5 Call Center Benefits for Business That’re Too Good to Ignore

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Call Center Benefits

Last Updated: April 2024

Being a business owner, you already know the importance of good customer support. And as your business scales, the need to have a dedicated customer support system becomes paramount. 

Customers need to have their queries quickly resolved, whether during pre-sales or post-sales, but it can become overwhelming for a business to handle all the calls independently. And maintaining a full-blown customer support team isn’t always a practical solution for startups and enterprises, it is expensive!

This is where the advantages of a call center comes in. It is a dedicated service that works alongside your business, tailor-made for your target audience and existing clients. The primary aim of this service is to handle incoming calls related to customer support for your business. 

This article will see the benefits of call center outsourcing for your business.

Outsourcing to a Call Center Benefits for Your Business That Are Too Good to Ignore

Here are the call center benefits for your business:

1. Reduced costs


This is the primary advantage of a call center

Usually, outsourced call centers only charge for the time their agents are engaged in handling your calls in addition to an operation and integration fee. 

Since a call center already has all the necessary infrastructure in place, you don’t need to pay for that. On the other hand, if you’re planning to build your customer support team from the ground up, you will need to incur significantly higher costs. 

This is because you will need to pay full-time salaries, hire managers, create training modules, provide office space and related infrastructure, and so on.   

However, you can simply bypass all these expenses by outsourcing your customer support to a plug-and-play call operation. The call center will take it upon itself to understand your business and requirements and provide tailor-made services. 

In 2020, 31% of customer support teams felt that their company looked at customer service as an added expense and not as an opportunity to grow, despite the growing importance of customer support. Having a professional call center take care of your customer support can reduce cost and supercharge growth.  

While the cost reduction is enough reason to hire one, there are other benefits of a call center

2. Pay only for resources used

The benefits of call center outsourcing can be exceptionally cost-effective if your business is small or medium-sized. This is because you do not have to form a new department within your business to provide customer support via calls, chats, or emails. 

Outsourcing call-center-as-a-service will also free up other employees to perform their primary duties rather than help with customer service, which is the primary benefit of a call center. 

Why are call centers always hiring? Because they need the ability to scale operations quickly as and when their clients require it while providing consistent quality of services.  

3. Improved customer satisfaction


Call center employees are trained in the art of customer support and handling phone calls. This skill is essential if you want customers to hang up calls feeling satisfied with your support.

In this age of Amazon-style customer support, delivering seamless support is ubiquitous. This is reflected in a 2020 Hubspot survey that found, 93% of customer support executives feel that customer expectations are higher than ever before. So it is only fair to expect that the demand will grow further with time… 

What do you do in a call center? A call center is entirely dedicated to handling calls; they have the necessary expertise to do the job better than you would be able to do with an in-house team. So why are call centers always hiring? So that they can ensure that they have the necessary resources to meet future client requirements.  

Call centers are also much more flexible and can handle both low and high calls with equal professionalism. But again, this is because they already have the necessary infrastructure and workforce specially trained for the job, which is a significant advantage of a call center

Since call-center-as-a-service is more flexible, it also means that they don’t get overwhelmed if there are a lot more calls during certain days. In addition, their flexibility means your customers receive the services without waiting for hours to connect with an executive. 

Here is an example of how call centers enable better customer satisfaction

4. Quicker launch 

It can take a year or more to build an in-house customer support team to a level where they can effectively handle your work. You will need to hire executive managers and put in all the necessary infrastructure. You will also need to provide practical training to ensure customer satisfaction during the calls. 

Further, you will need to have a feedback system to monitor calls to ensure that your executives do the job as required and improve upon the setbacks for the future. 

Hiring a call center to launch your dedicated customer support channel is faster, and you can be up and running within a month with full-blown customer support. 

Call-center-as-a-service makes the onboarding process as easy as possible. So what do you do in a call center? It’s more than answering calls. A call center already has the workforce and the infrastructure. All they need to get started is customer information and details about your business. 

Hence, if your business is scaling fast but is not a large organization yet, it makes sense to outsource your customer support to a dedicated specialist.  

5. Better accountability

Last but not least, this is a great pro of a call center

It is always better to have dedicated customer support executives than have your customer support run by employees from different departments. 

A significant reason why dedicated customer support is necessary is to hold these executives accountable for their job. For example, if your marketing, sales, and finance employees also handle customer calls, it becomes impossible to keep track of customer queries and who dealt with the calls; more importantly, how? 

In contrast, every call is recorded at a call center, and every query is followed up. This makes it a better system where everyone is held accountable for their service, which leads to better customer service.

In 2020, 91% of customers said that a good customer support experience makes them likelier to purchase from the same company. 

It also makes it easier on your other employees because they don’t have to leave their primary duties and handle customer calls. Hence, the pros of a call center far outweigh the costs. 

There are several benefits of call centers, significantly when your company is still growing. The global call center industry is worth $339.4 billion for a good reason.

What do call centers do? At HelpLama, we offer fully-managed call-center-as-a-service that enacts specialized customer support machinery for any business, quickly, and at a lower cost. 

In addition, you do not have to take on the added worry of ensuring that the customer support team is doing a good job. Increased sales, better reputation, and competitive advantage follow when customers contend with your pre-sales and post-sales support. These are just some of the call center benefits that you can expect.  

What do call centers do? If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your customer support needs, including chats and email, check out our pricing.

Also, you can try Saufter – the customer service software that can help you automate and scale your customer support and reach out to us today. 



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