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clover reviews

Last Updated: April 2024

If you’re in search of comprehensive Clover reviews, you’re in the right place. 

In this article, we’ll delve into Clover reviews, pricing details, and the array of features this system offers. Clover POS has rapidly become a prominent player in the point-of-sale market, drawing praise for its adaptable functionalities and intuitive user interface. 

Business owners seeking a reliable and efficient POS solution often consider Clover for its potential to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. So, without further ado, let’s explore Clover POS and see if it’s the right choice for your business

Clover Reviews: Pros and Cons



Versatile platform catering to various industries.

Initial software and hardware costs can be higher. 

Diverse hardware options to meet your specific needs

It has ongoing fees for software updates and other charges.

Accepts multiple payment methods.

May have potential charges for debit card setup and termination.

Extensive app selection for customization.

Mixed experiences and transparency concerns with their support quality and responsiveness.

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Clover Reviews on Pricing and Features

Let’s delve into the core features of Clover POS and explore user reviews to gain a well-rounded understanding of the system’s capabilities and user experiences.

1) Cloud-based applications

Clover seamlessly connects with widely used third-party applications like QuickBooks, Time Clock, Yelp, and others, enhancing convenience in operations. 

It boasts an extensive app marketplace featuring a diverse array of both free and paid integrations. Clover enables the incorporation of apps for purposes such as loyalty programs, online ordering, accounting software integration, and employee scheduling. 

This integration serves to elevate its overall functionality.

User Review

“You have the option to input the information directly on the cloud and this is both more convenient and more efficient.”

⭐5/5, Kaytlin M.

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2) Hardware and Software

Clover POS encompasses a synergy of hardware and software elements. The selection offers a blend of options ranging from mobile readers, and handheld devices to countertop devices, complemented by accessories like scanners and printers.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to cherry-pick the features and functionalities that align with your requirements. Each Clover system inherently incorporates tools for managing employees, engaging customers, and facilitating tracking and reporting. 

This intrinsic versatility empowers you to seamlessly expand your operations.

User Review

“For the price point, hardware, and the basic software suite, Clover is enough to get the job done.” 

⭐4/5, Justin H.

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3) Inventory management

Clover POS encompasses inventory management capabilities that enable you to monitor stock quantities, oversee expiration dates for perishable items, and streamline recurring inventory tasks. 

Simultaneously, if you’re a restaurant owner, you can harness the POS solution to govern digital menus, tailoring menu items for an enhanced patron experience.

User Review

“It’s a very reliable platform for handling a small business I would say, keeps inventory in order and is easy to use on a daily basis during Sales, returns, and such.”

⭐4/5, Verified User in Food & Beverages

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4) Team management

Clover POS presents a range of features dedicated to optimizing workforce management and amplifying operational efficacy. 

You can effortlessly assign role-specific permissions and access tiers, gauge team accomplishments and commend personnel for their contributions. Moreover, facilitating precise tracking of employee hours and attendance becomes easier due to the Time Clock tool.

User Review

“It has enabled my team to be streamlined which has kept costs down and productivity up!”

⭐5/5, Josh H.

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5) Reporting and analytics

For a deeper comprehension of your business’s profitability, you have the ability to access sales data in real time, trace aggregate sales on a per-employee basis, and produce comprehensive reports. 

Furthermore, you can effortlessly filter data allowing you to discern details concerning top-selling items and trends in monthly sales.

User Review

“Clover can provide us with reporting data, as a business this is ideal.” 

⭐5/5, Verified Reviewer

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6) Training and support

If you need guidance for initiation, you can engage an SMB CompuCom professional for on-site installation and training.

User Review

“The customer support is great. They are literally one call away. And anyone from the restaurant can call from the system.” 

⭐5/5, Chenna C.

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7) Pricing

clover reviews
Source: Clover
    • Full-service dining system: Offers three tiers starting from $1699/month. Each tier includes software for table service restaurants and specific hardware components.
    • Quick service dining: Plans start from $799/month and you can seamlessly handle orders, payments, and intricate business tasks using a potent POS.
    • Retail shops: Clover offers 3 pricing tiers based on different devices provided and the plans start from $799/month.
    • Professional service:  If you choose to use your own device, you can get the Starter plan priced at $14.95/month.
    • Personal services system: It offers three tiers beginning at $599/month.
    • Home and field services: The Starter plan begins at $14.95/month while the Standard plan starts at $49/month. The advanced plan offers a handheld POS system and begins at $599/month.

User Review

For the price point, you get a lot for your money, give it a try.”

⭐5/5, Verified User in Computer Networking

So that marks the end of our breakdown of Clover reviews, pricing, and its features. Additionally, if you’re in search of a comprehensive solution for automating customer service, we suggest considering Saufter.

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Want a Single View For All Support Tickets?

Introducing Saufter, the premier solution for optimizing customer support. Saufter serves as your all-inclusive answer to efficient and automated customer assistance.

This versatile helpdesk software empowers you to effectively handle customer inquiries spanning email, live chat, social media, and phone interactions.

Key features

    • All-in-One Helpdesk Solution: Saufter offers a unified platform for efficient management of diverse customer support channels.
    • Self-Service Portal for Login Issues: Enable customers to independently resolve login concerns through a self-service portal.
    • Custom Automation: Tailor automation functionalities to manage tasks like resolving login problems, handling plan change requests, navigating settings, and reporting bugs.
    • Automated Follow-Ups and Ticket Management: Automate follow-ups for tasks such as pre-purchase inquiries or urgent issues, reducing team workload and boosting efficiency.
    • Automated Review Collection: Automatically request reviews from content customers, ensuring positive feedback on platforms like G2 with minimal manual intervention.
    • Operational Insights: Obtain performance insights through operational metrics, furnishing valuable data on organizational activities.
    • Channel Unification: Saufter seamlessly integrates communication avenues, encompassing email, live chat, social media, and phone, for a seamless customer support experience.


In today’s detailed Clover reviews, we’ve taken a close look at its pricing, features, and user reviews. Clover emerges as a versatile and user-friendly solution that caters to a range of businesses across various industries.

While the pricing structure may vary based on specific needs, the diverse tiers provide you with options that fit your requirements and budget.

Furthermore, for an enhanced customer service experience, exploring Saufter is recommended. Through its comprehensive helpdesk software, Saufter optimizes customer interactions across multiple channels, effectively increasing operational efficiency.

The inclusion of features such as self-service portals and automated workflows not only empowers customers but also alleviates the burden on your team.

Enroll today for a 15-day free trial, and leverage its functionalities to elevate the quality of your customer support interactions.

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