Why Is A Customer Service Knowledge Base The Ultimate Self-Service Resource?

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Last Updated: July 2024

Did you know that 91% of customers prefer an online knowledge base over any other customer support?

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone wants answers to their question with just a click. Customers would just prefer to search for their query and solve it rather than get on a call with your customer support. 

This is when a knowledge base can be used. A knowledge base is a booklet of information about your company or the products/services rendered by you. It helps in the quicker resolution of problems and scales up your customer experience with your company. 

Let us dive further in

What does a knowledge base consist of?

A knowledge base may vary from company to company, but some of the basic information that a company might hold is:

  • How-to videos and guides
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • FAQs
  • Company Policies

Keeping all these pieces of information in your knowledge base will enhance your customer experience.

Why a knowledge base is important?

With a strong knowledge base, you will find your business more active and able to deliver swift services. Here’s how:

Consistent Service

All the employees and the customers will be looking at the same set of information which reduces the chances of confusion and helps you operate more consistently. With all the points referring to the same answer the reliability also increases and customers tend to get the right set of information.

High-Resolution Rate

With an efficient knowledge base, there is no need to put your customers on hold to transfer them between agents. Answers are right under the fingertips of your customers. 

(For example: A knowledge base can help in step-by-step processes such as account login or how to buy a product.)

Lower Training Cost

A knowledge base consisting of a high set of keywords helps in training a new set of employees at a faster rate with consistent information. This scales up your work environment at a lower cost. 

24/7 customer support

A knowledge base does not require any human conversation thus it helps your customers 24/7. You just have to enlist all-important questions and steps, and you are done with it. There are some other benefits as well:

  • Meeting customer’s expectations of on-demand support
  • Lessen ticket generation
  • Offering solutions in different languages
  • Time zone is not a barrier

What are the steps in creating a good knowledge base?

Start with good design and structure:

The design and structure of your knowledge base should be in such a way that it is easy for customers to locate. By looking at Bigcommerce’s knowledge base structure you can get an idea of how a knowledge base should be designed. They have covered all the related information of their services on their knowledge base portal. Which makes it easier for their customers to locate and resolve their queries. 

The on-point writing process:

To write the best knowledge base possible you must keep in mind the following steps.

  1. Write illustrative titles.
  2. Add a link to helpful resources.
  3. Avoid Typos.
  4. Add the most frequently asked questions on your homepage.

Include helpful visuals:

Adding photos and videos to your knowledge base can help learn or understand steps more easily. Visual insights can reduce confusion among consumers resulting in a great customer experience. 

How to manage your Knowledge base?

Creating a knowledge base is not enough. Maintaining it according to your niche audience and updating it regularly is also important. Down below are some steps to keep in mind while developing your management base:

  • Keep your knowledge based on brand.
  • Update your knowledge base with every new product or update in a previous product..
  • Share your knowledge base everywhere.
  • There should be a “Contact support team” option.
  • An easy-to-use search option.

One of the best examples of an insightful knowledge base is Shopify’s. They have not only a dedicated search bar for keyword searches but also a listed FAQ on different topics. covered and deliver great self-service customer support.


Building a good knowledge base is essential in today’s world where customers prefer swift responses to their queries.  A knowledge base opens doors to great product service, improved customer service, and increased collaboration with a lot less time spend on answering the same set of questions. This boosts your ROI in terms of customer success. 

To create an excellent knowledge base you can visit Saufter which is a helpdesk system that lets you set up a knowledge base. Saufter is software for 24*7 live support on your product with excellent customer support tools, smart AI integrated solutions, and social media integrations for effective marketing of your store

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