10 Best Creative Digital Marketing Agencies in 2023!

Last Updated: February 2024

A digital marketing agency can help you create marketing strategies to elevate your business growth and achieve marketing goals.

But there is a variety of digital agencies that specialize in different types of marketing and services. One may specialize in creating video ads, while another might be specialized in search and PPC, and some focus on creative digital marketing.

If you’re looking for the best creative digital agency, look no further!

We have put together a list of the 10 best creative digital marketing agencies in this post.

But first, let’s know what creative digital marketing exactly is.

What is Creative Digital Marketing? 

Creative digital marketing is an interesting aspect of marketing that is done with the purpose of creating awareness of a product, service, or event through creativity.

Creative marketing can help you make a unique impression of your brand in the mind of your target audience, and keep their attention.

Here’s an example of how Burger King made a 15-second commercial much longer:

At the end of the 15-second commercial, a Burger King employee says “Ok Google, what is the whopper burger?” This triggered smart speakers around the world to read off a Wikipedia entry about the burger. This caused quite the controversy but gained the brand widespread media coverage.

If you want such a type of creative marketing for your business, have a look at the below listed creative digital agencies.

Best Creative Digital Marketing Agencies

  1. MediaCom
  2. Mass Appeal
  3. Humaan
  4. Epicosity
  5. 360i
  6. Blend
  7. Ralph
  8. McCann
  9. Grey
  10. Launch Digital

1. MediaCom

MediaCom is a creative marketing digital agency known for its successful creative marketing campaigns.

This digital creative agency has a special division named “Creative Systems” that can help you see the bigger picture by bringing media and creativity together to drive brand relevance and accelerate growth. They have developed Creative Systems to deliver on the vision ‘to make advertising work better for people.’

Founded: 1986, Europe

Clientele: Addidas, London Underground, Uber, Duracell, Mars, Ally, and more.

Services: Brand building, Creative, Innovation, Launch, Awareness, Advocacy, etc.

2. Mass Appeal

Based in New York, Mass appeal is an award-winning digital marketing creative agency that specializes in developing unique brand partnerships and campaigns that drive growth.

Mass Appeal’s mission is to tell diverse and authentic stories from the perspective of its clients. In short, they can help you with creating authentic and appealing content to create awareness and grab consumer attention.

Founded: 1996, New York

Clientele: Netflix, Disney, Google, HBO, Sprite, Sony Music, and more.

Services: Full-service creative content production for digital, TV, film, podcast, etc.

3. Humaan

“We turn ideas into extraordinary digital products & experiences.”

Human is one of the best digital creative agencies that can design and create unique digital products for your business including websites, apps, UI, UX, and ecommerce. They have a team of creative professionals with a motive to fill the marketing gaps for their clients.

Over the past decade, Humaan has won several awards, and its distinctive campaigns have caught the eye of several major brands.

Founded: 2010, New York

Clientele: Wesley College, Ferox, Unios, National Breast Cancer Foundation, and more.

Services: Design, Development, UX, Marketing Strategy, and Digital Solutions.

4. Epicosity

Being a renowned creative ad agency, Epicosity specializes in creating ads and marketing campaigns for various industries – education, finance, lifestyle, outdoor, cause marketing, and more.

They have worked with many leading companies and their marketing campaign for Armscor is one of the great examples of their work.

Founded: 2006, South Dakota

Clientele: Armscor, South Dakota State University, Helluva, Levo, Launch It, and more.

Services: Epicosity is a full-service creative digital marketing agency that can help you with Brand, Strategy, Digital, and Media needs.

5. 360i

360i is a fully integrated creative and media agency that helps brands tap into shifts in culture, behavior, technology, data, and business to gain a competitive advantage.

This digital creative company with several offices in the USA focuses on creative design. It is possibly the ONLY creative agency with 532 feet of whiteboard surface and 1600+ doodles to elevate creative thinking within their office. And these doodles were necessary to create awesome marketing strategies for Canon, HBO, Oscar Mayer, and the Dana Reeve Foundation.

Founded: 1998, Atlanta

Clientele: 7-Eleven, Discover, LinkedIn, Oreo, Fossil, and more.

Services: Creative, Media Planning, Strategy, Data & Analytics, Search & Shopping, and more.

6. Blend

Being a customer-centric marketing company, Blend has a great track record of registering dramatic growth for its B2B clients.

If you’re a B2B company looking for a creative digital agency, Blend can be a great agency you can partner with. The marketing agency is famous for its inbound marketing strategies that result in rapid growth in leads and conversions.

Safetybank website is a great example of their inbound strategy that resulted in a whopping 1942% increase in organic traffic on the website. 

Founded: 2010, Europe

Clientele: Safetybank, Theroom.io, Breathe, Tillo, Biochar, and more.

Services: Inbound marketing, Content marketing, SEO, PPC, and more.

7. Ralph

“Our team of passionate planners and crack creatives will transform any brief into a big beautiful strategy.”

Ralph is a creative digital marketing agency known for its though provoking marketing campaigns. Their creative advertising has also won them quite a few awards: 2014 Webby Awards Winner and 2020 Emmy Award – Outstanding Interactive Extension of a Linear Program.

Founded: 2009, NY

Clientele: SONY, IKEA, National Geographic, Twitter, and more.

Services: Video, SEO, UX, Web Design, Development, and more.

8. McCann

McCann is a renowned marketing agency that has worked with some of the biggest companies globally. It is one of the oldest and biggest marketing agencies in the USA and has multiple offices across countries.

They have a strong media and communication network, enhancing their marketing capabilities and allowing them to seamlessly provide marketing services worldwide. McCann can provide you with best-in-class creative marketing services with an endless reach.

Founded: 1930, NY

Clientele: Microsoft, Loreal, Mastercard, Coca–Cola, Aldi, and more.

Services: Content creation, experience design, interactive design, proprietary performance analytics, mobile app creation, and more.

9. Grey

One of the oldest and largest marketing agencies in the USA, Grey is known for its creative marketing strategies. Volvo’s video commercial – ”Safety for Our Planet” is one of the great examples of creative works by Grey.

Grey understands the importance of creativity in marketing and can help you build creative marketing strategies for multiple channels.

Founded: 1917, NY

Clientele: Volvo, Bose, Pfizer, Gillette, WildAid, and more.

Services: Video Marketing, TV Advertising, Branding, Design, and much more.

10. Launch Digital Marketing

Located in Naperville, Illinois, Launch Digital Marketing specializes in creative marketing services for brands across industries.

LDM knows that every client is different – including their needs and goals. To ensure that each client gets the individualized attention they require to build a great brand, they’ll receive a personal specialist that will work to craft their perfect online presence.

Founded: 2011, Naperville, Illinois

Clientele: Aurelio’s Pizza, Signature TG, Beef Shack, Plant Perks, and many more.

Services: Strategy & Consulting, Search Engine Optimization, Content Creation, Video Creation, etc.

Bottom Line

Being creative in marketing is not a trend, it has become a necessity! That’s because the human mind is loaded with so much content every day and the human attention span is dwindling.

So, you should definitely hire a creative marketing agency for your brand’s marketing. And all the marketing agencies mentioned in this article are authentic and known for their creativity.

Still, we can not tell you exactly which one of the above-listed advertising agencies is the best for your business because it depends on your business needs. So, identify and make a list of your internet advertising needs and choose the best agency that fulfills them without any condition.

And if you need help with customer service, Helplama can provide you with domain experts to answer and resolve the issues of your customers.


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