Top 12 Customer Service Email Management Software

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Last Updated: May 2024

Customer Service email management in eCommerce plays a crucial role in engaging customers and increasing leads to multiplying the ROI for a brand.

Email management services involve streamlining incoming customer emails, responding to them promptly, and following up whenever necessary.

Performing these tasks manually can be easy for startups or small size businesses. But when you scale up your business, the number of emails to respond to daily will increase by many folds. Here comes the requirement of good customer service email management software.

An efficient helpdesk software comes in handy to help you in managing customer service emails effectively while actively engaging them.

Here, we present to you the top 12 email management services software to support your business. Read below to find out more.


  1. Saufter
  2. Freshdesk
  3. Zendesk
  4. Help Scout
  5. ProProfs Helpdesk
  6. Hiver
  7. Front
  8. Sendinblue
  9. HappyFox
  10. LiveAgent
  11. Gorgias
  12. SaneBox





Saufter offers fully managed customer support solutions to scale your customer service experience effortlessly by converting it into a marketing pipeline. It is an all-in-one helpdesk software that includes

  • Email integration
  • Live Chat integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Shopify integration

The helpdesk offers various automated order-related services to your customers like self-returns/exchanges/modifications, etc. It also offers automated agent training solutions and agent-for-hire services.


  • Inbound email processing
  • AI-drafted email-integrated solutions
  • Saves up to 50% of your manual time put into repetitive email tasks
  • Automatically tracks order delays and notifies you
  • You can choose to send email notifications on order updates to your customers
  • Efficient ticket managing system that brings the whole customer journey to one screen
  • Slack integration for effective internal team communication to achieve faster support resolution

Pricing Info

  • Custom pricing


Freshdesk Email Ticketing System (Overall Rating 4.5/5 ⭐, 2621 reviews)

Freshdesk Email Ticketing System


Managing customer service out of a shared inbox can be challenging. What you need is an email ticketing system like Freshdesk that approaches customer service with easy-to-manage ticketing and enables seamless collaboration to ensure your support stays effective and prompt.

With Freshdesk’s email ticketing system, you can

  • Assign ownership of the tickets
  • Prioritize the tickets from low to high
  • Set service level agreement (SLA) deadlines
  • Engage on any channel


  • Automate tasks like routing, tagging, or following up on support tickets to improve support efficiency
  • Cut down on repetitive work using canned responses or support email templates
  • The in-built discussion pane enables your teams to collaborate to resolve issues faster
  • You can set up the knowledge base, user community forums, or discussion boards for customer self-service
  • Offers real-time insights on team performance and customer satisfaction


  • A bit overpriced upgrades
  • Needs more improvement in the internal collaboration
  • All the functionalities are not supported

Pricing Info

  • Sign-up for a free 21-day trial
  • A free plan and paid plans starting from $12.50/agent per month


Zendesk (Overall Rating 4.5/5 ⭐, 5293 reviews)

Zendesk Email Management Software


Zendesk Customer Service Email Management software helps you streamline your email customer support with time-saving tools like triggers and automation so your business can continue to build relationships with customers without the fear of mismanaged information getting in the way.


  • Context-based intuitive software to provide personalized support
  • Your agents can create “Macros”, predefined responses to recurring customer inquiries
  • Custom ticket views that show ticket status, assignee, group, or other conditions
  • Built-in SLAs to track the ticket status and not miss a deadline


  • Software setup and features are complex to understand and require technical support assistance
  • Pricing is slightly expensive

Pricing Info

  • A free trial
  • Paid plans starting from $19 per month


Help Scout (Overall Rating 4.5/5 ⭐, 362 reviews)

Help Scout email Helpdesk


Help Scout’s Shared Inbox email support software gives your team the tools you need to easily manage customer email communications. Bring your team’s incoming email into a shared inbox to work together, boost productivity, and build important relationships.

Manage email, live chat, and phone conversations — all from a single mailbox.

