9 Best Bulk Discount Shopify Apps in 2024 [Tried & Tested]

9 Best Bulk Discount Shopify Apps in 2023 [Tried & Tested]

Last Updated: February 2024

About 93% of shoppers use a coupon or discount code throughout the year.

Do you sell wholesale products and want to generate discount codes in bulk? There are many Shopify bulk discounts and pricing apps that can get the job done.

But if you’re a Shopify store owner, researching and testing apps to choose the best one can consume a lot of your precious time.

That is why we have done the research and put together the top 9 Shopify quantity discount apps for your store.


Shopacado ‑ Volume Discounts (Rating ⭐ 4.9/5, 2407 Reviews)

Shopacado is the most popular and top-rated app you’ll find on the Shopify store. It enables you to create quantity breaks and spend discounts across a variety of products and collections to raise average order value (AOV).


  • Upsell: Incart upsell messaging informs customers they can save money by purchasing more!
  • Customization: Make your custom pricing offers to look and feel exactly like your store design and theme.
  • Amazing support: Get 24/7 support that feels happy to help you and get set up.


Shopacado’s pricing plans start at $7.99 per month with a 7-day free trial.


Unlimited Bundles & Discounts (Rating ⭐ 4.8/5, 1672 Reviews)

One of the best apps built by Revy Apps, this app lets you bundle products, offer discounts, and boost sales. The app is easy to use; you can create your first bundle within minutes. For example, purchase products A and B together and receive a 10% discount.


  • Quick and simple setup: Create your first Bundle in under a minute.
  • No coding required: Install and set up the app without messing with your theme.
  • Automation: Apply bundle discounts automatically during checkout.


A free plan is available with limited features. The basic plan costs $13.99 per month.


Bulk Discount Code Bot (Rating ⭐ 4.9/5, 317 Reviews)

Seguno is a Shopify developer who has produced a few exceptional apps, including Bulk Discount Code Bot. You can create and export customized sets of discount codes using this app. Furthermore, it empowers you to personalize your marketing and put an end to coupon abuse.


  • Unlimited codes: Create and import as many different discount codes as you like directly into Shopify.
  • Preview: View sample codes and find out how long they will take to generate.
  • Automation: Use automatic filtering to keep out unwanted characters and words.
  • Export: You can immediately export your codes from the app to CSV.


Get started with a free plan. Paid plans begin at $19 per month and include unlimited discount sets.


Bulk Discounts Now (Rating ⭐ 4.7/5, 535 Reviews)

Created by Website On-demand, Bulk Discount Now allows you to apply volume discounts in bulk and offer quantity breaks or tiered pricing for your collections. Use this app to make more money by getting customers to buy more products in bulk. This will raise the average order value and help you make more money from upselling.


  • Discount options: Both percentages and fixed amount discount options are available – $10 or 10% off per order.
  • Integrations: PreOrder Now, Trackify X, In Cart Upsell, Product Customizer, Facebook Pixel.
  • Compatibility: The application works with Shopify’s Currency Converter.


Depends on your Shopify subscription level. The Shopify Basic level is priced at $9.95 per month with a 14-day free trial.


Quantity Breaks ‑ Bulk Prices (Rating ⭐ 4.8/5, 137 Reviews)

Omega has developed a number of fantastic Shopify apps, including Quantity Breaks – Bulk Prices. As the name implies, you can use this app to create quantity breaks, bulk discounts, and quantity limits to help you increase sales performance.


  • Multiple pricing options: Create discounts for large quantities of products, collections, and stores.
  • Customization: Add limit purchases, customer tags, and other options to your sales.
  • Design: Tailor the way the offer is displayed on your website to better match the design.


Omega offers a single plan named “Standard” that costs $7.99/month with a 30-day free trial.


MyBulk ‑ Bulk Discount Creator (Rating ⭐ 4.3/5, 239 Reviews)

As the name suggests, Bulk Discount Creator lets you generate discount codes in bulk. You can create up to 250,000 codes at a time, making this app one of the best discount code generators. It’s also easy to set up and lets you export discount codes to CSV.


  • Code customization: Make your codes more appealing and original.
  • Run loyalty programs: Offer exclusive discount codes to your most devoted customers.
  • Export to CSV: For external use, export the codes to CSV files (Excel, GDocs, etc.).


The first discount set is free. After that, you need to pay $1 for a set with up to 10,000 codes, $3 for up to 100k, and $5 for up to 250k.


BD Bulk Discount Price Editor (Rating ⭐ 4.4/5, 149 Reviews)

If you’re looking for a free Shopify app to manage and schedule discounts, BD Bulk Discount Price Editor by TenGrowth is made for you! It includes a handy bulk price editor for scheduling storewide product discounts and sales.


  • Schedule prices: A convenient bulk price editor allows you to schedule weekly and monthly product discounts.
  • Manage sales: Schedule and start a storewide sale or apply a bulk discount to specific products.
  • Automation: Switch to the prices prior to the discount automatically.


The app is free with no functionality restrictions but has a limit of up to 10 unique products. Paid plans start at just $9.95 per month.


Discounty: Bulk Discount Sales (Rating ⭐ 5/5, 11 Reviews)

Source: apps.shopify.com

Hengam, the developer of Discounty, has made three top-rated apps. With the help of this simple and automated app, you can make your products more accessible to customers by offering discounts on them.


  • Easy to set up: Simply choose the items you want to have a discount applied to, specify a time frame, and launch a campaign.
  • Filters: Your customers can filter products based on collections, tags, and other criteria.
  • Configuration: Set the campaign to compare prices, change product prices, or do both.


A free plan is available with up to 100 discount variants. Paid plans start at $9.90 per month with a short 1-day free trial.


BulkBunny︱ Bulk Discount Codes (Rating ⭐ 5/5, 3 Reviews)

Source: apps.shopify.com

An unpopular but excellent app that lets you create unlimited discount codes in large quantities. You can provide each customer with a unique, one-time-use code. It only takes a few clicks and a few minutes with an intuitive user interface to generate all the discount codes you require in bulk.


  • Bulk discount code generator: Use our all-in-one tool to manage, add, export, and look up your discount codes.
  • Ultimate adaptability: Generate a CSV file at random, copy-paste it, or upload it.
  • Quick support: Customer support is quick and really helpful.


You can get started with the free plan. Paid plans start at $14.99/mo with no free trial.



We understand how difficult it can be to select the right app for your store. These are the best Shopify applications we could find after doing extensive research, and you should definitely integrate one of them with your store. However, we suggest you try the apps before subscribing to or paying for them. 

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