Crisp Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]

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Crisp Pricing

Last Updated: July 2024

Want to install Crisp but don’t know which plan to opt for? Don’t worry, you can clear your Crisp pricing plan confusion here. 

Choosing an efficient plan can improve your business while preventing you from wasting your money. However, Crisp Chat offers 3 pricing plans with varied feature stacks. They are created by keeping in mind different businesses. 

Therefore, to help you in evaluating the pricing plans of Crisp, we are going to do the complete breakdown. 

But, first, let’s talk about Crisp followed by the below table of contents.


What is Crisp Chat?

Crisp is a messaging platform and ticketing system built for businesses. It allows you to interact with your customers while providing real-time assistance. Not only that you can also improve your sales with CRM and campaigns.

Also, delivers self-service features by letting you build a chatbot and knowledge base. For your support team, there is a shared inbox using which they can collaborate and resolve user requests. 

Now, let’s see the overview of Crisp price details.


Overview of Crisp Pricing

Basically, Crisp offers three pricing plans, namely – Basic, Pro, and Unlimited. The set of features you get is different in all these plans. 

There is also a free trial applicable to all these plans. By signing up for this trial you can test out its features and functionalities. 

Note: the time period for the trial is 14 days only. 

If you want you can also ask for a demo by contacting the Crisp support team. To see the detailed Crisp review of the pricing, scroll down.

Crisp pricing plans
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Complete Breakdown of Crisp Chat Pricing Plans

  1. Basic
  2. Pro
  3. Unlimited


#1 Basic

Basic is a free forever plan. That means you don’t have to pay a penny for using the features that come with this plan. 

Now it is time to see what features are included in the Basic plan.


Features Included


A) Live Chat

Crisp Live chat widget
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Crisp Live Chat allows you to add a widget to your website so your visitors can start conversations with your support team. Usually, customers use it to ask any questions or inform about the issues they may have.

Overall, by using this feature your agents can deliver live support to your users. Also, whether you are using a mobile or desktop, you will receive notifications whenever a visitor sends you a message.


B) Team Inbox

Team inbox is an interface using which your support team can chat with your customers. It is designed in a user-friendly way, as you can see in the below image.

On the left side, it displays the list of chats, and on the right side, visitor information. In the middle, you can see the current conversation that is going on. 

For easy understanding, visual indicators are there. The red bubble is attached to chats that are open and unresolved. While the green bubble is for resolved chats.

Crisp team inbox
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C) Mobile Apps

When your agents work remotely or when they cannot have access to a personal computer, they can simply install Crisp on their mobile devices. It is compatible with Android and iOS


D) Contact Form

By installing the Contact Form plugin, you can generate a contact form and display it on your website. It allows your customers to contact you instead of using Crisp livechat. This is useful when your users want to explain their issues in detail.



  • Agents: Allows only two agents to interact with your customers.
  • Features: You cannot do different operations other than conversing with your visitors.


Basic Plan is Good For:

Individuals who manage their own website and only need a chat feature to communicate with their visitors can go for the Basic or free plan.


#2 Pro

The Pro plan costs $25/month per workspace. And, on top of the above-mentioned features, you get more.


Features Included


A) Unlimited History

You will have access to all the previous conversations that you had with your customers no matter how long ago it has been.


B) Triggers

Set up triggers for various scenarios and send targeted messages automatically. Here, the Crisp trigger will detect when a visitor performs a specific action based on a certain rule and sends a configured message.


C) Canned Responses

Canned responses are pre-defined messages that your agents can use by making a few necessary changes if needed. It helps in preserving your brand voice while making your team more efficient.


D) Private Notes

Collaborate with your teammates by using private notes. Also, you can tag your colleagues through @name. Then, the named person will be notified.


E) Customization

You can customize your live chat widget to match your website design. It will allow you to customize multiple assets like the welcome message, colors, widget position, and chat offset.


F) Audio Message

Send voice messages or voice mail over instant messaging channels to humanize your brand and increase trust with your customers.


G) Integrations

Crisp lets you send replies directly from Slack to emails, chat, or any other channel from where your customer communicated. 

Plus, it integrates with Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Twitter. So, you can send Twitter replies to your followers directly from Crisp.


H) Email

Manage your brand’s email from Crisp itself. You can view incoming emails, send replies, and add private notes from one interface and unify your users’ experience.


I) MagicMap

Displays the live location of where your visitors are. In real time, you can see all the active visitors on a map as shown in the below image.

Image source –


J) Internal Search

Allows your agents to perform extensive internal searches and helps to find leads instantly.


K) Block Users

When you are running a business, you may sometimes face an abusive or aggressive customer who may behave inappropriately. With this feature, you can block those users or visitors.



One advantage of Crisp CRM is that you can use it for any number of users and contacts. It doesn’t charge any additional fees. 

Now, with Crisp’s CRM, you can export, edit, and manage users’ information. Also, from conversations to social networks, phone numbers, company information, and everything become available in one central place.



  • Agents: Only 3 seats are available. That means, 3 agents can communicate with your visitors.
  • Features: Limited integrations and automation compared to the Pro plan. Also, there are no self-service features or analytics.


Pro Plan is Good For:

If you are running a small business or startup, then it is best to subscribe to the Pro plan.