  • Assign the right emails to the right teams or individuals
  • Collaborate seamlessly among the teams
  • Create automated workflows and custom folders to speed up repetitive emails


  • Answer up to 52% of emails with ease of automation
  • Share private notes with teammates to collaborate on problems and solutions before replying to emails
  • The Sidebar shows customer’s contact information, previous conversations, and data/activity from other apps
  • Toggle between email and chat conversations in less than a second, and see new requests updated in real-time
  • All plans include 2-factor authentication, while the Pro plan includes SSO/SAML and more


  • Cannot snooze or schedule an email or reply
  • Cannot connect your social media accounts
  • Custom variables can pass fake or malicious data to support agents
  • No UK or EU servers

Pricing Info

  • A free trial is available
  • Paid plans starting from $20/user per month


ProProfs Helpdesk (Overall Rating 4.8/5 ⭐, 11 reviews)

ProProfs Email Management Software


ProProfs Helpdesk offers customer email management software to declutter your inbox by tracking, organizing, and managing all your customer emails efficiently. The software allows you to,

  • Robust internal collaboration features – internal notes
  • Organize email conversations – prioritize, label, & assign tickets
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Monitor email support performance


  • Prioritize urgent customer service emails to achieve a faster first response time
  • Set SLAs for effective email management
  • Create custom signatures for all your accounts and add a professional touch to every outgoing email
  • Easily monitor metrics such as email response times, email backlogs, customer satisfaction, and more
  • The software works on any device– PC, mobile, or tablet enabling you to work from anywhere
  • Train customers & agents with online training courses


  • Very limited social media and other third-party integration tools

Pricing Info

  • 15-day Free trial
  • Paid plans starting from $10/user per month


Hiver (Overall Rating 4.6/5 ⭐, 77 reviews)

Hiver Email Management Software


Hiver makes email management an extremely simple process, right from the comfort of the Gmail workspace.

  • Ensure email accountability for all incoming emails easily
  • Have complete visibility into email assignment/reassignment across the team
  • Automate email management


  • Assignees get real-time email assignment notifications
  • Use email tags to categorize and prioritize conversations for faster access
  • Collaborate effortlessly with your teammates using “@mention
  • Set SLA and business hours for your customer service team
  • Lets you connect Asana, Jira, and salesforce with your Gmail inbox
  • Set up multi-channel support – knowledge base, live chat, and email
  • AICPA and Information Security Management System certified


  • Plans prices are frequently changed
  • Doesn’t support the Gmail app, and requires an additional app for group email on the phone
  • When onboarding new people you have to go to each shared inbox and add them individually
  • No private message option

Pricing Info

  • 7-day Free trial
  • Paid plans starting from $10/user per month


Front (Overall Rating 4.7/5 ⭐, 1554 reviews)

Front email management software


The Front is a customer communication hub that keeps teams focused on every conversation to strengthen customer relationships.

  • Your inbox, your team inbox, and your teammates – all are in one place
  • SLA notifications/warnings for priority emails
  • Efficient team communication to ensure a quality response


  • Connect with all communication channels – email, SMS, Social media, Live Chat, Shopify, etc
  • Share knowledge and collaborate with the team, in real-time
  • Get a 360-degree view of all customer information next to every message
  • Automated workflows, advanced analytics, and native customer data for a better performance


  • Does not allow to create of complex nested rules
  • Cannot star or flag for important emails
  • No notification pop-up or sound

Pricing Info

  • Plans start from $19/person per month


Sendinblue (Overall Rating 4.5/5 ⭐, 1524 reviews)

Sendinblue email management software


Sendinblue helps you promote your brand and grow your business by providing you with complete email solutions.

  • Design professional-looking personalized emails
  • Efficient Email Marketing tools


  • Create attractive emails using templates and drag-drop builder
  • AI-powered send email schedule optimization
  • Integrates with SMS and chat
  • Keep your team organized with a shared CRM inbox
  • Save time by viewing centralized customer conversations and team members in one inbox
  • Connect your Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook email accounts easily to Inbox
  • Automate target segmentation to boost engagement


  • Live chat support is not available
  • Pricing is slightly expensive

Pricing Info

  • Sign-up for Free
  • A Free plan
  • Paid plans start from $18.90 per month


HappyFox (Overall Rating 4.5/5 ⭐, 126 reviews)

HappyFox email management software


Organize all incoming customer support emails and manage them in a centralized, feature-rich email ticketing system with HappyFox email Helpdesk software.

