, or formats used as a guide for creating something like documents, articles, presentations, etc.

  • Document360 – Use pre-defined article templates while writing posts for your knowledge base. Also, you may save a template from an existing article or build your own from scratch.
  • Confluence – Has knowledge base templates and allows you to create your own structure based on your needs. Also, offers project management, strategic planning, and other templates for project managers. 

Winner: Confluence

SEO (Winner: Document360)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a standard set of practices that when implemented improves the visibility of your website in search engines.

  • Document360 – Includes in-built “Article SEO” settings with description, page title, tags, slug, and feature image.
  • Confluence – By adding the plugins like EasySEO, you can take care of common SEO attributes like metadata, keywords, the title of your page, author, and created date.

Winner: Document360

Imports & Exports (Winner: Confluence)

Importing and exporting data from one platform to another makes it easy for you to migrate your services.

  • Document360 – Import the exported whole Document360 project and/ or word documents and split them into articles as per your requirement. Also, download articles in Zip and PDF formats.
  • Confluence – Convert word documents into the page(s) based on the headings. Import a Confluence Cloud space, any web content in the form of XML, and content from another Confluence site. Also, migrate from Confluence Cloud to the server and merge multiple Confluence Cloud sites. Export single or multiple pages into Word, PDF, XML, and HTML formats.

Winner: Confluence

Multi-Language Support (Winner: Document360)

Display your articles in languages other than English so that viewers from all over the world can read your content.

  • Document360 – In the newer version, the localization feature is added that translates the articles written in the English language (default) into another language by machine. You can also translate it yourself.
  • Confluence – Various plugins are available in the Confluence marketplace for multi-language and translation support. Or you can use browser-based tools like Google Translate.

Winner: Document360

Workflow (Winner: Document360)

It helps in managing your business processes and making sure that the projects are completed without any delay.

  • Document360 – Fully configure and customize your tasks. Set up documentation workflow, assign status, add due dates, and prioritize overdue tasks.
  • Confluence – Add, assign, and view tasks, but you need to integrate other apps to fully manage your workflow.

Winner: Document360

Storage Facilities (Final Winner: Confluence) Rating ⭐4.5/5

Cloud Storage (Winner: Confluence)

The cloud-based storage repository is where you can save all your data and manage file operations.

  • Document360 – 1GB storage is for free users and Startup plan users get 50GB. 
  • Confluence – In free versions, it offers only 2GB. And, 250 GB  is for the standard paid plan whereas unlimited storage applies to premium and enterprise plans.

Winner: Confluence

Backup & Restore (Winner: Both)

Backup and Restore is the process of creating and storing copies of data that can be used to protect companies against data loss.

  • Document360 – Automatic daily backup and manual backup as per user requirement are available. It stores the landing page, documentation, and entire project along with settings (like involving users, etc.)
  • Confluence – Both scheduled and manual backup is supported. Store your database, install directory, and home directories including attachments by using database administration and the backup tool of your choice.

Winner: Both

Integrations & Extensions (Final Winner: Both) Document360 Rating ⭐5/5, Confluence Rating ⭐5/5

App Integrations
  • Document360 – With integrations, you can add external systems like commenting, chat, CRO tools, and analytics into your knowledge base. Intercom, Segment, Google Analytics, HTML, Disqus, and so on integrations are available. Also, you can add any product with a Javascript snippet.
  • Confluence – Atlassian Marketplace has hundreds of apps for theming, diagramming, and workflow management. You may pick the apps as per your team’s requirements. For example, it has Salesforce, Google Drive, Google Analytics, Instagram, Power BI Connector, Jira Software & Service Management, Trello, and many more.

Winner: Both

Security (Final Winner: Confluence) Rating ⭐5/5

Privacy (Winner: Both)

It is important to make sure that the data or content is viewed only by the users who have access to it.

  • Document360 – You can configure the knowledge base to be private, public, and mixed. Add IP restrictions or allow only specific readers or groups to access the content. Assign roles to your staff to restrict access like administrators, editors, and readers.
  • Confluence – Grant public or private permissions to knowledge base space while creating it or simply add IP restrictions. Between staff and company, keep open access to necessary information and protect sensitive data with permissions settings.

Winner: Both

Platform and Network Protection (Winner: Confluence)

To protect the enterprises’ data from unauthorized access offline and/ or online, you need to have the best platform and network security.

  • Document360 – Operates with secure products such as MongoDB Atlas and Algolia that are certified to offer TLS standard security and data encryption. Microsoft’s Azure blob storage is used for securing your backup data.
  • Confluence – owned by Atlassian which regularly undergoes verification of its security, privacy, and compliance services against global standards. They are certified with ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 2, SOC 3, FedRAMP, PCI DSS, and VPAT.

Winner: Confluence

Reporting & Analytics (Final Winner: Confluence) Rating ⭐4/5

Knowledgebase Performance (Winner: Confluence)

Performance analytics enable you to understand which articles are performing well, need revision, and are most searched by your customers. 

  • Document360 – Tracks author, article, and category performance. And, displays the number of article/ category likes, dislikes, views, and reads along with the average user read time for each day. 
  • Confluence – Provides insights into over 900 measures including your page, site, space, and user performance. For example, it displays the profile of a customer who viewed the page and the version of the article they saw. 

Winner: Confluence

Customization of Reports (Winner: Both)

Based on their role in an organization, everyone wants to see the reports in a different way. Customization of analytics helps you to visualize reports in a variety of formats.

  • Document360 – Customize the display graph according to specific date ranges, likes, dislikes, and reads across the documentation.
  • Confluence – Generate portfolio analytics report with custom web-based analysis that uses detailed visual charts and alterable table components.

Winner: Both


Both Confluence and Document360 can be used to create and manage a knowledge base for your employees and users. 

However, the Atlassian Confluence is a team workspace with more internal collaboration features and is built to work alongside Jira Software and Jira Service Management. Whereas, Document360 is more customer-centric with a knowledge base portal (for editors & reviewers) and a simplified site (for readers).

Therefore, after reviewing the Confluence Vs Document360 comparison, pick the most suitable one for your business.

If you are overwhelmed, simply hire Saufter. Here, you can design and create your own knowledge base and offer self-help services. Also, get fully managed customer support functions like live chat, phone, email, and SMS features.

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