15 Customer Communication Tools to Engage Your Audience


Communication is key. Be it amongst colleagues or between customers and sales person, communication can help improve your overall appeal. Customer communication is the path to improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM). There is nothing that a one-to-one conversation cannot solve!

If you are a budding marketer, you would be wondering what communication tools can improve your brand’s reach. Read on to find out which customer communication platform may be ideal for your marketing team to work with.

Here are 15 recommendations of communication tools that can help build a strong customer relationship.

15 Communication Tools to Help You Build Strong Customer Relationships

1. Helplama


Helplama is a one-stop solution for all customer service requirements. We can help your business reach out to your faithful customers and leads via emails, live chats, voice, etc.

Online support can prove extremely effective, especially for budding businesses and small industries. While setting up a communication desk alongside logistics, infrastructure, and operations may be overwhelming, you can conveniently outsource your CRM needs to Helplama.

This platform provides local customer support agents from the US, UK, and Australia. This ensures more authenticity for your local businesses, rendering them a personal touch by associating with professionals from the same place. Familiar lingo is an added advantage.

Some of Helplama’s features include Live Chat Integration, Shopify Integration, Social Media Integration, and Email Integration. From tracking orders to returning them, Helplama can assist your customers throughout.

Helplama’s Help Desk has the following advantages.

  1. Automated self-service for repetitive tasks
  2. 24*7 order monitoring
  3. One-click hires of trained agents
  4. Automated training offered for agents

Check out Helplama’s pricing here or request a demo.

2. MailChimp

MailChimp offers technologically-advanced customer support enabling around 13 million businesses worldwide. It offers integrations with over 200 other tools. MailChimp offers wholesome support, starting with an idea from your end to materializing sales. You can sign up for free here and later choose a plan that suits the scale of your venture.

3. Intercom

Intercom opens up direct conversation channels across various departments of a company as well as with customers. Chatbots, ABM, and automated scheduling of meetings set Intercom apart from its competitors. Huge brands like AWS, Shopify, Udemy, and IBM are associated with this customer communication platform. Intercom also offers practical marketing assistance and product tours.

4. ProofHub


ProofHub is a spotless team collaboration tool that provides all services, including project delivery, and maintains team accountability. It collaborates, plans, and organizes agendas for project delivery. ProofHub shares success stories with Netflix, Accord, TripAdvisor, NASA, Pinterest, etc. Your business, too, can benefit from this customer communication platform. Start your free trial here.

5. MonkeyLearn

Machine Learning-based communication tool MonkeyLearn automates ticket tagging for support teams and allocates teams for customer management. Its no-code text analytics feature helps you visualize customer feedback easily. Additionally, you can analyze communication data in detail with custom infographics and address specific problems. With MonkeyLearn, you can set up a Voice of the Customer (VoC) system easily. Check out the pricing here.

6. Campaign Monitor

With Campaign Monitor, you can tweak your email marketing game manifold. Professional emails that easily convey information about discounts, offers, etc., continue to be extremely effective digital marketing. The huge repository of email templates can be customized for your brand to be viewed through all devices. Campaign Monitor also offers SMS marketing. Sign up for free here.

7. Salesforce


Salesforce is an all-in-one CRM expert connecting all your teams while keeping your customers content. Salesforce’s Customer 360 helps businesses prioritize tasks and distribute them to teams. As a customer communication tool, Salesforce helps resolve customer issues faster with better agent response time through chatbots, social media, email, and calls. Learn more about how you can customize Salesforce to suit your business here. Try this tool here.

8. Drift

Drift promises warm and gentle exchanges between customers and marketers to nurture a smooth business relationship. Industry biggies like Adobe use Drift to drive customers to the right places for the best ROI. Drift lets you connect with customers via chats, emails, video conferencing, or even calls. Its efficient chatbots automatically answer basic support questions from customers.  Get a demo of this tool here.

9. Aircall

Aircall may be the way to go for call center customer communication systems. You can set it up without any hardware using cloud solutions. Integrating this communication platform with other CRM systems and helpdesks makes customer satisfaction a cakewalk! Your brand will become more accessible and intimate with phone conversations and one-on-one exchanges. You can get a personalized quote from Aircall here, depending on your need.

10. LivePerson


AI-powered chatbots are the newest customer communication solutions in the market. Meaningful customer conversations can be built over automated, AI-powered chatbots with LivePerson. LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud brings your customers together with you through social media, messaging, voice, email, and analytics. Request a demo with this communication tool that flaunts the ‘curiously human AI’ facility here.

11. Zendesk

Zendesk is a customer communication tool that helps you connect with customers at any time, any place. The Zendesk Suite lets you navigate through all channels seamlessly. You can create customized and interactive messaging systems with this tool. Zendesk’s Sunshine Conversations’ tools and APIs make messaging easy. You can orchestrate conversations and integrate your business’s existing systems, third-party software, and bots.

12. Pure Chat

This live chat software can easily integrate a chatbot into your existing website. Pure Chat has a powerful dashboard with customizable widgets. You can conveniently make your choices. Pure Chat uses visitor analytics to enable better conversations. You can use this information to find out about promising leads. It has a trigger-based chat functionality that prioritizes your most qualified prospects. Chat alerts, canned responses, SSL security, email facility, location information, and pre-chat information forms are some of PureChat’s other features.

13. Kustomer

Kustomer offers omnichannel messaging options and a unified customer view. This platform uses AL-powered automation as well. You can orchestrate customer engagement using the data you receive from your visitors. Automating service interactions and faster resolutions with CRM-powered chatbots and widgets are Kustomer’s specialty. A team inbox, personalized email facilities, easy attachments, etc. set this tool apart in customer communication. Check out Kustomer’s live demo here.

14. Channels

Channels is a data-driven phone system that call centers usually prefer. This customer communication platform will help you set up a helpline for your brand easily. Sales calls, SMS marketing, and even international calls may be made via Channels. You can integrate Channels with your Shopify account, Zendesk, Pipedrive, etc. Channels can make web calling easier between your brand and customers. You can try it for free here.

15. Zoho

Zoho is an all-in-one CRM tool that can help you grow your enterprise. In addition to perfecting customer communication, this tool helps you communicate better with your various teams and manage file storage. Foolproof automation of all your business processes may be enabled with Zoho. Popular brands like AirPanama, Hotstar, and Agoda have trusted customers of this communication platform.


Now that you have seen our top 15 picks of customer communication tools, we hope you have your questions answered. It is advised to use an all-in-one tool rather than specific tools that favor one or two functions.

We recommend you have a detailed brainstorming session with Helplama. We can help you decide what would ideally be more compatible for your business so that you can pick the perfect combination of services for a reasonable price!

Helplama can help you edge closer to your customers and streamline your business for the best possible ROI! Reach out today and get customer support easily integrated into your business model.


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