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Last Updated: April 2024

If you need a platform that improves productivity, organizes data, and makes information easy to manage for your team, Bloomfire should definitely be on your list of choices. 

Bloomfire’s main use case is to make knowledge easily accessible for your employees, and it promotes sharing by archiving, documenting, and categorizing that knowledge. Combine this with a robust search Q&A engine for easy content searching and filters like location, roles, and interest for easy categorization and faster implementation, and you’ve got yourself a handy tool.

However, despite the various features, is Bloomfire the right help desk for your business? In this post, we will do an in depth Bloomfire review to help you make the right decision.

Bloomfire Pros and Cons



  • Adaptable to a wide range of departmental needs.
  • Very easy to navigate.
  • Keep track of what people in your organization are working on currently with community access.
  • Some UI improvements and simple search engine actions are required.
  • There is no option to tag, search, or identify images for easy replacement.

Bloomfire Reviews, Pricing, and Features

Bloomfire Pricing and Plans (Rating ⭐4.4/5, 4 reviews)

Bloomfire’s pricing scales by user and is completely flexible per your business needs. 

You’ll have to contact Bloomfire for detailed pricing information. It’s important to note that Bloomfire’s plans start at 50 users. 

After some digging around, we found that the platform comes with two main pricing options:

  • Basic ($1,250 for up to 50 users per month (billed annually)) Some key features include- AI-Driven Search & Suggest, Content Reporting & Analytics, Usage Reporting & Analytics
  • Enterprise: (Custom Pricing): Multiple Communities, API Access, Premium Enterprise Support

Bloomfire is very professional and suitable for mid-sized to large-sized companies. It has helped us work smarter and learn faster, as it serves as our knowledge base center which is readily available for all staff members round the clock.

The search and upload features work perfectly well and give a great user experience.

It has beautifully designed interfaces and looks, which makes it pleasing to use.

⭐3.5/5 Wisdom O

Users have expressed concern that since the cost model shifted from unlimited to user-based pricing, it has become more difficult for smaller businesses to fully utilize the platform. Any extra features, such as data migration assistance or a taskbar, are charged separately. If you are unable to incur additional expenses, this implementation will be more difficult to manage.

Interface and Ease of Use (Ratings ⭐4.5/5, 30 reviews)

When you use Bloomfire, your first impression will probably be that the user interface is incredibly simple and clear. The platform’s web-based and mobile-friendly design make it possible for your entire team to easily access the content. 

An easy access to articles on different knowledge areas of our software. Search capabilities that generally yield the most appropriate results. A clean, easy-to-use interface.

⭐3.5/5 User in Computer Software

One distinctive feature that contributes to this platform’s popularity is how quickly and effectively you can conduct a keyword search. The various post types, the option to group related posts into Series, the ability to link related topics together to improve usability, and other key features are also highly praised by users. This would be very helpful, especially if you need a better strategy for onboarding and training.

I love the simplicity of the interface. Most users can post and ask questions without being trained on the program, allowing information to be shared easily. It’s very simple to add documents, pictures, and videos to posts. I love that it reflects tools users are comfortable with from social media: high fives for content you like, tags, and profile pictures.

⭐5/5 Administrator in Construction

However, there are some elements of the user-interface that’ll cause you trouble because of how difficult they are to find. For instance: A large number of the categorization and tagging options are hidden under a single menu when adding content on the platform.

To understand that some options only appear when you hover in the right positions or expand the proper menu, you’ll need to get used to the interface. Most users won’t like this characteristic of the platform’s user interface.

Bloomfire for Customer Service (Ratings ⭐4.91/5, 12 reviews)

Each of your customer service representatives is assigned a specific task and is expected to provide the best solutions to your customers.

So, how do you design a process that ensures a positive experience for both your customers and your agents?

For starters, you can give customer service representatives access to the right tools and information that is relevant and timely to the customers.

Here are some key features that could help with this: 

  • Keep your collective knowledge accessible for constantly training employees on new products and procedures to deliver excellent CX.
  • Video & Audio Search: Identify the information you need to help customers without wasting time combing through lengthy recordings.
  • Q&A Engine: Create a searchable database of FAQs and crowdsource answers to resolve customer issues efficiently. 
  • Allow agents to find content by searching for specific words within any file using AI-powered discovery. Encourage deeper knowledge engagement by recommending related content.
  • Gain insights into information trends and gaps with actionable analytics.
  • With the curation tools, you can create publishing workflows, review reminders, flag content for review, archive outdated content in bulk, and much more.

