In this digital competitive world, your business needs to employ content marketing in its comprehensive marketing strategy. Creating insightful and valuable content can help retain your loyal and potential customers.

However, there are many variables you need to consider with content marketing. Perhaps it is best to partner with one of the best content marketing companies.

You will need an agency that executes a reliable strategy, then creates, and distributes useful content to your audience. That is why we will help you understand:

What is Content Marketing Agency?

A content marketing agency is a company that works with your business to research, create, edit and promote different types of content. The content can range from articles, and blogs, to infographics, and videos.

Actually, content marketing is all about the creation and distribution of engaging and informative content that your audience needs. When implemented skillfully, it offers value to your users which in turn boosts your brand awareness and revenue.

Therefore, content marketing firms usually consist of a team of professionals in various fields like writing, marketing, videography, and graphic artists. When you employ a content marketing agency, regardless of your business size you can use their skills to create dynamic innovative content.

Main functions of a Content Marketing Agency

  1. Content Strategy – After understanding your business or organization and its goals, the best marketing agency develops a content strategy. They need to analyze your competitors and determine whether they are applying the right strategy or not. If they are using the wrong one, a digital marketing agency should rectify its mistakes and implement the best strategies that are suitable for your business.
  2. Content Production – An agency should research high-volume keywords that your content needs for a high ranking. Content marketing companies need to create original content that can be posted on your blog, social media, landing page, and so on.
  3. Digital Public Relations – Digital PR is short for digital public relations. It is the promotional tactic used to increase your brand’s presence in the online world. You need Digital PR to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It involves planning activities by using tools, channels, and internet-based methods that promote your company.
  4. Optimization With SEO, you can gain organic traffic. That is why content marketing companies need to edit and optimize the content created for you to meet SEO standards.
  5. Content Distribution – This allows you to publish content directly from the content management tool of your choice. Usually, an agency monitors the success of your published content and makes adjustments whenever there is a need.

To put it simply, the best content marketing agencies are a team of professionals who develop a content strategy, generate authentic content, distribute it on your online platforms and track the performance of digital content produced.

Best Content Marketing Agencies

  1. Brafton
  2. Verblio
  3. Growth Hackers Digital
  4. WAT Consult
  5. Eucalypt Media
  6. Influence & Co.
  7. Content Bureau

#1 Brafton

Brafton is one of the top content marketing agencies founded in 2008. You can see that it is an all-around agency that specializes in content strategy, content creation, and distribution.


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The services Brafton offers for you are as follows:

  • Blog content creation,
  • Infographics and asset design,
  • Video production,
  • Newsletter,
  • Website copy and email copy,
  • Ebooks and white papers,
  • Case studies,
  • SEO marketing,
  • Email marketing.

Refer blog and a podcast called “above the fold” so you can learn all about this content marketing company.

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#2 Verblio

Verbilo offers a wide range of content writing services along with proofreading and SEO. Also, you can gain access to hand-selected stock photos. It is the best content creation agency if you are running a small business.

There are different types of content creation services for your business such as blog posts, ebooks, newsletters, product descriptions, website content, podcast summaries, and so on. Choose their services after examining their sample work available on the website.

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The Verblio service works in the following way.

  1. Sign-up by telling them about your business and its targeted audience, then choose a plan.
  2. Request the content from the Verblio team of more than 3,000 writers. Set a priority, and assign a deadline.
  3. After you receive the content, you may suggest edits, decline it, and accept it as per your preference.
  4. Leave feedback and rate the posts. Bookmark the writers you like so that approved writers can create more content for you.

Note that you can pay only for the content you approve. In addition, publish your content with WordPress and Hubspot integrations.

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#3 Growth Hackers Digital

Even though it is founded in 2017, Growth Hackers Digital is awarded “Top Advertising and Marketing Agency” by Clutch and “Top Digital Agency in India” at DD Awards in 2021. As you can see, it is one of the best content marketing firms available in the market.

Growth Hackers

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If you hire Growth Hackers, they claim to improve targeted acquisition, ROI, and your brand creation activities. To achieve this, they are offering the following services.

  • SEO and ASO,
  • WordPress development,
  • Content Marketing,
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn Ads,
  • Creatives and Messaging,
  • Analytics and Reporting.

Use their content services on Reddit, Twitter, Quora, etc. Moreover, case studies are differentiated as per categories on their site which you can read to understand how other companies use Growth Hack Digital services.

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#4 WAT Consult

If your company’s target audience is Indians, then WAT Consult can the one for you as it is one of India’s top content marketing agencies. 

This agency is a full-service digital and social media agency that presents creative services in Digital video, SEM, social media, web and mobile app development, and so on for your business.

WAT Consult

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Add any of these services to your business.

  • Search engine optimization,
  • Social media marketing,
  • Online reputation management,
  • Online PR,
  • Social Media audit,
  • Digital marketing,
  • Mobile marketing,
  • Web development,
  • Mobile development, etc.

On top of that, it is India’s most globally awarded digital agency with 350+ awards. CLIO, Spikes Asia, London International Awards, and EPICA Awards, are some of the recognitions they won.

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#5 Eucalypt Media

Founded in 2006, Eucalypt focuses on strategizing and generating compelling digital and printable content for your organization and brand.

Eucalypt Media

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Claims that you can hire a team of experienced writers and editors specializing in life sciences, engineering, finance, tech, and other complex fields. Also, graphic designers who worked for agencies and enterprise brands. 

These graphic artists can turn complex information into visually appealing presentations like infographics and white papers that can be displayed on your site.

Want to boost your content production or need support in creating a content strategy from scratch, then Eucalypt Media offers an ideal solution to meet your goals. Check their testimonials in case you need any proof.

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#6 Influence & Co.

Influence & Co. is one of the content marketing firms that declare to be driven by your business results. It concentrates on sales enablement, thought leadership, lead generation efforts, and search engine optimization.

Employ any of the following content marketing services for your business.

  • Content audit,
  • Content strategy,
  • Keyword research,
  • Technical website audit,
  • Guest posts,
  • Public relations,
  • Blog posts,
  • Case studies,
  • White papers,
  • Infographics,
  • Content Amplification.

The Influence & Co. drives together your expertise, and their content creation, media relations experience, and best SEO practices, to generate engaging content for your organization.

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#7 The Content Bureau

In case, your business is in need of high-quality B2B (business-to-business) marketing solutions, then recruit Content Bureau. Founded in 2000 and is a known as women-owned business as 85% of its staff consists of females.

Content Bureau

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This agency offers B2B marketing services for your organization in the following aspects.

  • Messaging,
  • Email,
  • Web,
  • Pdf,
  • Presentation.

Even though you can employ the Content Bureau agency regardless of your industry, it declares to specialize in technology marketing writing, financial writing, and venture capital & private equity writing. 

Their team builds B2B marketing assets for attracting visitors to your website. Also uses advance thought leadership throughout their support to your brand or organization.

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Final Words

Content marketing is important for your business and is the core of a marketing strategy. If you do not address content marketing problems then your business might fall behind its competitors. 

Thus, to clear the gap between you and your competitors, we highly recommend that you employ reliable content marketing aspects that suit your business. In fact, employ the best content marketing agencies to boost your content.

All the content marketing firms on the list are attentive, innovative, and effective. Review the options and choose the best content marketing agency as per your business requirement.

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