Constant Contact Competitors: 8 Alternatives You Need To Know!

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constant contact competitors

Last Updated: May 2024

Are you looking for Constant Contact competitors to up your email marketing game? Look no further! You’re in for a treat.

In a world where email marketing is the driving force behind customer engagement, it’s essential to explore alternatives that offer unique features and advantages.

According to a recent study by Litmus Resource, email marketing generates an astounding $36 for every $1 spent.

This is an ROI that is worth investing in. So, fasten your seatbelt as we take you on a thrilling journey through 8 enticing alternatives that will supercharge your email marketing efforts.

1. HubSpot

constant contact competitors

Rating: ⭐4.4

Pricing: Starts at $18/mo; Free plan

Looking to propel your business to new heights? HubSpot’s Email Marketing Tool is your ultimate ally. It seamlessly integrates with your CRM, empowering you to effortlessly organize contacts and gain invaluable customer insights.

Key Features

    1. Smart Segmentation: Segment your audience effortlessly and send tailored messages that resonate with each recipient, fostering deeper connections and boosting engagement.
    2. Data-Driven Decisions: Track open rates, click-through rates, and more, enabling you to refine your strategies and achieve better results.
    3. Time-Saving Automation: Free up your schedule by automating email sequences, lead nurturing, and content delivery. Maintain a personal touch while reaching your audience more efficiently.

2. Mailchimp

mailchimp - constant contact competitors

Rating: ⭐4.3

Pricing: Free; Paid plans start at $4.60/mo

Mailchimp email marketing delivers precision and versatility to help your business thrive in a competitive landscape. With its user-friendly features and robust analytics, it’s the key to boosting engagement and driving more revenue.

Key Features

    1. Personalization Tools: Tailor your emails with dynamic content and merge tags, ensuring each message resonates personally with your audience.
    2. A/B Testing: Optimize your campaigns by experimenting with subject lines, content, and send times to discover what works best for your audience.
    3. E-commerce Integration: Seamlessly connect your online store to track customer behavior, recommend products, and recover abandoned carts, all within Mailchimp.
    4. Multichannel Marketing: Expand beyond email with social media ads, landing pages, and postcards to reach your audience where they are most engaged.

3. ConvertKit

constant contact competitors

Rating: ⭐4.4

Pricing: From $9/mo; Free plan

Transform your business with ConvertKit’s Email Marketing, a Constant Contact competitor. Designed for creators, it offers essential features for building and nurturing your audience.

Key Features

    1. Audience Segmentation: Easily categorize your subscribers to send personalized messages, boosting engagement and conversions.
    2. Automation Simplicity: Streamline your workflows with user-friendly automation, saving time while delivering targeted content.
    3. Landing Pages: Create stunning landing pages to capture leads and grow your audience, all within ConvertKit’s platform.
    4. Analytical Insights: Gain valuable insights into email performance to refine your strategies and maximize your impact.

4. Benchmark Email

benchmark - constant contact competitors

Rating: ⭐4.3

Pricing: Get started from $8/mo or with the free plan

Supercharge your business with Benchmark Email. This platform is your key to creating, sending, and tracking email campaigns that drive results.

Key Features

    1. Email Editor Excellence: Craft stunning emails with ease using Benchmark’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor. No design skills are required, just creative freedom.
    2. Engagement Optimization: Maximize your email impact with A/B testing, ensuring your messages resonate and convert your audience effectively.
    3. Intelligent Workflow Automation: Streamline your email marketing tasks effortlessly to nurture leads, trigger personalized messages, and optimize your campaigns for maximum engagement.
    4. Robust Reporting: Track opens, clicks, conversions, and more to refine your strategies and achieve better results.

5. SendPulse

constant contact competitors

Rating: ⭐4.6

Pricing: Free; Subscription starts at $6.40/mo

SendPulse is your all-in-one solution for effective email marketing. Discover how it can help your business thrive with its unique features:

Key Features

    1. Automation 360: SendPulse’s Automation 360 allows you to create complex automation workflows with ease. You can set up triggers, conditions, and actions to send the right message to the right audience at the right time.
    2. Event Tracking: This feature enables you to monitor user behavior and trigger automated responses based on specific actions.
    3. Personalization: Allows you to customize content and messages for individual subscribers.
    4. A/B Testing: You can perform A/B testing within SendPulse to optimize your email campaigns.

6. GetResponse

getresponse - constant contact competitors

Rating: ⭐4.2

Pricing: Free; Plans from $15.58/mo onwards

Fuel your e-commerce business with GetResponse, the ultimate email marketing solution tailored to boost sales. Unlock its unique features:

Key Features

    1. Abandoned Cart Recovery: Effortlessly recover lost sales by automatically sending personalized emails to customers who abandon their carts.
    2. Product Recommendations: Increase revenue with AI-driven product recommendations that encourage upselling and cross-selling.
    3. Segmentation for E-commerce: Precisely target your audience based on their buying behavior and preferences, ensuring your messages hit the mark.
    4. Sales Funnel Automation: Streamline your sales funnel with automation, from lead generation to post-purchase nurturing.

7. Brevo

brevo - constant contact competitors

Rating: ⭐4.5

Pricing: Free; Premium plans from $25/mo

Brevo is the tailored alternative to Constant Contact, designed to supercharge your business with e-commerce-focused features.

Key Features

    1. Advanced Segmentation: Easily categorize your contacts for targeted messaging, ensuring your emails resonate with each recipient.
    2. Automated Lead Nurturing: Streamline your lead nurturing process with intuitive automation tools, saving time while delivering personalized communication.
    3. Customizable Templates: Make eye-catching emails effortlessly with Brevo’s range of templates, making your campaigns stand out.
    4. Detailed Reporting: Gain insights into your email performance with comprehensive analytics. Track opens, clicks, and conversions to refine your strategies.

8. Moosend

moosend - constant contact competitors

Rating: ⭐4.5

Pricing: 30 days free trial; $9/mo and an enterprise plan

Looking to rival Constant Contact in the e-commerce arena? Moosend is your go-to solution with features tailored to boost your online business:

Key Features

    1. E-commerce Automation: Maximize sales with automated workflows for cart abandonment, product recommendations, and customer segmentation.
    2. AI-Driven Personalization: Harness AI to send hyper-personalized emails that engage customers and drive conversions.
    3. Real-time Analytics: Monitor campaign performance in real-time, enabling quick adjustments for better results.
    4. Advanced Integrations: Seamlessly connect with your e-commerce platform and other tools for a streamlined marketing ecosystem.

Choose the Right One Amongst these Constant Contact Competitors

In conclusion, when it comes to email marketing, knowing your options beyond Constant Contact can make all the difference in the world. These 8 alternatives offer unique features and advantages that can elevate your email marketing game.

Remember, email marketing is a powerful tool. According to another study, it boasts an impressive average ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. So, choosing the right platform is crucial for your business’s success.

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