Customer service is my job. All the updates regarding the product, the services, and even all the platforms that we use are here. The information is uploaded and all you have to do is search. I realized that’s it’s more convenient rather than taking or writing down notes.

⭐5/5 Eugenio L

Bloomfire is really fantastic since it’s such a fantastic item! It’s the primary source of knowledge about nearly every question I could ask the company of mine! When I am trying to find different customer opportunities, the search feature causes it to be simple to find the info I need.

⭐4.5/5 Jesus C

Reporting & Analytics (Ratings ⭐4.71/5, 7 reviews)

Bloomfire provides extensive analytics for your knowledge base right away. These allow you to learn about end-user engagement with your knowledge base and determine whether your content is performing well.

Some of the key metrics include:

  • Number of posts, questions, series, answers, and comments made during the specified time period
  • The number of posts, questions, and series that were viewed during the specified time period
  • Top Posts (Based on Likes, Comments, and Views)
  • Top Questions (Based on Likes, Comments, and Views)
  • Engaged Users (Percentage of users who contributed, liked or commented)

They also have some nifty analytics tools to help encourage and maintain platform engagement. It is also extremely versatile in that it can be used to house insights and research, but also as a support FAQ home, sales enablement tool, user forum, etc. I am sure as they grow, develop, and refine the product further, the use cases will increase.

⭐5/5 User in Internet

Bloomfire has even incorporated Gamification features into the product. Leaderboards, collaboration, reward points, and achievement badges are some of these elements. This has the potential to greatly increase user engagement.

We are systematizing how knowledge is digested and shared across the organization. We have seen a speed in questions answered and through gamification, we are able to increase the responsiveness and participation of our team with the content. It has improved how quickly information is accessed and used to solve our client’s needs.

⭐5/5 Administrator in Marketing and Advertising

You can even export data for a specified time period to CSV. There is also an option to restrict access based on specified time frame. If you limit the time frame to past 5 days, a team member who made a contribution (post, question, series) 7 days ago will not see it.

Integrations (Ratings ⭐ 4.57/5, 7 reviews)

Bloom fire can connect to a variety of popular applications:

  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zendesk
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Google Drive

You can check the complete list of integrations available here

These third-party platforms allow you to tap into your community’s collective knowledge, recommend relevant content to other users, save questions, improve workflows and more.

Could make integration and white labeling easier. We had issues with some of the features we wanted to implement. Would have liked to have seen some of the roadmap items that were promised released sooner as this would make achieving our objectives more realistic.

⭐4/5 Consultant in Internet

The helpdesk integrations will benefit customer service and sales teams the most because they will be able to view recommended content based on the deal or case properties at hand. This makes it easier to provide a more personalized customer experience. Need a knowledge base/ collaboration solution that has inbuilt customer support features? Check out Saufter

We are solving the issue of getting comms out to our agents as quickly as possible. Through an API integration and some permissions “cheats”, we’ve been able to do this and bring a lot of info out to partner offices much faster. Unfortunately, since we weren’t able to copy posts, we could only cross-publish. This means that we have a lot more admins in the system than necessary so they can edit the posts we cross-publish.

⭐3/5 Brian B

Note: Custom integrations are also available through Bloomfire’s open API, allowing you to connect the tools that your teams rely on a daily basis.

Bottom Line

Bloomfire can be extremely beneficial in helping your team members understand job requirements, as well as finding answers to unusual questions and issues that may arise. Combined with the easy user interface, Bloomfield is great for getting everyone on the same page. However, the platform isn’t necessarily built for smaller teams and the pricing is the testament for this. If you’re a smaller team looking for an effective knowledge management solution, Bloomfire is probably not the tool for you.

If you’re just getting started with knowledge base systems and want to make it easier for your team to provide the best service possible, Saufter could be the platform for you. It is a multi-channel customer service help desk designed for both small businesses and enterprise teams. The platform is designed to be cost-effective, easy to set up, and most agents can get started on Saufter with little to no training.

So, what are you waiting for?

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