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clickup pricing

Last Updated: February 2024

Are you eager to unravel the enigma behind ClickUp pricing? Well, you’re in the right place. In the world of project management and productivity tools, ClickUp has emerged as a game-changer.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a small business owner, or part of a larger enterprise, finding the right ClickUp plan to match your needs is crucial.

And, did you know that recently G2 had recognized Clickup as among the “Top 100 Best Software” for 2022?

So, let’s dive straight in.

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a versatile tool that streamlines your work. It adapts to your needs, boosting productivity and organization. With customizable workspaces and centralized features, it simplifies tasks and project management.

clickup - clickup pricing

Collaboration becomes seamless in ClickUp, with task assignments, file sharing, and clear communication. It’s a teamwork enhancer that brings clarity and efficiency to your projects. So, try ClickUp and experience a more efficient way to work.

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Overview of ClickUp Pricing Plans

ClickUp provides you with four plans including a Free Forever plan.

clickup pricing
  • Free Forever Plan – ClickUp’s Free Forever plan doesn’t cost you a dime. You get unlimited users and essential project management features.
  • Unlimited Plan – The Unlimited plan is priced at $7/member/month on an annual plan or $10/member/month for a month-to-month plan. You’ll enjoy unlimited users and access to advanced features.
  • Business Plan – For $12/member/month on an annual plan or $19/member/month on a month-to-month plan, the Business plan provides even more advanced features.
  • Enterprise Plan – Finally, the Enterprise plan offers custom pricing, tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Gives you unlimited users and access to all of ClickUp’s features.

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A Detailed Breakdown of ClickUp Pricing Plans

  1. Free Forever
  2. Unlimited
  3. Business
  4. Enterprise

1. Free Forever

As mentioned earlier, you can access the basic project management features of ClickUp for free.


    • Storage: You have 100 MB of storage available.
    • Permitted Guests: Permitted guests require full access with no specific permissions.
    • Spaces: You can create up to 5 spaces for organizing your work.
    • Custom Fields: Enjoy up to 100 uses of custom fields to tailor your tasks.
    • Activity View: The Activity View shows a span of 1 day for detailed tracking.
    • Live chat: 24/7 support assistance available in real time.


    • AI Compatibility – No AI integration capabilities.
    • Integrations – Integrations with other software and tools are not possible.
    • MSA & HIPAA, SSO – Compliance with MSA and HIPAA standards is not applicable in the Free Forever plan, not even the Single Sign-On (SSO) option.
    • Automation – You will not get automation features as well.

This Plan is Best For:

Small teams and personal users, looking for basic project management tools.

2. Unlimited

Pricing: $7/user/mo (annually), or $10/user/mo

In addition to the Free Forever plan, you’ll receive advanced features designed for Teams (user groups).


    • Storage – Enjoy unlimited storage space.
    • Permitted Guests – You can have 5 guests plus 2 additional guests per extra seat with unlimited read-only access.
    • Spaces – Create as many spaces as you need to organize your work.
    • Custom Fields – You have unlimited use of custom fields to tailor your tasks.
    • Activity View – The Activity View spans 7 days for comprehensive tracking.
    • Agile Reporting – Access agile reporting tools to track project progress and optimize workflows.
    • AI Compatibility – Leverage AI compatibility for enhanced automation and data-driven insights.


    • Dashboard Features – While you have unlimited dashboards, advanced dashboard features are not available.
    • Custom Reporting & Exporting – You won’t find the option for custom reporting and exporting in the format of your choice.
    • Advanced Automation – Advanced automation features are not included.
    • Compliance & SSO – There is no support for MSA & HIPAA compliance and Single Sign-On (SSO) features with the Unlimited plan too.

This Plan is Best For:

Well-suited for teams that are in the process of growing.

3. Business

Pricing: Starts from $12/user/mo

Get access to all the Unlimited plan features and more security features with the Business plan. Its features and limitations are


    • Permitted Guests – You can have 10 guests plus 5 additional guests per extra seat, all with unlimited read-only access.
    • Two-Factor Authentication – Your entire Workspace, including Google Single Sign-On (unavailable in the Unlimited plan), is protected with two-factor authentication for enhanced security.
    • Automation – You get 10,000 automation with the ability to set multiple actions and conditions for streamlined workflows.
    • Activity Views – Enjoy unlimited activity views, unlike the Unlimited plan, which has a seven-day limit.
    • Timeline and Workload Views – Make unlimited use of the timeline and workload views, in contrast to the Unlimited plan’s 100-use limit for each.


    • No White Labeling – White labeling options are not available with this plan.
    • Compliance & SSO – Compliance and Single Sign-On (SSO) features are not yet supported.
    • No Onboarding Training – There is no provision for onboarding training here.

This Plan is Best For:

It’s perfect for medium to large teams looking for enhanced project management capabilities.

4. Enterprise

Pricing: Personalized

Get the full potential of the software for custom pricing depending on your business needs.


    • White Labeling – Customize ClickUp with your branding using white labeling.
    • Enterprise APIs – Enjoy unlimited connections with third-party tools through Enterprise APIs.
    • Unlimited User Roles – Define unlimited user roles with custom permissions to manage your team effectively.
    • Automation – Access 250,000 automation per month with multiple actions and conditions for seamless workflow automation.
    • MSA & HIPAA – Comply with MSA and HIPAA standards for added data security.
    • SSO – Single Sign-On (SSO) is available on Google, Microsoft Azure, Okta, and custom SAML SSO for secure access.
    • Live Training – Participate in live virtual workshop training classes led by ClickUp experts.
    • Customer Success Manager – Benefit from the guidance and support of a dedicated Customer Success Manager for a smooth experience.


    • Access to Managed Services – To access admin services or Enterprise support, you may need to pay an additional fee.
    • Customer Success Manager – Conditions may apply to the availability of a Customer Success Manager.
    • MSA & HIPAA – Certain limitations and restrictions apply, so it’s recommended to contact the team for specific details.

This Plan is Best For:

Large businesses with unique requirements can opt for this Enterprise plan.

ClickUp Pricing Plans Comparison Table

Pricing$0$7 per member per month on an annual plan, $10 per member per month for a month-by-month planIt’s $12 per team member per month for an annual plan and $19 for monthly plan.Custom price


Teams (user groups)

Storage100 MBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Permitted GuestsGuests require full access with no permission restrictions.5 guests plus 2/extra seat (unlimited read-only)10 guests plus 5/extra seat (unlimited read-only)10 guests plus 5/extra seat (unlimited read-only)
Custom Fields100 usesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Activity View1 day7 daysUnlimitedUnlimited

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Key Features Missing in ClickUp

Please note that while ClickUp offers many features, these specific ones may not be part of its core functionality.

  • Gantt Chart View – ClickUp lacks a Gantt chart view for project timeline visualization.
  • Customizable Workflow Templates – ClickUp does not offer customizable workflow templates for tailored project management.
  • Budget Tracking – There is no built-in budget tracking feature in ClickUp.
  • Advanced Reporting – Advanced reporting features, such as custom report creation, are not available within ClickUp.
  • Portfolio Management – ClickUp does not provide dedicated portfolio management tools.

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The Final Word on ClickUp Pricing

In the world of project management, understanding ClickUp pricing is a game-changer. With various plans tailored to your unique needs, you can unlock the full potential of this versatile tool.

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