Did you know due to bad project management software companies lose 12% of all resources? It’s essential to manage your projects and teams for the smooth functioning of your business. 

Atlassian provides two project management software, Jira and Confluence. Both have distinct features but are known for project management and team management. Entrepreneurs are usually in a dilemma on which software to choose, though both can be integrated. However, it can cost you more. 

We have researched for you and listed some differences between Confluence and Jira. With the help of these differences, you can decide with whom to integrate.

Integration(Final Winner: Jira) Rating 4/5⭐

Atlassian Application Integration(Winner: Jira)

Application integration is a process by which you can collaborate two different Atlassian apps all together to avail benefits of both apps. 

  • Jira can be integrated with other applications with the help of APIs or webhooks. It helps in tracking and resolving bugs.
  • Confluence can not be integrated with any of the applications instead of Jira.

Winner: Jira

Third-party Integrations(Winner: Jira)

This feature allows you to integrate software other than Atlassian.

  • Jira can be integrated with more than 3000 different applications. Some popular apps Jira can integrate are Slack, Zendesk, Microsoft Teams, Google Sheets, and many more.
  • Confluence on the other hand can only be integrated with 1000-1500 apps that too only through Atlassian Marketplace.

Winner: Jira

Active Directory Integration(Winner: Jira)

The active directory allows you to store information about the project in one place where all you employees who have access to it can view it.

  • Jira provides an active directory integration option making it easier for you to store information and pass it on to your team.
  • Confluence also provides active director integration but it requires a lot of technical work to enable it. 

Winner: Jira

Reports(Final Winner: Jira) Rating 4.5/5⭐

Analytics and Reports(Winner: Jira)

Reports are necessary to understand how productive your team is and what needs to be done to increase productivity.

  • Jira provides a long and intensive report list comprising different topics like Created VS Resolved issue report, Resolution time report, Recently created issue report and many more.
  • Confluence on the other hand has limited analytics reports.  Some of the reports provided by Confluence are how active are your users, and the performance of a site, space, and pages. 

Winner: Jira

Management Functions(Final Winner: Confluence) Rating 4.5/5⭐

Action Management(Winner: Jira)

Action management is a process in which you set rules and get your work done.

  • Jira allows you to manage your team’s actions. You can set rules and define a target to get this function running. 
  • Confluence does not provide action management.

Winner: Jira

Content Management(Winner: Confluence)

Content management helps your team to work as a unit and edit, publish and store digital content.

  • Jira does not provide a content management feature.
  • Confluence provides content management that blends your team and helps in high-quality content.  

Winner: Confluence

Calander Management(Winner: Confluence)

Calander Management allows you to prioritize your team’s time on important tasks. This feature makes sure that your team does not dedicate their time to unnecessary tasks.

  • Jira does not provide a calendar management option.
  • Confluence allows you to manage your calendar with a custom view feature also available.

Winner: Confluence

Document Management(Winner: Confluence)

Document management allows you to store all types of documents under one platform. Some of the documents which can be stored are PDFs, PNG, Word files, and many more.

  • Jira is not equipped with a document management feature.
  • Confluence allows you to manage your documents in one place so that it’s easier for your team to access them. 

Winner: Confluence

Assignment Management(Winner: Jira)

The assignment management feature assists you to schedule and assign tasks to respective team members.

  • Jira allows you to assign and track tasks given to your employees. This feature allows you to track the performance of your employees on different tasks. 
  • Confluence only allows you to add, assign and view tasks. You can not track the performance of your employees for a particular task given to them.

Winner: Jira

Project Management(Winner Confluence)

This feature allows you to provide a framework for managing expectations, giving responsibilities, and creating procedures with all the rules that need to be followed. 

  • Jira does not allow you to manage projects.
  • Confluence allows you to manage your projects creating a seamless workflow.

Winner: Confluence

Workflow(Final Winner: Jira) Rating 5/5⭐

Dynamic Workflow(Winner: Jira)

A dynamic workflow is an option that can adapt and make changes as per the circumstances in a business process.

  • Jira’s AI automatically adapts and makes changes enabling your business to work smoothly.
  • Confluence sometimes requires manual instructions that can make workflow messed up. 

Winner: Jira

Project Workflow(Winner: Jira)

This feature allows you to create a clear workflow of steps to complete a project. Other than that it also checks on your employees and makes sure that they follow the rules.

  • Jira allows you to make a project workflow and manage your projects effectively whereas Confluence allows workflow management with the help of third-party app integration.

Winner: Jira

Employee Portal(Final Winner: Confluence) Rating 5/5⭐

Template Customization(Winner: Confluence)

Template customization allows you to mix and match 2 software with the same theme and background.

  • Confluence allows you to choose themes and match them according to your business. Whereas Jira does not have any template customization option.

Winner: Confluence

Knowledge management(Winner: Confluence)

Knowledge management allows you to store all the information related to your business in the form of articles, videos, FAQs, and many more.

  • With the help of Confluence, you can create your knowledge base and manage it accordingly. Jira does not allow you to create a knowledge base.

Winner: Confluence


As per our comparison, Jira offers more features compared to Confluence. Thus we can say that in Jira vs Confluence Jira stands out to be the winner.

Both the apps offer the same pricing which starts at $10. Though if you want to locate bugs and metrics then you should choose Jira. If you want your team to collaborate as a unit and work towards goal fulfillment then Confluence can help you do it. 

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