20 Business Email Phrases To Get The Desired Response

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business email phrases

Last Updated: July 2024

Are your business email phrases falling flat, leaving you waiting endlessly for that crucial response? Well, fear not, because in this blog post, we’ve got your back!

Did you know that using effective email communication can boost your response rates by up to 25%? According to this study, mastering the right phrases can make all the difference.

We’ll equip you with 20 tried-and-tested business email phrases that will help you nail the art of communication and ensure you get the desired response every time.

So, dear reader, get ready to revamp your email game and watch those replies flood in!

Table of contents

Commencing Your Email on the Right Note

When it comes to beginning your email, choosing the right salutations and opening lines is crucial. It all depends on your relationship with the recipient, the purpose of your message, and the level of formality you want to maintain. In this guide, we’ll provide you with practical tips to ensure your email starts off on the perfect note, setting the tone for successful communication.


Choosing the right salutation is essential to make a positive first impression in your email.

Example 1. If you’re writing to a formal contact or someone you’ve never met: “Dear Mr. Smith,”

Example 2. For a more casual or friendly tone with someone you know well: “Hi Sarah,”

Example 3. When you don’t know the recipient’s name, you can use a general salutation: “Hello,”

Remember, the choice of salutation sets the tone for your email, so select wisely based on your relationship and the context.

Opening Lines

Crafting engaging opening lines is crucial to grab your reader’s attention immediately.

Example 4 & Example 5

business email phrases

Your opening lines should resonate with your email’s purpose and the tone you wish to convey, be it friendly, professional, or direct.

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Composing the Email Content

Clear & Concise

When it comes to composing the email content, striking the right balance between clarity and conciseness is key. Here are a couple of effective examples to guide you:

Example 6.

compose - business email phrases

Remember, the email content should align with your overall communication style and the message you want to convey.

Moreover, if you are composing for cold outreach, begin with a strong and personalized opening that demonstrates your genuine interest.

Example 7 & 8.

business email phrases

In cold outreach, personalization and demonstrating value are key. Tailor your email content to show that you’ve done your research and that your message is relevant to the recipient’s needs or interests.

Also, use active voice for clear communication. Include a specific call to action. Proofread for errors before sending.

Requests/inquiry emails

Example 9. Use polite language and make your request clear.

request - business email phrases

Additionally, ensure customers that their information will be kept secure.

“Rest assured, your data will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.”

By using straightforward, polite language and providing a clear reason for the request, you can increase the likelihood of customers sharing their details willingly.

Responding to an email

While responding to a customer’s request or clarifying a concern, promptly acknowledge the customer’s request or concern and offer assistance or clarification as needed. Thus, demonstrate your commitment to excellent customer service.

Example 10. Prompt and helpful response:

“Thank you for reaching out. We appreciate your inquiry and are here to provide the information you need. Please find the requested details attached.”

Further, to clarify customer concerns:

business email phrases

Offering a Sincere Apology

To offer a heartfelt apology, conveying genuine regret is crucial. Acknowledge the issue, express genuine regret, and reassure the recipient of your commitment to resolving the matter.

Example 11.

business email phrases

Sending Follow-Up or Reminder Emails

Maintain professionalism while politely conveying the necessary information to prompt the recipient’s action or response in your follow-up/reminder emails.

Example 12.

follow-up - business email phrases

Arranging a Meeting

For a successful meeting arrangement, efficient planning and clear communication are key. Here’s how:

Example 13.

arrange meeting - business email phrases

Ensuring the Security of Shared Information

Assure your customers/clients that their shared information remains confidential and secure by adopting stringent security measures like encryption and access controls

Example 14.

business email phrases

Establishing Clear Expectations

It’s vital to establish clear expectations so that you can enhance collaboration and ensure everyone is on the same page for a successful project.

Example 15.

“To establish a strong basis, let’s begin by precisely outlining our objectives, schedules, as well as roles and duties.”

Forwarding Enclosures

As and when sharing additional materials or documents, endorse a streamlined approach to enhance accessibility and understanding. For instance:

Example 16.

business email phrases

Fostering a Connection with the Recipient

Cultivating connections is crucial, whether it’s with a client, colleague, customer, or vendor. Expressing gratitude strengthens relationships.

Example 17.

fostering connection - business email phrases

Delivering Unpleasant Updates

When sharing difficult news, a compassionate and considerate approach is essential. Some examples are:

Example 18.

“I regret to inform you that…”

business email phrases

Terminating Agreements or Vendor Subscriptions

Ending vendor subscriptions or contracts is a delicate process. To conclude vendor subscriptions promptly, here’s an example you can use:

Example 19.

terminate - business email phrases

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Conclude Your Email Effectively

Wrap up your emails on a positive note by summarizing key points and leaving a clear call to action. For instance:

Example 20. Closing with impact:

End your message with a phrase like, “I look forward to your response,” to encourage further engagement and ensure your emails leave a lasting impression.

Similarly, closing your email with gratitude can leave a lasting impression.

closing - business email phrases

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Mastering Business Email Phrases: Your Key to Effective Communication

In the realm of business, effective communication can be your secret weapon. As we conclude our exploration of 20 business email phrases to help you get the desired response, it’s crucial to recognize the power these phrases hold in building connections and achieving your goals.

Emails with personalized subject lines have a 26% higher open rate.

This stat emphasizes the importance of using the right phrases to captivate your recipient’s attention right from the start.

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