Does your Customer Support Team Need a CRM Software?

Last Updated: February 2024

Think about this: your customer support team contributes X revenue to your business each month. During the holidays, the daily revenues of your online store more than double up and you do not think twice about asking your team to put in extra hours in order to cash in on the opportunity to do more business. The guilt apart, you may also become distinctly aware that the performance of your team could have been a lot better, if you had a better way to track leads, ticket allocation, schedule follow-ups, and boost conversion. True, your customer support team likely has various digital tools, such as helpdesk software and spreadsheets, for managing customer data. As customer expectations continue to grow, however, online businesses need to find faster and better ways to keep up and that’s where CRM Software comes into play.


There may be many tasks that could be detracting your team from serving customers such as updating account information and attending team meetings. According to SalesForce, the average rep spends up to 25% of his time on such administrative tasks per week.

Using multiple systems for managing customer data can seem cheaper. However, the price you pay in terms of lost productivity is disproportionately high. If you are facing these challenges, consider investing in a CRM system.

6 Reasons Why Your Customer Support Team Needs a CRM Software 

Here are a few reasons why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can multiply your returns and help you provide an enhanced customer experience:

1. Tracking customer interactions

From tracking the status of open tickets to prioritizing follow-ups, a CRM system can save time and effort. While a shared Outlook inbox can be used to tag tickets and categorize them, sifting through a ton of information can be time-consuming. This can affect response time and lower a customer’s confidence in your brand. CRM software, on the other hand, automatically captures customer data and displays every interaction that a customer may have had with your team across different channels – social media, email, live chat, or phone- which can be referred by your agents in real-time.

This makes it easy for managers to track progress on specific tickets and implement workarounds faster. By integrating CRM software into your customer support workflow, you can ensure better turnaround times and a better first contact resolution rate besides improving employee satisfaction.

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2. Managing lead data


Starting with the order in which leads are contacted can be a significant source of friction between customer support and other teams. Agents often duplicate contacts or fail to track the lead source due to a lack of ability. This can affect conversion and sales, leading to customer dissatisfaction and bad reviews.

CRM software comes with features that can automatically detect and alert users about possible duplicate leads. You can set up dedicated pipelines for leads that are visible to all team members across departments. At the click of a button, CRM platforms can merge duplicate contacts and ensure the integrity and accuracy of your data.

3. Improving customer experience

If your CSat scores have been dropping lately, it’s likely that your existing customer support workflow is too fragmented. The quality of communication between agents and customers could be adversely affected as a result. For example, a customer would expect an agent to have done his/her homework when following-up on a delayed refund claim. If the agent is not aware of the exact reason why a customer is requesting a refund, he may end up upsetting someone who may have had multiple conversations with other agents about the same issue earlier. With CRM, your agents can be much better prepared to answer customer queries.

4. Valuable data insights


A CRM tool can help you identify your most profitable customers and find better ways of engaging them. Most CRM tools come with standard report dashboards that track everything from customer lifetime value to churn rate. You can easily customize these reports to perform specific analyses. For example, you can use a CRM tool to segment your customers based on their interests, level of income, etc. As CRM tools sync and combine data in real-time, you can get a 360-degree view of the customer journey and use it to enhance your brand experience.

5. Employee performance

Ensuring that tasks are performed as expected is critical for a small customer support team small customer support team to maintain efficiency and effectiveness. CRM tools come in handy for monitoring agents’ quality and productivity, ensuring they meet specified requirements. CRM tools can help you hold your agents accountable and build a customer-centric team culture.

6. Improved access to knowledge base content

Agents often need to search for a product or account-related information in real-time while speaking with a customer. While multitasking, it can get difficult for them to process information effectively. While most knowledge base tools come with search functions, putting the customer on hold may impact their experience.

By linking your knowledge base with the CRM tool, you can categorize information by specific workflows and include suggested responses that can help agents focus on answering customer queries rather than searching for information.

Last Words

From tracking customer requests to prioritizing ticket assignments, CRM tools enhance customer support team productivity and effectiveness. It can help your team accomplish more in less time. However, with ticket volumes and customer expectations increasing due to the pandemic, your team could certainly use some support itself! Helplama offers customized customer support services to businesses across a wide range of industries, helping them close the gap while driving growth.

Our Zero-Risk guarantee ensures no obligation for a minimum workload or upfront payment, allowing flexibility in the services you use. Helplama’s agents undergo thorough product training, ensuring you maintain complete control over the customer service process. We work as an integral part of your team which means your customers will never be able to tell the difference in voice and tone!

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you positively drive customer success.

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