12 Best Digital Advertising Agencies

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Last Updated: June 2024

As per reports, Digital Marketing can increase brand awareness by 80%.  Keeping a digital advertising approach you can reach out to potential customers 24X7.

It’s vital to create a strategy and then run your campaigns. Digital marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea; thus, collaborating with a Digital advertising agency can help you reach out to your potential customers and gain more revenue.

From tons of digital advertising companies available we have listed the 12 best that can help you create a strategy and run Ads on your behalf.


WebFX digital advertising agency

WebFX has generated more than $3 Billion for its clients and has listed 255,000 pages on the 1st page of Google. They have an experience of 27 years and thus can help you scale up your business at a faster rate. 

Year Started: 1995

Services Offered: SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Ads, Web infrastructure maintenance, and many more.

Clients: Furbo, YorkSaw and Knife, KOA, Net Friends, All-Test Pro, and many more.

Dream Theory

dream Theory Digital advertising agency

Dream Theory believes in an organic approach. They have industry experts with high-level knowledge of SEO and advertising. They are in this business for more than 10 years and thus have the right set of knowledge too.

Year Started: 2009

Services Offered: Google ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, Backlinking, and many more.

Clients: Opiates, Xroxy, Naturodoc, and many more.

Single Grain

Single Grain Digital marketing agency

Single Grain agents follow trends and accordingly advertise your products. They reduce your spending and increase your earnings with the help of the latest knowledge of tools and practices.

Year Started: 2009

Services Offered: Saas, Cryptocurrency, Google Ads, Content Marketing, and many more.

Clients: Twenty20, Nextiva, Intuit, Lever.co, Cafepress, and many more

Mighty Citizen

Mighty Citizen Digital Marketing Agency

Mighty Citizen is a data-driven agency. They tend to make strategies and then work on their plans. With 23 years of experience, the mighty citizen can help you scale up your business.

Year Started: 1999

Services Offered: Paid advertising, Strategy building, Design and content, research, and many more.

Clients: RIMS, AATS, TCTA, Texas Education Agency, Texan Health and Human Services, and many more.


iSynergy online advertisement company

iSynergy is also a data-driven Digital advertising company. They identify themself as a crew of quirky individuals that help you grow with quirky ideas. iSynergy can build brands around a strategy and assist in gaining more revenue.

Year Started: 2011

Services Offered: Paid advertising, Digital transformation, SEO, SMM, and many more.

Clients: Orange Avacado Juicery, JAC Management group, Imagin That, Lime Tree, and many more.

 Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Digital ads agency

Disruptive Advertising is a Facebook advertising focused agency. They believe in building a strategy according to a brand and then reaching out to potential clients. You can get a free audit report of your business.

Year Started: 2011

Services Offered: Paid advertising, Lifecycle marketing, Creative service, and SEO.

Clients: BPI Sports, DAVINCI, NASM, Adobe, Trudog, and many more.

SEO Brand

SEO Brand digital marketing agency

As the name suggests SEO Brand is n SEO-driven digital ads agency. They have 15+ years of experience in digital marketing and require a minimum $1000 project size. SEO Brand also helps in e-commerce marketing and assists in listing products at the top page.

Year Started: 2006

Services Offered: Paid advertising, Organic search, Social media, blog posting, and many more.

Clients: BMW, LG, MONT BLANC, McGill, Designer Eye, Wills Eye Hospital, and many more.


Markitors digital advertising company

Markitors is a digital marketing agency specially built for small businesses. The minimum project size starts from $1000. They have experienced agents who make plans according to your business limitations and then run ads accordingly. 

Year Started: 2012

Services Offered: Paid Advertising, Email marketing, SEO, Strategy building, and many more.

Clients: Y scouts, Boutique Hotel, ERP, and many more.

Silverblack Stratergies

Silverblack digital marketing agency

Silverblack strategies accept a project that starts at a minimum of $1000. It is an integrated team of digital marketing experts that follows a strategic approach to complete a task. They have an experience of 15 years of and can help you scale up your business at a faster rate. 

Year Started: 2007

Services Offered: SEO, Paid Advertising, Web Analytics, Social Media advertising, E-commerce management, and many more.

Clients: Hyper Vigilance, AAFMAA, Long Roofing, Ecornell, and many more. 


WEBITMD Digital marketing agency

WEBITMD assists you in digital marketing and lead generation. Their growth stack team dives deep into your business and creates a list of all the clients that you can target. Then they set short-term goals and work on them rigorously. 

Year Started: 2008

Services Offered: Paid Advertising, Lead generation, SEO, SMM, and many more.

Clients: Hyatt Hotels, Sila Sveta, TP-Link, Aquent, and many more.


NoGood consists of a team of growth hackers, creatives and data scientists. They provide full marketing funnel services and unlock rapid growth for your business. NoGood provides services to Saas, B2B, and D2C companies.

Year Started: 2017

Services Offered: SEM, PPC, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and many more.

Clients: Steer, Ghostery, Byte Dance, Ventract, Rivet, and many more.

Perfect Search Media

Perfect Search Digital Marketing Agency

Perfect Search uses its own technologies and finds analytics around it. They perform continuous testing to check the outcomes. This creates transparency between you and the agency.

Year Started: 2010

Services Offered: PPC Advertising, Mobile Advertising, SEO, Retargeting, Content Creation, and many more.

Clients: Swig Life, Blitsy, AACC, Flim Academy, NGC, AMTA, and many more.


Now that we have covered all the online advertisement companies it’s up to you whom to choose. All of them provide distinct features and some even have minimum project limitations.  

Hopefully, this post has helped you to find the digital marketing agency that perfectly fits your business

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