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6 Pro Tips on How to Improve Customer Service Response Times
Last Updated: February 2024 Long customer service response times can be irritating. So irritating that...
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customer service response templates
9 Customer Service Response Templates for Tricky Scenarios
62% of companies do not respond to customer service emails and of those thatare answered, 27% of them...
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Tone of voice in customer service
Why Tone of Voice in Customer Service Matters Online
Last Updated: February 2024 An upbeat tone of voice in customer service that conveys a genuine desire...
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calculate service level
How to Calculate Service Level in a Call Center?: Complete Guide
Last Updated: February 2024 Creating quick and breezy responses is a skill that isn’t easily conjured...
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Poor Customer Service
What Are The Major Consequences Of Poor Customer Service And How To Fix Them?
Last Updated: February 2024 In today’s global marketplace, competition is fierce, and providing...
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15 Top-notch Customer Service Greeting Examples in 2023
Last Updated: February 2024 Crafting effective customer service greeting examples is an essential skill...
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top customer service etiquette to learn
10 Essential Customer Service Etiquette to Master in 2023
Last Updated: February 2024 In the present-day business world, with customers at its core, mastering...
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Customer Empathy: Why is Empathy Important in Customer Service?
Last Updated: February 2024 What is the one skill that every customer service representative must possess?  Empathy...
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Zoko alternatives
12 Best Zoko Alternatives & Competitors You Need To Know!
Last Updated: February 2024 Are you in search of Zoko alternatives to efficiently handle your sales and...
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