#3 Unlimited

The last plan, Unlimited is a bit expensive. It costs $95/month per workspace. Additional features it offers (other than Pro plan ones) are as follows.


Features Included


A) Knowledge Base

Build your own internal and external knowledge base with a rich text editor. Plus, link articles to a category, organize sections, and include valuable context so searchers can easily discover relevant resources.

Also, send helpful articles to your users and connect the knowledge base with your Crisp chatbot and live chat. 

For creating an internal knowledge base, document policies, organization goals, employee information, and any other important information in one place.

Crisp_knowledge base
Image source –


B) Status Page

It enables you to monitor your services live. In case something is wrong you are alerted and so you may inform your users about it. For example, when a particular service on your website is not working.


C) Chat Reminders

As the name itself suggests, it will remind you of any future events. You can schedule a reminder for a specific date and alert your teammates as well.


D) Routing/ Assigning

Based on conditions or rules, you can assign certain conversations to specific agents or departments.


E) Magic Browse

A co-browsing software lets you provide real-time assistance through live chat and shared browsing. It gives you the control of user’s screen so you can help them instantly.


F) Live Translate

With the name, you can clearly understand that this feature performs language translations in real-time. It does it for chat conversations. Moreover, Crisp supports 100+ languages.


G) Automation

  • Automated replies – When you are offline, you can send auto replies to your visitors by enabling Crisp autoresponder.
  • Automated Campaigns – Onboard, engage, and target users with Crisp and Drip Campaigns. You can send personalized messages and follow its open rate.


H) Chatbot

Build your own powerful and full-fledged chatbot by creating complex conversation flows with conditions and message replies. You can do this by using a code-free chatbot builder.

Crisp_chatbot builder
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I) Communication Channels

  • Audio/video chat – You can directly contact your customers who are browsing your app or website by making audio or video calls. It doesn’t require any additional plugins.
  • SMS – Using the Crisp SMS or Twilio features, you can let your customers communicate with you through SMS. 


J) Integrations

Below are the operations that you can perform by integrating the associated application.

  • Social Media – Reply to Line, WhatsApp, and Instagram users. You can even comment on IG stories.
  • CRM – Sync leads or contacts with Salesforce CRM, Pipedrive CRM, Zoho, and Hubspot. If you face any issues with Jira or Trello, you can manage them directly from the Crisp dashboard.
  • Zapier – With Zapier, you can automate your workflows and connect to external services. 
  • GitHub – Plug GitHub projects into Crisp and reply to any persisting issues from your Crisp dashboard.
  • Discord – In case you are busy using Discord and your customer sends a message, you can reply to them directly from Discord itself.
  • Aircall – Manage all your Aircall inbound and outbound calls from Crisp.


K) User Ratings

You can send feedback surveys to your users and ask them for ratings right after the support ends. After that, view ratings for every conversation in your shared inbox. Also, Crisp sends support transcripts to your customers.


L) Analytics

It gives you analytical reports of your customer satisfaction ratings, emails, chats, and employee productivity or efficiency.

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M) No Crisp Logo

Lets your brand stand on its own by removing Crisp logos.



  • Agents: Even with the Unlimited plan, only 20 agents can deliver customer support. For each extra agent, you need to pay $10 per month.


Unlimited Plan is Good For:

If you want full-fledged tools to communicate with your customers, then opt for the Unlimited plan. 


Crisp Chat Pricing Plans Comparison – At a Glance

Support/ Helpdesk Services
Crisp Mobile App Version
Unlimited Conversation History
Magic Map
Block Users
Chat Reminders
Live Translate
Magic Browse
No Crisp Logo
User Ratings
Customer Communication
Live Chat
Contact Form
Audio Messages
Video Chat
Features for Support Agents
Team Inbox
Private Notes
Internal Search
Knowledge Base
Status Page
Canned Responses
Routing/ Assigning
Automated Replies
Crisp Chatbot
Automated Campaigns
Reply From Slack
Facebook Messenger
Twitter DM
Line, WhatsApp, and Aircall
Automate with Zapier
Sync Leads to Zoho, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Hubspot
Jira, Trello, and GitHub


Key Features Missing in Crisp

There are many useful features in Crisp that you can use to deliver your customer support services. However, the following key features are still missing.


1) Voice Support

Among all the mentioned helpful features, Crisp doesn’t have the most basic one. As you already read, you can make audio or video calls to people going through your website or app, but you cannot provide native support for phone calls


2) No Real-time Analytics

Even though Crisp delivers analytical reports, they are not real-time. It processes analytics after every hour. That means you will receive the reports an hour late.


3) No Monitoring or Tracking System

Crisp doesn’t offer live monitoring or issue tracking systems. For example, if there is any problem with your workflow or trigger, you need to find it yourself. 

In the end, it could affect your customers’ experience dearly. 


Final Thoughts

Hope the above Crisp reviews of its pricing plans and the comparison of features offered are helpful in choosing the right plan for your business.

Also, as you can see, Crisp is suitable only for small businesses and startups. In case you are running a large business, we suggest you try Saufter. Actually, Saufter is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses as well.

It delivers automated live chat, knowledge base, order & returns management, 24/7 monitoring tools, marketing automation, and many more. Of course, it also includes email, live chat, SMS, voice, and social media customer support services.

So, without wasting any time, start your 15-day free trial here!



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