Do you want to keep your staff informed about your products and services whenever required and wherever they are? If yes, then you require a software like Bloomfire to fill that knowledge gap.

Today, we are drilling through the Bloomfire pricing information to give you ins and outs of this software. So that, after reading this article, you can make an informed decision about including it in your tech stack.

Table of contents:


What Is Bloomfire?

Empower your team by sharing knowledge 24/7 through this cloud-based knowledge engagement platform called Bloomfire. With this, you can create a centralized Knowledge Base for your company. All of your teams can share and collaborate on information over this single base.

Bloomfire pricing


Its advanced AI-powered search tools help locate answers/articles easily through deep-indexed keywords. It also gives you deeper insights into user engagement through in-platform analytics.

The company provides you with a rich knowledge resource center where you can find ebooks, webinars, articles, etc., for your usage and training purposes. Apart from this, you can get user support over the phone, chat, and email. This software is compatible with your desktop, laptop, Android, and iPhone devices.

Leading companies like FedEx, Jackson Hewitt, Delta Faucet, and King’s Hawaiian use Bloomfire to power up their teams’ knowledge sharing.

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Complete Breakdown Of Bloomfire Pricing Plans

Predominantly, there is only one pricing plan with Bloomfire.

Price – $25/user scaled with usage volume and model.

Apparently, they charge you this $25 for one user, plus anything further, depending on your usage. Looks like the Bloomfire company believes in designing the plans based on your requirements, rather than thrusting charges for the features you do not need.

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Before You Jump Into Buying

Since, there are no multiple plans available to compare or learn in detail, we suggest you first know about this software. Watch the free demo available on the site to get a basic run-up of the features, this tool offers. We are also discussing about it here in a while, for your easy reference.

So for now, let us give you this piece of information. Fill up a quick form on the company website to discuss what your business requires and avail yourself of the free demo tour of the platform.

Bloomfire pricing


You can also get a tailor-made quote over the same session. And to get to that page, simply hit the below button.

Ask for a demo

Otherwise, sign up first and request a demo later. To do that, visit their sign-up page by clicking on this button here.

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What All You Get With The Bloomfire Pricing Plan?

  • Launch – Once you subscribe to Bloomfire, a dedicated implementation team helps you with the configuration and launch of the software in line with your business calls. They also sit through the required integrations that you use every day.
  • Migration – This team will also help migrate existing knowledge base content from other platforms into Bloomfire with a one-time bulk import.
  • End-user Training – Conduct requisite training for your community members (agents/users).
Unlimited Storage

Enjoy an unlimited storage space for all your content in any format which includes word docs, PDFs, videos, audio files, and presentation slides.

  • Customizations – Bloomfire allows you to set and customize email notifications, whenever any new post is published or follower is added, or any changes are made to the existing ones.
  • Personalization – It also lets you add a personalized welcome message.
  • Mute Notifications – Turn off any or all notifications at any time under the settings tab. Note that if you do so, you will not receive member invites, newsletters, and password resets notification emails.
  • Homepage – Build and customize the ‘Homepage’ components in blocks/widgets for easy departmental reference. Add/edit/resize these widgets to accommodate as many blocks as you require on the homepage. Include documents like PDF, Word, Powerpoint, etc., easily.
  • Appearance –  Upload your company/community logo and Favicon, and change the color and facet settings to match your brand.
  • Tech Stack Integrations – Connect with applications like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, Salesforce, DropBox, and more seamlessly.
  • API Connections – Enable third-party integrations using the Bloomfire API. Requires some developer knowledge and experience in working with REST based APIs.
Data Security
  • Security – Complies with SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR guidelines.
  • Backup & Restore – Replicates entire database across multiple layers and stores them in various server locations. This allows your operations to run continuously.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – Authenticate your agents to login into multiple accounts with a single user id. The software uses Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 to implement the SSO.

Please note: Your IT department needs to communicate the Bloomfire’s customer success team to configure SSO.

User Support

Get a dedicated customer success manager to provide you with ongoing product support and change management guidance. He trains you and your community members with any new features released/updated. Entail his expertise any time to consult/review on user engagement, content curation, and more.

Analytics & Reporting

Insights – AI-powered workflows let you group, organize, and schedule content research insights meticulously. Identify trends and pull out the required data effortlessly using keyword search.

95% of Bloomfire’s customers say that their content views and resolution rate have increased by using this platform.”


Features Missing In Bloomfire

As we now know, Bloomfire is primarily used to enhance knowledge sharing among your staff. Consequently, it lacks a few native helpdesk features that let your agents directly communicate with your customers.

  • Chat/Messaging – The topmost missing feature would be the in-built chat/messaging widget that enables instant sharing of help articles with your customers. It requires third-party integration with software like LiveChat.
  • Email Management – Though there is an email notification feature with Bloomfire, it is not like how the other customer support helpdesks offer. With Bloomfire’s email, you can only receive and answer the community questions regarding help articles. Some built-in email templates are also available for the same.
  • Workflow Automation – You cannot create and save pre-built answers to respond to customer queries over multiple channels. But this functionality is achievable with the right integration.
  • Contact Management – Saving and managing your leads is not available with this software.

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Final Words!

Through this complete breakdown of the Bloomfire pricing article, we gave you all the necessary information about the features you get and miss.

At some point the cost model drastically changed from unlimited to number of users and for our company, the cost was prohibitive from expanding or growing. For other platforms that are not just a standalone knowledge base, but instead include one as a part of their services there is much more value for similar features.” – a Bloomfire user review.

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And this Helplama’s Knowledge Base can be easily integrated into email, live chat, and a branded self-help portal to empower automated resolution of support tickets. All your agents can even communicate and share information seamlessly through Slack.

If you are running an eCommerce business, then this software is like a jackpot. That is why we suggest Helplama Helpdesk as the best and most affordable Bloomfire alternative. By saying so we are not at all exaggerating. Check it out for yourself by tapping the buttons below.

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