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Bitrix24 pricing

Last Updated: April 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive breakdown of Bitrix24 pricing

Bitrix24 is an all-in-one business management solution offering a plethora of features to streamline your organization’s workflow. With its extensive suite of features, including CRM, project management, and collaboration tools, Bitrix24 empowers teams to work efficiently and seamlessly. 

It also offers a range of plans tailored to different business needs and budgets. So, if you’re keen on uncovering Bitrix24 pricing, exploring its features, and gaining insights from user experiences, you’re in the right spot. Let’s dive in!

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 Pricing
Image source: Bitrix24

To explain in simple terms, Bitrix24 is an all-in-one business management platform that helps you organize your work and communication in one place. It offers tools for managing projects, keeping track of customer interactions, handling tasks, and collaborating with team members. 

Consequently, Bitrix24 aims to make business processes more efficient and streamlined, allowing your teams to work together effectively and accomplish their goals.

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Overview of Bitrix24 pricing plans

Bitrix24 offers a free plan that allows unlimited users, but it comes with limitations on some advanced features and offers 5GB of storage. 

However, for more comprehensive options, paid plans are available starting from $49/month up to $249/month, with discounts for long-term commitments. 

What sets Bitrix24 apart from many other CRMs is its tiered pricing that doesn’t increase based on the number of users. The table below provides a quick comparison of the key features and pricing for each plan:







Starting price






Number of users 






Storage limit












Project management 






Contact center






Website Builder






Online Store






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A detailed breakdown of Bitrix24 pricing

Bitrix24 pricing
Image source: Bitrix24

1) Free plan

Bitrix24’s Free Plan is an excellent starting point if you’re looking to work online and enhance your sales with CRM. It offers an unlimited number of users at no cost, making it suitable for teams of any size. 

    • Storage: Offers 5 GB of storage space.
    • Collaboration tools: Includes collaboration tools such as Chat, HD Video calls, Calendar, and Company Workspace.
    • Team communication: Facilitates team communication through Feed and Knowledge Base.
    • Project management: Provides features for Task and Project management.
    • CRM: Get a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage customer interactions.
    • Electronic signatures: Includes Bitrix24.Sign for electronic signatures.
    • Contact Center: Manage customer support interactions.

The free plan is ideal for personal projects or team members who work independently and do not require extensive tracking or audit trails.

2) Basic plan

The Basic Plan caters to small businesses and sales teams, providing effective collaboration tools along with features found in the Free Plan. 

    • Users: Supports up to 5 users.
    • Storage: Get 24 GB of storage space.
    • Online store: Set up an Online Store for selling products online.
    • Support: Customer Support features for better customer service.

3) Standard plan

The Standard Plan is designed for advanced collaboration across the entire company and workgroups.

    • Users: Supports up to 50 users, which might not be sufficient for large enterprises.
    • Storage: You get 100 GB of storage space. Howeve, it could become limiting for larger organizations with extensive data usage.
    • Marketing: Enhanced Marketing tools to improve marketing efforts and reach.
    • Document management: Online Documents feature for better document management and collaboration.
    • Administration: Includes features for better management of the platform.

4) Professional

The Professional Plan is designed to meet the needs of businesses aiming for maximum sales and comprehensive business process automation.

    • Users: The plan supports up to 100 users, which might not be adequate for very large enterprises with more extensive user requirements.
    • Storage: Get access to 1,024 GB (1 TB) of storage space. While it could be sufficient for most organizations, you may find it limiting if you have massive data requirements.
    • CRM: Enhanced CRM capabilities with X5 CRM.
    • Sales: Sales Intelligence to analyze and improve sales processes.
    • Automation: Gives automation tools to streamline workflows and increase productivity.
    • Human Resources (HR): You also get features for managing personnel and HR-related tasks.

5) Enterprise

The Enterprise Plan is a powerful solution that empowers large businesses and enterprises to optimize operations and achieve greater efficiency through digital transformation.

