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Last Updated: February 2024

34% of companies have difficulty finding the right influencers to promote their products.

Do you want to use it for your business but aren’t familiar with CreatorIQ’s pricing and features? If so, we have completely broken down the pricing, features, and customer reviews to help you decide if CreatorIQ is best for your organization.

So let’s look at the contents of this article:

What is CreatorIQ?

CreatorIQ is a cloud-supported influencer marketing software that allows different-sized businesses to manage influencer campaigns through a single portal. It has numerous influencer accounts that you can search in real-time using its AI search feature.

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This software provides influencer marketing features such as influencer management campaigns, social media monitoring, payment tracking, multiple-campaign, and more. Additionally, you can deliver any influencer marketing campaign statistics ranging from content attribution and awareness to ROI.

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Pros and Cons of CreatorIQ

You can develop an influencer marketing campaign based on your targets. CreatorIQ lacks an A/B  testing feature.
Using AI vetting, you can automate the influencer recruitment process.It does not have an email management feature.
Utilize your customer history to generate new leads for your brand’s marketing campaigns. CreatorIQ does not support multichannel marketing.
You can deliver any influencer marketing statistics using CreatorIQ.Customer segmentation is not present in this software.

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CreatorIQ Pricing(Overall Rating 4.3/5)



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CreatorIQ pricing does not follow a discreet pricing model for its software. Instead, it uses a pricing request model where you can provide the required contact information. Then a platform specialist contacts you to give pricing details.

Why CreatorIQ Uses the Pricing Request Model?

You get the following benefits with this pricing model: 

  • Detailed Information: CreatorIQ’s specialists give you additional details about their pricing and packages.
  • Know your requirements better: Direct conversation can allow platform experts to understand your team’s influencer marketing requirements and tailor pricing plans.
  • Recommendations: After understanding your requirements, an agent recommends the perfect pricing plan that best helps you achieve your influencer marketing goals.

User Reviews on Pricing

When selecting which software to work with, we compared 11 platforms side-by-side. CreatorIQ had all the features that matter, with a super easy-to-use interface, at a fair price-point. We decided to try them, and have never looked back since.”- (Rating 5/5, Khaled H.)


CreatorIQ Features with Customer Reviews

Influencer Search(Overall Rating 4.5/5)

Influencer Search


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When you use its search engine for an influencer, it uses AI to discover good influencers using metrics like total followersrelated interest areas, and connections. Furthermore, you can utilize previous campaign performance data to compare selected influencers and discover new brand ambassadors.

CreatorIQ enables you to leverage your existing client data to find influencers who have previously posted about your business. Additionally, you can access numerous profiles across social networks due to its native links to all major social media APIs like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.

Positive Review

It also includes a search engine within the platform that allows search for content creators, celebrities, and influencers which helps to guide client-facing recommendations for projects. The metrics per creator are also robust and allow for even more insights into the creator’s worth and profile.”-  (Rating 5/5, Emily D.)

Negative Review

The influencer search tool is very difficult to navigate and often doesn’t produce accurate results”-(Rating 3/5, Majah C.)

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Campaign Development(Overall Rating 4.3/5)

Campaign Development


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You can develop influencer campaigns on CreateIQ based on your organization’s goals. Use campaign settings to tailor your objectives, like revenue tracking and influencer partnerships. Resultantly set clear success standards for your business organization.

CreatorIQ helps you know how to achieve your business targets in advance through campaign metrics. Using this information, you can decide where and when to take action and work clearly with your business teams and influencers.

Positive Review

Every part of the influencer partnership journey is well thought out and executed. It makes every stage from discovery and planning to execution a breeze. I love that it’s able to seamlessly report back campaign metrics without having to have partners sign up.”-(Rating 4.5/5, Yasamin V.)

Negative Review

The scale at which our team works is so large that it’s difficult for us to see CIQ as a true influencer CRM that holds all of our campaign information. Our organization moves at such a speed that creating one-sheets and campaigns isn’t an option for us and I do wish that it were a little bit easier to create snapshots of the creators we’re currently working with”-( Rating 3.5/5, Lauren S.)

Influencer Marketing and Reporting Insights(Overall Rating 4.5/5)

Influencer Marketing and Reporting Insights

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Highlight your organization’s success through marketing metrics to present key insights to viewers. Emphasize your organization’s crucial performance indicators by developing custom reports using automated templates.

CreatorIQ’s activity dashboard helps you make correct organizational decisions using data analysis. Likewise, make your team understand your decisions using CreatorIQ’s customized visualizations.

Positive Reviews

“The tool is brilliant for setting up campaigns in minutes. Easy to monitor and approve/reject influencer posts. The reporting also compliments this area as it automatically populates a digital report using all the information from the campaign so you don’t have to do much manually.” – (Rating 4/5, Eni A.).

Negative Reviews

Requires more data from other platforms. We sometimes would like to be able to customize some parts of the platform to help us better serve some of our special clients when it comes to reporting.”(Rating 4/5, Mohamad F.)


Common Missing Features in CreatorIQ

1. A/B Testing 

Using A/B testing, you can provide essential software features to your users in the final version of your software. It requires you to apply random experimentation testing of two versions of the same software before a patch or update with a varied feature set. 

Then verify which features your users like through analysis of the results. Finally, you can incorporate those features in the final version of the software. Unfortunately, CreatorIQ lacks A/B testing.

2. Email Management

You define the standards of incoming and outgoing communications via emails through the email management feature. Additionally, this feature allows you to edit, modify and manage emails. Unexpectedly, an email management feature is absent in CreatorIQ.

3. Real-Time Agent Support

Good customer experience allows you to influence customers more and earn increased customer loyalty. As XM institute states that 38% of consumers will recommend your business to an acquaintance if you offer them good customer support.

Live agents provide your customers with a great experience by providing instant answers to their queries. Likewise, these experts can act as good influencers for your company. Sadly, CreatorIQ does not have real-time agent support

4. Multichannel Marketing

CreatorIQ does not support multichannel marketing. It involves direct channels where you proactively market your products to consumers and indirect channels where you build brand awareness.

Some examples of direct marketing are banner ads, email marketing, and in-person visits. Likewise, a few examples of indirect marketing involves increasing brand reach through sponsorships, newspapers, and referrals.


So, we feel that this article helped you understand CreatorIQ’s pricing and features in a better way. Also, we have described some of its core features and features it misses. You can further read the customer reviews to know about other users’ opinions to make an informed decision.

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