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6 Mobile Customer Loyalty Program Ideas for Gen Z
Last Updated: December 2023 73% of shoppers say they are more likely to join a loyalty program that automatically...
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7 Key Ways to Measure Customer Satisfaction [Tried and Tested]
Last Updated: December 2023 Customer satisfaction – One of the key factors that contribute to customer...
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Gorgias vs Re:amaze: Is There A Clear Winner?
Last Updated: December 2023 Gorgias vs Re:amaze are without a doubt two of the most popular customer...
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How Can Marketing Automation Boost Customer Loyalty in 2023
Last Updated: December 2023 If your online e-commerce businesses’ retention rate has been dropping off...
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Key Customer Retention Strategies That Work Like a Charm for your E-Commerce Store
Last Updated: December 2023 Gartner Group says that 20% of your existing customers will bring in 80%...
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Importance of Customer Perception & How to Track It
Last Updated: December 2023 In the customer-centric era, every feedback and review can make or break...
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How to Measure Customer Loyalty - Top 5 Metrics to Track
Last Updated: December 2023 Word of mouth marketing is one of the best forms of marketing. Do you know...
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Positive Customer Interactions
Mastering the Art of Positive Customer Interaction
Last Updated: December 2023 Are you struggling to interact with your customers? If yes, you are not alone....
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How to Improve Customer Perceptions of Your Brand
Last Updated: December 2023 If you aim to increase customer loyalty in today’s time, you need to take...
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