    • Users: You can have up to 250 users.
    • Storage: 3 TB of storage space for managing vast amounts of data.
    • Collaboration: Comprehensive collaboration tools like Chat, HD Video calls, Calendar, and Company Workspace.
    • CRM: Advanced CRM capabilities with X5 CRM for managing complex customer relationships.
    • Electronic signatures: Bitrix24.Sign for secure electronic signatures.
    • Contact Center: Efficiently handle customer interactions.
    • Website Builder and Online Store: Gain access to features for a strong online presence and e-commerce activities.
    • Marketing: Advanced Marketing tools, Online Documents, Sales Intelligence, and Automation features.
    • Human Resource (HR): HR features for efficient personnel management.
    • Scalability: This plan has scalability and support for multiple branches.

Key features missing in Bitrix24

While we acknowledge Bitrix24’s extensive feature set, utilizing all these features can prove challenging, especially for users who are new to the software.

  1. Needlessly complex interface: Bitrix24’s extensive feature set can be overwhelming, especially for smaller companies or those new to CRM software. The interface has more than two dozen choices in the left navigation pane, making it challenging to navigate and manage. You cannot hide certain features they aren’t using, leading to a steep learning curve.
  2. Limited third-party integrations: While Bitrix24 offers integrations with popular third-party tools like Basecamp, Zoho, and Gmail, it lacks some key integrations found in other CRM software, such as Skype, Twitter, and Instagram.
  3. Poor customer service responsiveness: Bitrix24 falls behind competitors in customer service responsiveness. It lacks features for routing customer requests to specific team members or departments based on the request type. Additionally, it lacks a chatbot to help customers with simple issues independently.
  4. An overwhelming number of notifications: The interface inundates users with numerous notifications and messages, making it easy to miss important communications and updates, potentially leading to oversight of critical messages.

User reviews

Positive reviews

“The platform offers powerful project planning, task management, and time-tracking attributes. It enables users to create projects, assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and keep track of progress.”


“With the Drag option they provided in their CRMs, we can create stages and pipelines for different categories of our work and departments and easily drag and drop the leads.”

Kartik D.

“The best thing about Bitrix24 is that it’s CRM features like tasks, projects, and pipelines. It helps in keeping track of the roles assigned to project participants. We can also categorize members based on their functions. It helps in defining the ability to effectively manage workflows and structure projects, as well as the excellent scheduling capability.”

Ayush S.

Negative reviews

“The software was not intuitive. Its use eluded me. It was trying to be all things and succeeding at nothing. I actually spend time on RTFM and still didn’t get the use of the software.”

Wayne S.

“The layout is really busy and it’s hard to keep track of everything going on. Additionally, the file-sharing system is tough to figure out for first-time users and many of my coworkers had a hard time figuring out where everything was.”

Verified User on the Internet

Well, that was a detailed breakdown of Bitrix24 pricing and features. Additionally, if you’re looking for a comprehensive customer service solution, consider Saufter.

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Want to automate customer service?

Saufter provides a robust set of features that streamline customer support processes, increase efficiency, and enhance the customer experience through automation and self-service options.

Key features

    • Automated workflows: The platform provides prebuilt automation workflows designed for SaaS and eCommerce businesses, which can be easily customized for specific needs.
    • 24/7 Order monitoring: The helpdesk software automatically scans orders daily, allowing proactive customer support by tracking delayed orders.
    • Integrated eCommerce return & exchange automation: Saufter enables customers to initiate return or exchange requests automatically.
    • AI-suggested replies: The platform provides AI-powered suggestions for customer service responses, saving time for support agents and ensuring consistent and efficient communication.
    • Smooth ticketing system: Saufter offers a user-friendly ticketing system for managing customer inquiries and requests effectively.
    • Comprehensive performance reports: The platform generates detailed reports to measure agent performance and customer support effectiveness.
    • Integrated Knowledge Base and Self-Service: Saufter includes a comprehensive knowledge base and self-service portal so your customers can find answers to their queries independently. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Bitrix24 offers a comprehensive suite of features that cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. With its flexible pricing plans, you can choose the most suitable option based on your requirements and budget.

Furthermore, if you are seeking to optimize your support process, consider Saufter. Benefit from a unified ticket dashboard, real-time updates, and collaborative features for efficient handling of inquiries and timely responses.

With customizable views, automation rules, and knowledge base integration, your team gains the power to deliver exceptional service. Build lasting customer relationships and enhance your support game with Saufer.

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