Having positive customer engagement is quite crucial for a business. According to a report from ThinkWithGoogle, “33% of marketers agree that improved understanding and customer engagement with the right customers is most important to reaching their marketing goals in the next three years.”

But as customers use eleven social media channels on average to reach brands, it can be overwhelming for you to create an effective customer engagement strategy and track it. 

This is where creating a customer engagement portal could be the right choice for you.

Confused about how to create a customer engagement portal? We have you covered!

In this post, we’ll walk you through the following:

Why is customer engagement important?

Customer engagement is a way to build both your brand image and connection with your customer base. It’s a great way to build your own unique mark in the market.

Here’s how customer engagement is important:

  1. Boosts customer loyalty: Engaging with your customers and making them feel valued and cared for is what makes them loyal to your business. In a Helplama survey, 86% of consumers said they feel more loyal to a brand that shows a deep understanding of their priorities and preferences.
  2. Reduces customer churn: By analyzing your engagement rates, you get to know about at-risk customers. These are the customers who could most likely break business relationships with your company. Once you understand the customer behavior, you can implement better engagement strategies accordingly.
  3. Good customer experience: Good customer experience is directly proportional to the engagement you have with your customers. Interacting with your customers regularly and resolving their queries can result in a good and satisfying customer experience.
  4. Increase in sales: Customer engagement practices can help you reach a larger audience in your niche, resulting in increased leads and revenue. Additionally, it can help you connect and collaborate with influencers in your niche, which in turn, would help you increase your sales.


What is a customer engagement portal?

To analyze customer engagement rates, you often resort to frequent interactions with customers, track new leads, provide discounts, and hold giveaway contests. This manual method of tracking your customer engagement rates can get a bit cumbersome at times. 

This is where a customer engagement portal can come in handy.

A customer engagement portal is an online platform that provides all the necessary customer engagement KPIs and tools in one place.


Good client engagement platforms provide your customer access to reward systems, user milestones, discounts, exclusive content, and information about upcoming events. 

These customer engagement channels/platforms give you insights related to important engagement metrics by which you can determine the level of engagement your brand has with your customers.


Important customer engagement metrics to use:


You must be aware of whether your customer engagement strategies are working or not. This is where you need to keep a track of some important customer engagement metrics. These metrics play a huge role in analyzing and improving your digital engagement strategies.

1. Social media insights

Measuring your social media insights is one of the easiest and most effective ways to track your engagement rate. You can measure the number of likes, comments, impressions, and reach of your account.

To access this feature, many popular social media platforms like Instagram allow you to switch to a professional or business account.

Moreover, these insights can help you analyze your audience’s online behavioral traits and understand the type of content they want to see.

2. Customer conversations

Another good way to track your customer engagement rate is by going through your social media profile’s comments section. You can notice the type of conversations that occur there. After analyzing those conversations you can understand the common topics users talk about.

This helps you come up with an improved and effective portal strategy to increase your customer engagement rates.

3. SEO


Search Engine Optimization is yet another effective way to track engagement rates. SEO helps you find keywords that have the potential to drive traffic to your site. Using these keywords helps you increase your engagement rates.

You must indulge in thorough keyword research. Next, make a list of all the relevant and trending keywords and hashtags of your niche and implement them in your posts accordingly.

4. Email Click-Through Rate

In our survey, we found that people often tend to ignore or delete emails from companies by mistaking them for spam or fraudulent texts. It often leads to businesses losing a lot of potential customers.

The email click-through rate metric provides you with the data indicating the number of people who have read your email as opposed to the ones who have ignored it. By analyzing this metric, you can brainstorm for more innovative and efficient ways to write an email to approach potential customers to increase engagement.

5. Referrals

Referrals, one of the most popular customer acquisition methods, is a great method to increase engagement rates as well. The referral codes can be used to track the number of users who applied that code.

To further increase the engagement with your customers, you can add an interactive questionnaire at the end of their purchases. It leads to both understanding your customer’s feedback and then improving your engagement rate by coming up with appropriate strategies.

6. Customer Retention Rate


Customer retention rate is yet another important metric that can be used to determine your brand’s engagement rate. In it, you get the information regarding the number of people who opted for your services more than once over a particular period.

A good customer retention rate is the very proof of a loyal customer portal, as it is the product of your brand having good engagement with your customer base.

While measuring customer engagement is important, effective engagement is the basis of building a customer engagement portal. So let’s know how to engage with customers effectively.

5 effective ways to engage customers:

Engaging customers with your content to make them understand your vision and build their trust in your brand is no easy feat. It takes time and consistent effort to increase your engagement rate over time.

Here are the 5 ways you can use to engage with your customers effectively:

1. Active social media presence: You should try to be as active as possible across all social media platforms. Make sure to post pictures, stories, and videos regularly. An active presence can help increase engagement as the more you post with relevant hashtags, the more reach you get.

2. Interact with your customers: Be sure to check the comments under your social media posts. Interaction with your followers can boost your engagement rates along with helping you understand their likes/dislikes. Try to maintain a conversational tone while interacting with them. Hence, make sure that you respond to their comments in a polite and empathetic manner. 

3. Create custom content: Make sure that the content you are posting is relevant to your customer base. In a Helplama survey, a large proportion – 80% of consumers said that they trust a brand or company that publishes custom online content relevant to them, keeping their customer journey in mind. You can post your niche-specific relevant and useful content in the form of instructional videos, animations, webinars, product tutorials, etc.

4. Product giveaways: Rewarding your customer base with giveaways can be a great way to increase engagement. You can hold a contest, wherein, the top winners could win exclusive hampers and discounts. The winners would then spread positive word-of-mouth about your brand in the form of story mentions and posts, in turn increasing the engagement.

5. Provide an omnichannel experience: A company has multiple channels through which they collect data and interact with their customers. The flow of interaction on separate channels can sometimes become a bit rigid. This is where an omnichannel setup can work wonders for you. The smooth flow of information helps increase engagement significantly.


Bonus Tip: Use Live chat for customer engagement!

Live chat outsourcing services

Live chat is one of the effective customer interaction channels. It’s not only convenient for you to integrate into your customer interaction mix but consumers also prefer it and some of them even see live chat as a necessity while interacting with a business.

Here are some proven benefits of Live chat as a customer engagement channel:

  • Higher customer satisfaction: Live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone.
  • Provides immediacy: 79% of consumers prefer live chat because of the immediacy it provides.
  • Low resolution time: Live chat’s average resolution time is no more than 42 seconds.
  • Boosts customer retention: 63% of customers said they were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

So, it’s a no-brainer that providing ‘live chat’ as a customer interaction channel should be the priority of your business.

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