Document360 Reviews, Pricing, and Features

Last Updated: February 2024

In today’s information-driven era, efficient knowledge management is vital to business success. Experience the leading knowledge base platform, Document360, hailed for its exceptional reviews. Seamlessly create, organize, and deliver comprehensive documentation to elevate customer support and satisfaction. Maximize its user-friendly interface, customizable design, and advanced search functionality, leveraging Document360 reviews positive experiences.

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Document360 Pros and Cons



  • Efficient Knowledge Management: Makes information management a breeze as it streamlines capturing, organizing, and sharing knowledge within organizations.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring swift adoption, minimal training, and increased productivity, slashing the learning curve.
  • Powerful Search Capabilities: Efficient search functionality, advanced algorithms, and tagging features to quickly discover documents, data, and insights, optimizing time management and enhancing productivity.
  • Seamless collaboration:Experience enhanced collaboration, knowledge sharing, and teamwork as the platform facilitates real-time discussions, document version control, and seamless sharing features.
  • Integration Limitations: Limitations in integration with other tools and platforms, potentially impacting productivity and requiring users to implement specific workflows.
  • Customization Constraints: Though it provides customization options, some users might face limitations in functionalities, potentially restricting their capacity to meet organizational demands.
  • Initial Learning Curve: Despite its user friendly interface, users need training for optimal use. 
  • Pricing Considerations: Its pricing structure may not suit all organizations, so evaluate the cost-to-value ratio and financial implications.


Document360 Pricing

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Here, we explore Document360’s pricing structure, equipping you to choose the right plan for your organization’s knowledge management needs.

Document360 has five price plans:

Free Plan: It includes a public knowledge base, two team accounts and 1GB of storage space. 

Standard Plan: Standard plan is $149/month with a public knowledge base, three team accounts and 50GB of storage space. 

Professional Plan: Professional plan costs $299/month with a public knowledge base, three to five team accounts and work space.

Business Plan: Business plan price is $399/month with a private knowledge base, five team accounts and work space. This plan is suitable for partners and employees.

Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan is priced at $599/month, offering ten team accounts, a comprehensive public & private knowledge base, and dedicated workspace. This plan caters to large teams seeking robust security, auditing, and advanced tools.

Contact Document360 for personalized pricing if you need more capacity.

Document360 Features and Reviews

Document360 provides a diverse range of features that simplify creating and managing your knowledge base. These features include a user-friendly knowledge base portal, advanced documentation tools, a category manager, an intuitive editor, branding options, robust security measures, insightful analytics, seamless integrations, and customizable extensions.

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Knowledge Base Creation

Effortlessly build and structure comprehensive knowledge bases, incorporating articles, FAQs, tutorials, and more to cater to your needs

User Reviews

“Very good KB portal. Document 360 provides immediate support when needed, is very user friendly, easy to maintain and includes a search function for the entire knowledge base.” Fabian H.

“The obvious choice for effortless knowledge base design and management.”

vishnu shaju

A very efficient knowledge base tool.Rohit Pradeep

“Document360 makes it easy to author, update, and house a knowledge base. It is easily customizable and the support is top notch.” Randi

“A one-stop shop for a customized knowledge base.” Swarna Surya

“One Of The Best Knowledge Base Platform.”  Sales Development Representative

“Great Knowledge base platform.”  Joanthan

“Overall I find it a far preferable option to reduce the tickets that shoulder the customer support. The best tool for creating a product Knowledge base and FAQ pages.” Christeen

“The best tool we found for creating and managing a KB. Setting up the KB in Document360 was fast and maintaining it with new articles is easy.” Julian

Document Collaboration

Team members can collaborate seamlessly on the platform, leaving comments, tracking changes, and working together in real-time. It cultivates a culture of shared knowledge and fosters teamwork.

User Reviews

“Revolutionize Your Documentation Process with Document360.” Tim

“Amazing Tool For Content And Document Management.” Content Localization Associate

“Great tool for documentation!” Maya F.

“Document360 -Great Product Documentation Tool.”  Compliance Manager

“Document360 is an effective way of documenting and building a self-service customer knowledge base.” Gözde A.

Effortless Content Creation

With a user-friendly interface, content creation, formatting, and collaboration become a breeze, significantly improving your documentation experience.

User Reviews

“Solutions and possibilities with solutions to some pain points on the way-Snippets and Glossary features show promise.” Adam M.

“The features provided are great for organizing articles and editing their content.” Lucia B.

“The multiple options for editors are amazing (wysiwyg, html, block).” Hannah B.

Integration Capabilities

Streamline workflows effortlessly by integrating with various third-party tools and platforms.

User Reviews

“Document360 offers a great standalone help center that integrates with most other tools. They’re continually improving their offering.” Andrew C.

“Very easy to integrate with other document software’s. It also has good customer support and is a cost effective software. It allows multi user login as well.”  Data Science Manager

Advanced Search Functionality

Powerful search capabilities enable users to find information quickly and easily.

User Reviews

“Advanced search for articles.” Amal Jayakumar

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Document360 is a game-changing knowledge management platform. With its intuitive interface, robust search capabilities, and seamless collaboration features, it empowers organizations to streamline information workflows and maximize productivity. From creating a centralized knowledge base to gaining valuable insights, Document360 unlocks the full potential of knowledge, driving success in today’s competitive landscape. Embrace Document360 and revolutionize how your organization captures, shares, and leverages valuable information.

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