  • Organize emails into tickets
  • Monitor, measure and improve the performance
  • Effective team collaboration and communication


  • Seamlessly integrates with Shopify, Salesforce, Facebook, Microsoft, etc
  • Custom filters to group and sort the email tickets
  • Perform ticketing actions like cloning, merging, relating, and splitting to smoothen your ticket tracking process
  • Prioritize support tickets using the SLA performance measures
  • Accelerate standard responses using predefined email content


  • No trial plan available
  • Monthly in-depth reporting is not available

Pricing Info

  • Paid plans start from $29/agent per month
  • Annual, 2 years and 3 years contract plans are also available


LiveAgent (Overall Rating 4.7/5 ⭐, 1184 reviews)

LiveAgent email management software


LiveAgent email management software is awarded as the best software for 2022 for its incredible support software that increases productivity, decreases stress levels, and ultimately saves time and money for businesses of any size.

  • Can connect unlimited email addresses
  • Countless Automations
  • Hundreds of third-party integrations


  • Every employee is given unique login credentials
  • Universal Inbox streamlines all messages from various communication channels such as live chat, phone, or social media in one place
  • Department-wise filtering, assigning, workflows, and email marketing using automation rules
  • Robust Analytics tools and reporting to identify areas of improvement
  • Offers built-in internal chatting and calling options for internal communications
  • Customizable built-in CRM
  • The ticket-splitting and merging feature helps to improve resolution times and agent efficiency
  • Video Tour available


  • The mobile version interface is not good
  • Cannot use multiple canned messages in one ticket
  • Individual social media integration is costly

Pricing Info

  • A 14-day Free Trial
  • A Forever Free plan
  • Paid plans starting from $15/agent per month


Gorgias (Overall Rating 4.6/5 ⭐, 485 reviews)

Gorgias email management software


Gorgias provides a better way to manage your support inbox. Answer every email from shoppers in a shared workspace, so your agents always have the full context they need to provide exceptional support.

  • Helps achieve higher CSAT and reduce inbox to zero
  • Automation tools to reduce response and resolution time
  • Automated workflows


  • Detailed eCommerce data of your customers on one screen to initiate necessary actions
  • Keep track of customers’ email threads and messages in a single view, regardless of channels
  • Sync with Gmail or Outlook
  • Create personalized templates using Shopify variables
  • Set your custom signature
  • Integrates with Social Media, Live Chat, SMS & MMS


  • Cumbersome ticket and Macros navigation
  • Limited customizations and features
  • Gorgias android app is not working properly

Pricing Info

  • Sign up for Free
  • Paid plans start from $10/month


SaneBox (Overall Rating 4.8/5 ⭐, 57 reviews)

SaneBox email management software


SaneBox analyzes and auto-organizes all your emails into important and unimportant, making your inbox absolutely clutter-free in just minutes.

  • Login using your Gmail, Microsoft Office, iCloud, or any email address
  • Auto SaneBots for every function
  • Quickly process Train, Snooze, Move, Trash, Archive or Mark as Read


  • SaneBots quickly analyzes your inbox and previous history
  • All your important emails are kept in Inbox and unimportant emails are saved in SaneLater
  • You can move important emails back to your inbox by simply drag-drop and the SaneBox understands it
  • SaneBlackHole is a folder to train the Trash emails
  • SaneAttachments auto-organizes all the attachments in your cloud service
  • Use SaneSnooze to customize by time, day of the week, month, or even year


  • Need to train to recognize bulk email once manually
  • Un-subscribe add-on is not available
  • Plans are slightly expensive

Pricing Info

  • A 14-day Free trial
  • Paid plans start from $3.49 per month



We have thoroughly dissected the leading 12 email management software of the industry and discussed their features, pros, cons, and pricing in detail. We suggest you visit those websites for more information and zero in on the best suitable software for your business.

Ideally, if you are looking to enhance your overall customer support along with email management, then check out Saufter. As we have mentioned its key features and pros above, click on the link below to try it with your business.



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